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Champion's Mindset

Singapore Sports School aims to instil the Champion’s Mindset in student-athlete through the delivery of a Sport-Focused Education. The Champion’s Mindset refers to a superior mental state that fortifies thoughts, habits and behaviour which will help student-athletes push the boundaries to become a champion. The Sports School leverages on its sport, academic and boarding programmes and adopts a whole-school approach to provide a sport-focused education to student-athletes who come through its doors.

The components of a Sport-Focused Education include the cultivation of a Champion’s Mindset and knowledge, habits and skills congruent with a Champion.

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The Champion’s Mindset includes the Sports School Values of:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Resilience


The set of Attributes deemed to be essential to the attainment of personal effectiveness are Sustained Motivation, Optimism, Control, Self-Belief and Challenge.

  • Sustained Motivation is the willingness to push, persist, and work hard to pursue and achieve goals despite difficulties.
  • Optimism is the tendency to expect positive outcomes will happen, and attributing these to different events in one's life.
  • Control is the ability to maintain focus despite distractions and remaining in control of one’s emotional outlook/state under stressful/demanding circumstances.
  • Self-Belief refers to one’s ability to achieve his competition goal in spite of setbacks, and not be intimidated by opponents.
  • Challenge is the ability to adapt positively to challenges or changes in one's environment.

Knowledge, Habits and Skills

The set of knowledge, habits and skills which the Sports School desires to impart to all student-athletes is broadly categorised into sport-specific requisites and a thinking and scientific approach to their training regime and personal development.

This is partially achieved via sport modules which are customised for the student-athletes and delivered using a curriculum approach. Some of the areas covered include basic sport science, nutrition and supplements, physical and mental preparation and injury prevention. It also includes opportunities for student-athletes to undergo experiential learning to facilitate the internalisation of skills and knowledge learnt.

Through the programmes and workshops conducted by our Academy Mentors, student-athletes also pick up personal management and lifeskills to prepare them for a successful sport career and subsequent transition to life-after-sports.

Champions are created by design and not by chance and to ensure student-athletes undertake reflective practice and think critically, a concerted effort was made to encourage them to write reflections in both The Sportsman’s Journal and Academy-based sport journal.