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Level Camps

Singapore Sports School’s close partnership with Outward Bound Singapore allows our student-athletes to be the first in Singapore to enjoy a series of customised adventure programmes. These are tailored to challenge their limits, reinforce the Sports School’s values and develop the necessary attributes needed for champions to outlast their competition. Each camp is designed to instil one or more of Sports School’s values through activities such as land and sea expeditions and rock climbing.

Secondary 1
To create a sense of identity unique to the Sports School, all Secondary 1 student-athletes participate in the annual 3-day Secondary 1 Level Camp at Pulau Ubin. At the camp, they are given opportunities to understand and work with team members from different backgrounds; to be responsible for peer learning, setting goals and motivating team members; and also to be true to oneself and others. The camp will focus on the values of Respect, Integrity and Responsibility.

Secondary 2
The 5-day camp in Pulau Ubin aims to instil Resilience. The camp is designed to encourage student-athletes to face challenges with confidence and tenacity and to learn and grow from successes and failures. They are stretched beyond their comfort zone during activities like the land and sea expeditions.

Secondary 3
To instil and build on Excellence, the 9-day overseas camp in Lumut, in collaboration with Outward Bound Malaysia, exposes student-athletes to new challenges in an unfamiliar environment. The built-in land and sea expeditions include trekking, kayaking and sailing. As part of the camp programme, campers take part in a Values In Action activity. This raises their awareness and appreciation of the cultural, economic and social diversity in a foreign country.