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Student-Athlete Leadership

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Singapore Sports School’s Student-Athlete Leadership Committee incorporates the following groups of student-athlete leaders, each with distinct yet important roles and responsibilities in the school:
• Captain (School)
• Captain (Sports Academy)
• Captain (Boarding)

Collectively, they foster school spirit and lend a voice to the student-athlete population, acting as the bridge between their peers and members of staff.

The Sports School adopts the Student Leadership Challenge Model developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner as the guiding framework for our Student-Athlete Leadership Committee. Kouzes and Posner have identified five practices of exemplary student leadership which will allow our Captains to be more empowered and able to take on challenges more confidently. 

These five practices which will strengthen their will and resilience in making a difference in school and in the world are:
• Model the Way (Clarify Values, Set the Example)
• Inspire a Shared Vision (Envision the Future, Enlist Others)
• Challenge the Process (Search for Opportunities, Experiment and Take Risks)
• Enable Others to Act (Foster Collaboration, Strengthen Others)
• Encourage the Heart (Recognise Contributions, Celebrate the Values and the Victories)

Council of School Captains Executive Committee

The Council of School Captains replaces the Students’ Council in 2015. The First Council of School Captains Investiture Ceremony was held on 29 September 2015. The fourth committee was inducted in 2018.

The 4th Council of School Captains Executive Committee comprises:
  • Chairman: Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
  • Vice-Chairmen: Phebe Meredith Lau Zhi Ling, Raeka Ee Pei Ying
  • Head, Secretary: Palada Tang Hwai Min
  • Deputy Head, Secretary: Soh Ying Jia
  • Head, School Projects: Nujaid Hasif Zainal Abidin
  • Deputy Heads, School Projects: Michele Petrova Lau Xin Ling, Nicholas Rachmadi
  • Head, School Spirit: Rishika Ghanamoorthy
  • Deputy Heads, School Spirit: Cheryl Wee, Sarah Nahar Azmi
  • Head, Boarding Captains: Tyu Ke Wei
  • Deputy Heads, Boarding Captains: Ann-Margaret Mascrinhas, Jason Kuk Jian Jie