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Hurdling Over Academic Challenges And Netting New Goals

N-Levels Results Release

All student-athletes who sat for the N-level examinations made it across the finish line and qualified for the next phase of education. Among the 100% passes were Sofie Abdullah from the Netball Academy and Mohamad Hyder Anarqi Mohamad Rohaizad from the Track and Field Academy. Sofie emerged as the top student-athlete in Normal Academic while Hyder topped the Normal Technical cohort. We caught up with them and found out more about their academic journey and what their plans are for the next phase.

Congratulations on topping your cohorts! Share with us some of your practices when preparing for the N-Level exams.

S: When I was preparing for the N-level examinations, I was very stressed out as I had set high expectations and goals for myself. To manage the pressure, I listened to calming music while I studied and would take breaks from studying when I felt overwhelmed. When I did not do well for my prelims, my family and close friends showered me with love and their words of affirmation spurred me on. It gave me the determination and drive to push myself and go all out for my N-levels examinations.

H: For me, I think that getting enough sleep is one of the important things that a student-athlete should do in order to better focus during the day. So, I always try to do that as it helps me to be more attentive in class. I also spend my free time revising as it helps me to fully understand the subjects better.

As student-athletes, share with us some qualities you picked up from your sport that you carried over to your studies?

S: A few qualities I developed from playing Netball are resilience and having strong perseverance. As a student-athlete, some days feel long and when the going gets tough, I have to be resilient and persevere through the N level period.

H: Determination. Whenever I faced an obstacle, I try my best to overcome it. There were times when I felt like giving up, but my coach will always give me words of encouragement which helps me to overcome the obstacle. I took that as a good lesson and applied it to my studies. I used to struggle a lot in Malay language. I reminded myself to make my Malay teacher and parents proud. I studied very hard and tried to speak more Malay at home. My efforts paid off when I managed to get an A for the subject.

How did the teachers in Sports School help you to cope with your studies?

S: The teachers in Sports School helped me out whenever I had any doubts about a certain topic. They were always motivating me to do better and always reminding me of my potential to do well.

H: My teachers have always been there for me. When I don’t understand the topic, they helped me bridge the gap. As student-athletes, our schedule is quite busy and our teachers try their best not to make the homework stressful for us.

What do you have planned for your next education phase?

S: I intend to enrol into the Polytechnic Foundation Programme and work towards getting into the course that I want.

H: I am planning to pursue an engineering course in ITE. I would also like to try a new sport to occupy my free time.

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