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Mentorship and Education and Career Guidance

Singapore Sports School is the only school in Singapore that offers select youths an integrated academic and sport programme in a world-class environment. From the outset at Secondary 1, student-athletes are primed for a dual-track pathway to pursue excellence in sport and studies. Given guidance in proper planning and making informed decisions at appropriate junctures, they are able to excel in sport and studies.

Beyond the standard Education and Career Guidance framework prescribed by the Ministry of Education, the Sports School also delivers an enhanced ECG programme that is tailored to the needs of the youth athlete.

One of the main features which sets the Sports School apart from mainstream schools is the availability of timely and customised support services to counsel and guide student-athletes at various phases of their school life. The Sports School leverages on four formal platforms a year to carry out goal-setting and performance review with all student-athletes. At the review sessions, significant stakeholders who are involved in the development of the student-athletes are invited to the discussions to help student-athletes optimise their sport and academic potential.