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Sharing Love At Sunlove

Values in Action: Track and Field Academy

Warmth and love was showered on elderly clients at Sunlove Senior Activity Centre @ Golden Saffron by Singapore Sports School's Track and Field Academy Lower Secondary student-athletes. The Secondary 1s and 2s took turns to visit the elderly clients on 20 and 27 February 2019, bonding through bingo and art activities during their Values in Action activity. In addition to stimulating the mind, the student-athletes also conducted simple chair aerobic exercises that help to improve health and cardiovascular circulation.

“Seeing the elderly clients from Sunlove have fun, laugh and be excited during the games and activities we organised brought a smile to my face. I realised that they enjoyed games that were more physically-engaging, as well as art and crafts. For example, many kept returning to play a game which involved throwing a ball to knock down as many plastic bottles placed on a table some distance away.

“They also showed keenness in folding origami, learning to create paper flowers, cranes and more shapes with great interest.”
Samantha Theresa Ortega, Secondary 2

“Chatting with the elderly at Sunlove reminded me of my grandparents and I really enjoyed the time spent hearing about their lives and stories they shared. I witnessed the joy in their eyes as they spoke of their children. This visit has made me more aware to treasure my aged relatives and show greater appreciation towards them.”
Angela Li Yu Qing, Secondary 1

“The visit to Sunlove was a perfect opportunity for me to practise patience towards others, especially when interacting with senior citizens. I was manning the “fishing” station and sometimes had to guide the elderly in getting the fish out, even introducing different methods to rake in the catch. I learnt that taking things slowly and enjoying the moment is better than rushing through and missing out on the small joys in life.”
Mohamad Afzal Mohamad Zin, Secondary 2