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Sport Science Sunday


Using The Singapore Sports School 'Student 360' To Understand And Develop Your Child

A 360-Degree Approach To Student Development
Singapore Sports School is piloting Singapore’s very first all-round, student-focused feedback system. It provides every Secondary 1, Secondary 3 and IBDP Year 5 student-athlete with an individualised report that provides insights about how well they exhibit the attitudes and behaviours that have been identified as being integral to the development of a Learned Champion with Character. Learn how to use your child’s Student 360 report to develop a deeper understanding of your child’s strengths and areas for development. You may even discover a new channel of communication with your child.

We are excited to share with parents about:
(1) The details of the new Student 360 feedback system; and 
(2) How we, as a Sports School family, can come together to develop your child to becoming Singapore’s future sport champions.

Speaker  Edgar Tham  (Consultant)

Date  16 October 2016, Sunday
Time  8 pm to 9 pm
Venue  Singapore Sports School AVA Theatre (Level 3)

Registration closes on 14 October 2016 (Friday).

Please contact Fathul Hakim Sakariah, Sports Administration Executive, at 6761 8613 or

Admission is free. 

About the Speaker

Edgar Tham was the founding Head of the Sport Psychology Unit of the Singapore Sports Council in 1996. He was team consultant and traveling psychologist to numerous national teams preparing for the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Southeast Asian Games, Youth Olympic Games, Asian Youth Games, World Championships, and ASEAN Armies Rifle Meets (till 2001).

He is currently a full-time sport and performance psychologist in private practice, as well as a lecturer for the Sport Singapore National Coaching Accreditation Programme in Sport Psychology. Edgar has had extensive experience in implementing season-long sport psychology programmes for sports teams.