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Singapore Sports School has produced 7 World Champion sailors, who have won 7 World Championship titles. Darren Choy Wong Loong won the Byte CII twice, in 2009 and 2010; Cecilia Low Rui Qi and Rachel Lee Qing won the Women’s 420 in 2012.


2007 Year of Induction Darren Choy Wong Loong

2006 Year of Induction Joel Pang Wen Jie, Rachel Lee Qing

2005 Year of Induction Andrew Paul Chan Li Jian

2004 Year of Induction Cecilia Low Rui Qi, Griselda Khng, Sean Lee Teik Ren, Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan, Scott Glen Sydney, Valerie Chia Ying Ying

2003 Year of Induction Victoria Chan Jing Hua

World Champions

  • Victoria Chan Jing Hua – 2006 Laser 4.7 World Championships, France, 7 July 2006
  • Griselda Khng – 2006 Optimist Worlds, Uruguay, 9 January 2007
  • Valerie Chia Ying Ying – 2007 World Byte Championship, Thailand, 8 April 2007
  • Darren Choy Wong Loong – 2009 Byte CII World Championship, Canada, 27 August 2009
  • Darren Choy Wong Loong – 2010 Byte CII World Championship, Finland, 11 April 2010
  • Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan – 2010 420 World Champion, 1 August 2010
  • Cecilia Low Rui Qi and Rachel Lee Qing – 2012 420 World Championships, Austria, 5 August 2012
  • Denise Lim Ke Xin – 2015 ISAF World Cup, Qingdao, China, 20 September 2015

Major Games Representation

2016 – 31st Olympic Games (Rio, Brazil): Denise Lim Ke Xin (Nacra 17), Griselda Khng (Women's 49er FX), Jovina Choo Bei Fen (Women's 470)

2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore): Daniella Ng Hui Min (Gold Medals – Women's Fleet Racing Keelboat, Women's Match Racing Keelboat), Darren Choy Wong Loong (Gold Medal – Men's 470), Griselda Khng (Gold Medal – Women's Skiff 49er FX), Jovina Choo Bei Fen (Gold Medals – Women's Fleet Racing Keelboat, Women's Match Racing Keelboat), Scott Glen Sydney (Silver Medal – Men's Team Racing Laser Standard), Victoria Chan Jing Hua (Silver Medals – Women's Laser Radial (Individual), Women's Team Racing Laser Radial)

2014 – 17th Asian Games (Incheon, South Korea): Andrew Paul Chan (Gold Medal – Men’s J80 Match Racing), Cecilia Low Rui Qi (Silver Medal – Women’s 29er Class)

2013 – 27th Southeast Asian Games (Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar): Cecilia Low Rui Qi (Gold Medal – Women’s 470 Class), Darren Choy Wong Loong (Bronze Medal – Men’s 470 Class), Joel Pang Wen Jie (Bronze Medal – Men’s 470 Class)

2011 – 26th Southeast Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia): Victoria Chan Jing Hua (Gold Medal – Women’s Laser Radial)

2010 – 16th Asian Games (Guangzhou, China): Cecilia Low Rui Qi (Gold Medal – Women’s 420 Class), Rachel Lee Qing (Gold Medal – Women’s 420 Class), Scott Glen Sydney (Bronze Medal – Men’s Laser Radial), Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan (Gold Medal – Men’s 420 Class)

2010 – 1st Youth Olympic Games (Singapore): Darren Choy Wong Loong

2010 – Byte CII World Championship (Cannes, France): Darren Choy Wong Loong (Gold Medal – Byte CII Men)

2009 – 1st Asian Youth Games (Singapore): Darren Choy Wong Loong (Gold Medal – Men’s Byte CII)

2009 – Byte CII World Championship (Ontario, Canada): Darren Choy Wong Loong (Gold Medal – Byte CII)

2008 – IODA World Championship (Izmir, Turkey): Rachel Lee Qing (Silver Medal – Optimist Girls)

2007 – 24th Southeast Asian Games (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand): Rachel Lee Qing (Gold Medal – Women’s Optimist)

2007 – IODA World Championship (Cagliari, Italy): Rachel Lee Qing (Bronze Medal – Girls Optimist)

2007 – World Byte Championship (Pattaya, Thailand): Valerie Chia Ying Ying (Gold Medal – Women’s Byte)

2006 – 15th Asian Games (Doha, Qatar): Sean Lee Teik Ren (Bronze Medal – Men’s Optimist), Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan (Gold Medal – Men’s 420 Class)

2006 – Laser 4.7 World and European Championship (Hourtin, France): Victoria Chan Jing Hua (Gold Medal – Women’s Laser 4.7)