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Values In Action

In addition to being Sport Champions and Champions for Sports, student-athletes are expected to be Champions for Others. Student-athletes have many opportunities to give back to society and help the less fortunate, both in Singapore and overseas.

The objectives for Values In Action in the Sports School are:
  • To develop our student-athletes to be Champions for Others, and
  • To emphasise the importance of caring for the less fortunate through:
    • planning activities for beneficiaries,
    • engaging with beneficiaries, and
    • raising funds for beneficiaries.

Project Champions Way

Project Champions Way2.jpg

Project Champions Way, a Sports School initiative, is a school-wide annual Values in Action and Corporate Social Responsibility activity where we play our part in helping the less fortunate in Singapore. Through the project, we endeavour to help our chosen beneficiaries through a series of internal fundraising activities. In 2018, the Sports School raised more than $70,000 for Singapore Disability Sports Council and Special Olympics Singapore.

Academy-Based Activities

Each of the nine Sports Academies in the Sports School works with an established voluntary welfare organisation as a long-term partner. Student-athletes from each Academy will plan and implement activities to help beneficiaries in their partner organisation. Some of the beneficiaries that the Sports School partners are the  Sunlove Senior Activity Centre @ Golden Saffron, Fei Yue Family Service Centre (Champions Way) and Moral Home for the Aged Sick.

“Sports School constantly reminds us to be Champions for Sports and Champions for Others in addition to being Sports Champions. Being able to give back to the community and knowing that our little contribution mattered to them was an encouragement to me."
Irfan Hamed, 2018 Secondary 3, Bowling Academy

“The Values in Action activity was another different feature this year. I was delighted upon hearing that we could give back to society. Despite a tiring day of painting and interacting with the primary school students, it felt good being able to help others and to do it well. To quote Coach Esteban Martinez, “I feel happy doing a job well.” As in every VIA activity, it is a constant reminder for us to treasure what we have and it is also a way for us to be compassionate global citizens.”
Celeste Goh Jia Rui, 2015 Secondary 4A, Track and Field Academy