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The Netball Academy designs training programmes which focus on the development of sport intelligence and versatility in game play, to equip student-athletes with the required technical, physical and mental skills to succeed in their present and future endeavours in sport and beyond.

About half of our student-athletes who enter the Sports School have been inducted into the National Under 14 and U17 teams. Seventeen past and present student-athletes have been in the U21 Team. This is testament of the Netball Academy’s success in youth development, as a supply to the national youth age-group teams.

The Academy has a team of experienced coaches with past experience as competitive players at the elite level.  Senior Coach Jocelyn Tan Shi Yun is appointed as National 19 & Under coach (Schools) and National 19 & Under assistant coach in 2019. In 2020, Head Coach Lindsay Ruth McDonald Filiata is appointed as National 19 & Under (Tertiary) and National 19 & Under coach, and Coach Geraldine Ng Jie Hui is appointed as North Zone and National 17 & under coach.

The Netball Academy organises the annual International Youth Netball Challenge (IYNC), which sees participation of teams from netball powerhouse countries, such as Australia and South Africa, providing student-athletes with exposure to a higher levels of play. Information on the 2019 IYNC fixtures will be released in October 2019. 

Another signature programme by the Netball Academy is the Altitude Programme, customised for the optimal development of Primary 5 and 6 girls who are at least 1.60m in height.  Participants will learn basic ball handling skills and acquire techniques to help improve their agility, coordination and footwork.

Interested applicants may find out more about admission into the Netball Academy at:



The Netball Academy has produced 7 Singapore National Representatives 

2019 Year of Graduation NIL

2018 Year of Graduation  Ayshath Zaseela

2017 Year of Graduation  Siti Nurshawallah Rashid

2016 Year of Graduation NIL

2015 Year of Graduation NIL

2014 Year of Graduation  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan 

2013 Year of Graduation NIL

2012 Year of Graduation  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman, Suhailah Kariman

2011 Year of Graduation  Shelby Lian Koh (left SSP in 2010)

2010 Year of Graduation NIL

2009 Year of Graduation NIL
2008 Year of Graduation  Melody Teo


2019 – 30th Southeast Asian Games (The Philippines): Melody Teo (Silver Medal – Women's Team), Nur Aqilah Andin Agustino Saman (Silver Medal – Women's Team)
2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan  (Gold Medal – Women's Team), Shelby Lian Koh (Gold Medal – Women's Team)

2015 – Netball World Cup (Sydney, Australia):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan, Shelby Lian Koh

2014 – Mission Foods Asian Netball Championships (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan  (Team Champion),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman  (Team Champion)

2012 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Samad, Shelby Lian Koh, Suhailah Kariman

2013 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman  (Team 2nd),  Shelby Lian Koh  (Team 2nd),  Suhailah Kariman  (Team 2nd)

2014 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan, Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman

2015 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan  (Team 3rd)

2013 – World Youth Netball Championships (Glasgow, Scotland):  Koh Hin Ann  (Co-Captain),  Shelby Lian Koh  (Co-Captain),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman, Nur Athirah Zulkiffle, Olivia Chen Yutong, Seah Yunzhen, Siti Nurshawallah Rashid

2013 – Asian Youth Netball Championships (Brunei):  Shelby Lian Koh  (Team 3rd),  Koh Hin Ann   (Team 3rd),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman (Team 3rd), Nur Athirah Zulkiffle  (Team 3rd),  Olivia Chen Yutong   (Team 3rd),  Siti Nurshawallah Rashid   (Team 3rd)

2015 – Asian Youth Netball Championships (Hongkong):  Avelyn Leong Kit Yan  (Team 3rd), 
Ayshath Zaseela  (Team 3rd),  Georgina Lee Si Ling  (Team 3rd),  Jeraldine Lee Sze Kee  (Team 3rd),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman  (Team 3rd),  Nur Athirah Zulkiffle  (Team 3rd),  Olivia Wu Su Han  (Team 3rd)



P6 Netball Development Programme

The Primary 6 Netball Development Programme organised and conducted in Singapore Sports School aims to identify and nurture sport talents in Singapore Schools. The programme also serves to add value to the existing skills of players and further develop their potential.

P6 Netball Development Carnival

The Carnival aims to provide an additional platform (on top of the National Inter-Primary Schools Championships) for Primary Schools to have a chance to spar with other teams.


Netball Super League


Energizer National League


M1 Challenge

The Netball Academy gives opportunity to the Under 13 team to compete in the M1 Challenge – an inter-school competition. The U13 girls are posed a challenge of going up against the U15 and U16 teams, and have risen to the challenge each time.

Bukit Jalil International Netball Competition

Sports School netballers are invited to the Bukit Jalil International Netball Competition which sees participation of Malaysian state teams. A guest team from South Africa is also invited to raise the level of competition.


International Youth Netball Challenge

The International Youth Netball Challenge organised by the Sports School places strong emphasis on the Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect. The IYNC sees participation of teams from netball powerhouse countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as regional countries. The level of competition brought by the international teams provides Sports School netballers with the opportunity to pit themselves against the best in their age-group and in the process, improve their quality of play.

U17 Talent Development Camp

The Under 17 Talent Development Camps provide a competitive environment for our student-athletes as they train and compete with the elite netballers in New South Wales, Australia. The camps provide opportunities for top student-athletes to stretch their potential through immersion into the Australia Netball scene.

Up to four Sports School netballers are selected yearly to participate in an intensive training camp organised by the Australia State Association. The student-athletes undergo a week-long stint with Australia’s elite U17 players where they train and spar with the stronger and more skilful Australians.

Training Tour

The Netball Academy organises overseas competitions to give greater exposure to the various teams. The teams travel to regional countries (Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, etc) as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Sports School’s netball teams compete in official competitions or friendly matches to expose themselves to different types of play. The Secondary 2 and 3 teams also have opportunities to travel to Australia and New Zealand for training cum competition stints.

Sparring Matches with Visiting Teams

The Sports School occasionally hosts overseas visiting teams. Our netballers have opportunities about five times a year to spar with teams from England, Australia and New Zealand, among others. These sparring matches provide a good platform for our student-athletes to learn from faster and stronger players to improve their game.

Australian club West Coast Fever is one such team that has visited the Sports School. The club is one of the top local teams, with several of its members in the National Australian team. Being able to spar with an elite team like West Coast Fever allows our netballers to improve on their tactical skills and court play.


Lindsay Ruth McDonald Filiata.jpg
Lindsay Ruth McDonald Filiata
Head Coach
Lee Min Li-Sports-23Feb16.jpgLee Min Li 
Senior General Manager
JOycelyn.jpgJocelyn Tan Shi Yun
Senior Coach
Geraldine Ng-Sports.jpgGeraldine Ng Jie Hui