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About three in four Singapore Sports School Football Academy’s student-athletes are in the national age-group teams which necessitates the close partnership with the Football Association of Singapore. All of our athletes are in the National Football Academy’s age-group team. In that respect, Sports School continues to be a major contributor to the National Youth and Senior teams.

The unique collaboration with FAS also sees Sports School coaches jointly appointed as coaches of the NFA teams.

Sports School’s Football Academy strives to provide overseas exposure for its student-athletes through competitions and training exchanges. A two-year partnership agreement with Omiya Ardija, a top-tier J.League club with a strong youth development programme, allows selected footballers to train with one of the top youth academies in Japan.

Interested applicants may find out more about admission into the Football Academy from the Information Sheet or at this page: https://www.sportsschool.edu.sg/admissions/admission-by-sport/secondary-school

Midstream Recruitment For
Under 13 Goalkeeper
The Football Academy is looking for a goalkeeper to join our Under 13 squad. If you are a 13-year-old Singaporean who is keen to be part of our team, we would like to invite you to a trial.
For more information, please contact Mr Gregory Tan, Football Academy Senior General Manager, at 9118 1589.
2018 NZ B Division Sports School 2 Orchid Park Secondary 0 07feb18 LO-RES By Sim Siong Chor 4.jpg



Our Football Academy has produced 11 national representatives for Football Association of Singapore. 

2014 Year of Induction Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi

2013 Year of Induction Adam Swandi, Muhammed Aqhari Abdullah, Muhammad Syazwan Buhari  

2012 Year of Induction Pravin Gunasagaran 

2011 Year of Induction Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Safirul Sulaiman  

2010 Year of Induction Muhammad Syafiq Mohamed Zainal

2009 Year of Induction Madhu M Mohana, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani


2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore): Adam Swandi, Irfan Fandi, Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani, Muhammad Syazwan Buhari, Pravin Guanasagaran, Safirul Sulaiman, Stanely Ng Yong Woo

2014 – 17th Asian Games (Incheon, South Korea): Adam Swandi, Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani

2013 – 27th Southeast Asian Games (Naypyidaw, Myanmar): Madhu M Mohana (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammed Aqhari Abdullah (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Syazwan Buhari (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team)

2013 – AFC Asian Cup 2015 Qualifiers (Singapore): Adam Swandi, Madhu M Mohana, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani

2013 – 2nd Asian Youth Games (Nanjing, China): Aaron Tang Jun Jie, Alif Iskandar Abdul Razak, Danish Irfan Azman, Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad, Muhammad Amirul Haikal Mohamed Hassim, Muhammd Nazhiim Harman, Muhammad Saifullah Mohammad Akbar  

2011 – 26th Southeast Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia): Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Safirul Sulaiman

2010 – 16th Asian Games (Guangzhou, China): Muhammad Syafiq Mohamed Zainal

2010 – 1st Youth Olympic Games (Singapore): Brandon Koh Kim Leong (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Illyas Lee Si Qin (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Mohamed Fashah Iskandar S Rosedin (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Mohamed Hanafi Mohd Akbar (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Amirul Iskandar Khairul Anuar (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Hazim Faiz Hassan (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Irfan Asyraf Mohamed Aziz (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Muhaimin Suhaimi (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Syazwan Radhi Kasim (Bronze Medal – Football Team)  

2009 – 25th Southeast Asian Games (Vientiane, Laos): Madhu M Mohana (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team)

2009 – 1st Asian Youth Games (Singapore): Brandon Koh Kim Leong, Mohamed Fashah Iskandar S Rosedin, Mohamed Hanafi Mohd Akbar, Muhammad Adri Adnan, Muhammad Amirul Iskandar Khairul Anuar, Muhammad Irfan Asyraf Mohamed Aziz, Muhammad Izwan Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Muhaimin Suhaimi, Syazwan Radhi Kasim 



U15 Footballers Gain Invaluable Experience 
International Challenge Cup 2017

Posted: 15 December 2017

Singapore Sports School’s U15 football team took part in the International Challenge Cup 2017 from 25 November to 1 December 2017.

Our young players were exposed to the higher playing standards of the six participating countries – Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Vietnam and Singapore. The Singapore NFA U15 team also participated. 

The ICC was organised by Football Association of Singapore and played at Singapore Sports School.

Group Stage
St Monica 2-1 W 
Mauritius National U15 Team 0-4 L
Singapore National U15 Team 0-3 L

Group Playoff (3rd)
Yamaga FC 0-4 L

Going Overseas For Continuous Sports Development 
Opportunities In Japan 

Posted: 15 December 2017

Stories and Pictures by Shirley Tan
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications

INKED… Assistant Director, Sports Teng Wei Ken, Principal Tan Teck Hock, Omiya Ardija President Masashi Mori and Manager of First Team Affairs Takeyuki Okamoto after the signing of the Partnership Agreement at Omiya Ardija Club House on 5 December 2017. 

AGREED…  Aichi Prefecture Swim Federation Director Yoshio Tanaka, Chairman Akira Minowada and Principal Tan Teck Hock are keen to continue with the current swimming camp exchange programme following a discussion at the Nippon Gaishi Arena on 3 December 2017.

Singapore Sports School footballers and swimmers will continue to train with reciprocal teams in Japan for the next two years.

On 5 December 2017, Sports School Principal Tan Teck Hock and Omiya Ardija President, Mr Masashi Mori, inked a two-year renewal of a Partnership Agreement that was first signed in 2015. The Partnership Agreement includes the hosting of four select players for up to a month a year, a team of up to 20 players once or twice a year to train at Saitama and Singapore. Both Omiya Ardija and Sports School have also agreed to share coaching methodologies, ideas and experiences.

Omiya Ardija, a professional football club playing in the J-League, and Singapore Sports School, would like to explore an outreach programme in Singapore for young enthusiasts and teach them footballing skills and match tactics.

Mr Tan said: “If we can catch them young, enthuse them and keep them interested, give them an early start and teach them the necessary fundamental skills, and continue to bring them up to higher playing levels, we will be     able to build a larger base of players for future national teams.”

Sports School would like to review its training programme and has asked Omiya Ardija for assistance.

When Sports School visited Saitama, four of its student-athletes, aged 14 and 15, had just arrived for a 10-day training attachment.

On 3 December 2017, Mr Tan met Mr Akira Minowada, Chairman of Aichi Prefecture Swim Federation.

Mr Tan and Mr Minowada voiced keenness to continue with the current swimming camp exchange programme which started with the Aichi swimmers training at the Sports School in January 2017. A team of four Sports School swimmers then went to train in Aichi from 28 May to 11 June, and a larger team of 20 trained there from 25 November 2017 to 4 December. Sports School will host a team of about 30 swimmers from Aichi from 8 to 12 January 2018.

Mr Minowada said he values Sports School’s two covered 50m swimming pools as training can continue even in inclement weather. He also appreciates the integrated boarding, school and training facilities on campus, allowing student-athletes to spend their time more productively instead of travelling for school and training.

During the recent training camp, our swimmers took part in a local swim meet which saw 18 Personal Best times updated.

Sports School also has a Sports Exchange Agreement with Kochi Prefectural Board of Education to develop student-athletes competing in badminton and table tennis. 

Oh My, What Lessons We Learnt In Omiya 

STAR BRIGHT…  Omiya Ardija midfielder Shin Kanazawa (centre) flanked by Muhammad Aqil Dany Jahsh Ruzzman and Ong Yu En, Andrew Aw Yong Rei and Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming.

FOUR football student-athletes returned on 14 December 2017 from a 10-day training attachment with top J-League team Omiya Ardija in Saitama, Japan, richer for the experience. Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming, Andrew Aw Yong Rei, Muhammad Aqil Dany Jahsh Ruzzman and Ong Yu En take a quick interview with eNEWS!

What was the biggest difficulty you faced in Saitama and how did you overcome it?

Ong Yu En
The 3 degrees Celsius cold. I’m grateful that Omiya Ardija outfitted us with padded long jackets with hoodies. After shivering through the first evening training session, I learnt to layer up to keep warm. The training attachment was precious; I didn’t want to fall ill and miss even one training session. I also spent more time warming up.

Andrew Aw Yong Rei
We have not trained in such cold weather before. During our first training session, my muscles were stiff and my fingers were numb. It was also more difficult to breathe as the air was thinner. Once bitten, twice shy. For subsequent training sessions, I wore more layers of clothes and gloves. I spent more time warming up and during training itself, I kept moving so as to keep warm. It was that or be lazy and suffer the cold. In the process, I have become fitter.

Muhammad Aqil Dany Jahsh Ruzzman
Back home, I did not take warming up seriously. It was training in the cold that I learnt how a good warm-up can ease my body into vigorous movements. I played better with a good warm-up. 

How has your training been with the Omiya Ardija team and what have you learnt?

Ong Yu En
In the mornings, we went for runs around our hotel and every session was pleasant because the weather was cool. Some mornings, we worked out in the gym. In the evenings, we trained with the Omiya Ardija team and did a lot of shooting drill, passing drill and match training. I put in 100 per cent effort and tried to keep up with the Omiya Ardija players. When I wasn’t sure what was expected, I watched what they did and followed them as closely as possible.

Muhammad Aqil Dany Jahsh Ruzzman
The Omiya Ardija players have very good technical ability. That’s because they work very hard on their technical skills. If anyone made a mistake, he would be unhappy and strived not to repeat it. The Omiya Ardija players also put on pressure very fast; there is no such thing as taking four or five touches of the ball before deciding on the next move. Transition play is also very good. For example, if a player lost the ball, the whole team will turn up the pressure on their opponents to regain possession. I will do my best to emulate this when I play in Singapore. The Omiya Ardija players are efficient footballers. They work as a team and thus, don’t tire out quickly. This is another lesson for me – be more collaborative with my teammates so as to ensure efficiency.

How have you been motivated?

Andrew Aw Yong Rei
We saw how the first team players behaved on and off the field. They were very disciplined and put in 100 per cent effort for every drill. I learnt from them what it’s like to be a good team player – a great attitude and the discipline to constantly and consistently put in hard work. The players were humble and they showed appreciation of their fans. Like many members of the Japanese public who came to watch the team train, we were fortunate that the Omiya Ardija star players readily posed for photographs with us. They made me feel that I want to be a star player.

Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming
Omiya Ardija is a world-class football club and it would be a dream come true if I can turn out for this J-League team in the future. In order to earn my place, I will have to be a first-class player. The Omiya Ardija players are fit and trim. We’ve returned home to the Christmas and New Year festive season where there’ll be lots of rich, delicious food to enjoy, but I will have to practise self-control. I will also have to pay more attention to every exercise I do in the gym and train to run faster and last longer on the field. Earning my place on the Omiya Ardija team is my motivation.

How has Singapore Sports School helped you in your quest to become a world-class player?

Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming
Since Secondary 1, I have been given many opportunities to travel overseas to skill up my footballing abilities. As a member of the National U15 team, I have been selected to travel to England to train with several top clubs including West Ham United, Stoke City, Charlton Athletic and Wolverhampton Wanderers. I appreciate that Sports School provides student-athletes with make-up lessons and we are able to catch up on the lessons we missed when we are away. This way, we’re able to focus on training and not be anxious that we may not be able to be promoted at the end of the year. This trip to Omiya Ardija is my first attachment organised by Sports School. It happens to be scheduled during the year-end school holidays, and although there is no homework to complete, we are still expected to write Reflections and contribute articles to the Sports School’s social media platforms.

With Pride And With Passion, Our Journey We Run 

By Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming, with additional reporting by Andrew Aw Yong Rei, Muhammad Aqil Dany Jahsh Ruzzman and Ong Yu En

When your country has hosted the FIFA World Cup, it is only natural that every boy grows up wanting to be a Roberto, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho.

The four of us were in Saitama to experience some of the pride and passion that have been passed down since Japan and South Korea co-hosted the 17th edition of the FIFA World Cup in 2002. Our hosts, Omiya Ardija, couldn’t have put us up in a better hotel – we stayed at the Rafre Saitama, the same hotel that Brazil, the champions, were at.

The 2002 FIFA World Cup was Brazil's 17th time participating in this prestigious event, and it has already qualified for the 21st edition to be played in Russia in 2018; Brazil is the only country to play in every single FIFA World Cup.

Brazil defeated Germany 2-0 in the final at the International Stadium Yokohama, in front of a 69,000 capacity crowd and millions around the world sitting in front of their TV sets. The Top Scorer of the Tournament was Ronaldo, who scored 8 goals including the 2 goals in the final. The Player of the Tournament was German Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn.

After the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the Golden Goal was retired. When a match resulted in a draw, and two halves of 15 minutes still ended goalless or with the same score, the team that netted the first goal was declared the winner – hence, the Golden Goal. These days, the winning team is decided by a Penalty Shootout – after regulation time and extra time of two halves of 15 minutes’ play fail to break the tie.

Every Step Takes Us Closer To Our Goal 

TWENTY student-athletes from the Swimming Academy participated in a training camp with the Aichi Swim Federation from 25 November to 4 December 2017. Two of them share their learning experience in Japan.

By Megan Cho Jit
Secondary 1D

The dread of the challenge. The fear of not being able to meet expectations. But always remembering that I come from Singapore Sports School which has “responsibility”, “excellence” and resilience” among our Values, I plunged into each training session with determination and came out of the water with three Personal Best times at the end of 10 days of intense training.

I was not the only swimmer who approached the Aichi Prefecture Swim Camp with the keen anticipation of an overseas training stint and the anxious apprehension of how tough such a programme might be.

The majority of the 20 of us had the experience of a similar training camp at Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School in June and just as the South Korean youths pushed us to swim harder, we expected the Japanese swimmers to challenge us to swim faster – and so they did. Also, Coach Fang Haijiao is not one who will give us a “holiday” although the swimming camp was scheduled during the year-end school vacation. Altogether, we clocked a total of 18 PBs. Thank you, Sports School, for this big opportunity.

By Jordan Ong Jun Han
Secondary 2E

How is it that they can and we can’t? – Swim such fast times, that is. After our first training session with the Mizuno Swim Team, I confirmed the answer: Hard work.
Whether it’s becoming stronger or faster, it takes hard work. Make every pull and push in the gym count. Make every running step count. Make every swimming stroke count. With each training session with the Japanese youths, I became more motivated to one day beat them in an international competition.
Rooming with three juniors gave me the opportunity to be a role-model to them, whether it was being courteous and respectful to everyone around us or my attitude towards training.
Although I felt cold, I didn’t let 10 degrees Celsius beat me at the Aichi Prefecture Swim Camp from 25 November to 4 December 2017. I look forward to more such training trips that will take all of us in the Swimming Academy closer to our goals.

International Exposure Educates Young Team
2017 Maebashi Mayor’s Cup

Our Secondary 1 student-athletes had a good experience at the Maebashi Mayor’s Cup held from the 14 to 21 September 2017 In Japan. They were among 64 U12 and U13 teams from four countries which participated.

The team went in guns blazing into the tournament being undefeated in their first five matches booking their spot in the semi-finals. They went on to win the bronze medal after defeating Buddy FC 2-1 in the third place playoff after an unfortunate 1-2 loss against defending champions Regista. With a record of 6 wins and 1 defeat, this bronze medal would better the team’s 20th place finish the previous year.

Through the quality of the Japanese and international teams, our footballers were provided with the exposure in which it will allow them to improve on their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths for their upcoming tournaments.

This international tournament was a good exposure for the young team both on and off the pitch where they were able to learn more about Japanese life and culture through the homestay programme.

The homestay lasted 3 days and were with the local competitors, this allowed our student-athletes to create bonds among fellow athletes and have a different view on how athletes live and train in other countries.

Round 1
v Tokushima Vortis: Won 5-2
v Roppongi: Won 9-1

Round 2
v Sumiyoshi: Won 3-1
v Malaysia: Won 2-1
v Urawa: Won 7-0

Semi Final
v Regista: Lost 1-2

Bronze Medal Match
v Buddy FC: Won 2-1

Sports School Ready For KL
Kuala Lumpur 2017 Southeast Asian Games Send-Off Ceremony

Posted: 15 August 2017

It all began in 2005 when Singapore Sports School sent seven student-athletes to the Southeast Asian Games in Manila. Six editions on and the number has increased by nearly 15 fold.

On 10 August 2017, Sports School organised its seventh send-off ceremony to recognise and cheer on its past and present student-athletes heading to the Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games. Student-athletes and alumni will be competing in 17 out of 38 sports contested at the biennial Games.

The evening event was attended by Chairman of Sports School’s Board of Directors, Ms Yeoh Chee Yan, who was guest-of-honour, Chef de Mission Mr Milan Kwee and his deputies Mr Mark Chay and Mr Lee Wung Yew. Each SEA Games-bound athlete received a board comprising all Sports School athletes heading to the 29th edition in Kuala Lumpur and the school mascot ROAR.

Sports School sent off its largest number of representatives at this year’s SEA Games. Over 100 past and present student-athletes have been given the nod from the Singapore National Olympic Council, with at least 40% of them making their debut at the Games. Amongst the 104 Team Sports School’s competitors, 45 of them are current secondary and post-secondary student-athletes. Pistol coach Nigel Lim Swee Hon from the Shooting Academy will also be part of the Team Singapore contingent.

In the last edition of the Games on homeground, Sports School athletes contributed a creditable 38 per cent of the gold medals won by Team Singapore. They garnered 32 golds, 19 silvers and 19 bronzes.

Competition began for the footballers and netballers on 14 August. Sports School wishes our student-athletes and alumni the very best as they do Singapore proud at the Games which officially begin on 19 August. We’re Ready for KL and will be backing all of you up!

Team Singapore Sports School at Kuala Lumpur 2017 Southeast Asian Games
Calvin Kang Li Loong
Dipna Lim Prasad
Kugapriya d/o Chandran
Nur Izlyn Zaini (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Veronica Shanti Pereira
Wendy Enn

Crystal Wong Jia Ying (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 2)
Jason Wong Guang Liang (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 4)
Lee Jianliang (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Liang Xiao Yu
Loh Kean Hean
Loh Kean Yew
Muhammad Elaf Tan Wei (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Nur Insyirah Khan Abdul Hamid Khan (Secondary 4)
Ong Ren-ne (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Ryan Ng Zin Rei (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Si To Jia Rong (Post-Secondary – DBS Year 1)
Tan Wei Han
Terry Hee Yong Kai
Yeo Jia Min (Post-Secondary)

Basil Dill Ng Jui Chang (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 4)
Bernice Lim Hui Ying
Daphne Tan Shi Jing
Darren Ong Wei Siong (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Jazreel Tan Shi Hua
Keith Saw Hui-Xun
Muhammad Jaris Goh Ali Akbar Goh (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
New Hui Fen
Timothy Theodore Tham Fu Rong (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)

Shafina Mahesh
Tan Zay Hua (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 2)

Fong Kay Yian

Open Water Swimming
Benedict Boon Ji Chao (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 4)
Chantal Liew Li-Shan
Chin Khar Yi
Erasmus Ang Zhong Qing (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 1)

Pool Swimming
Amanda Lim Xiang Qi
Benedict Boon Ji Chao (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 4)
Hoong En Qi
Pang Sheng Jun
Roanne Ho Ru'En

Synchronised Swimming
Ariel Sng Kai Lin (Secondary 4)
Debbie Soh Li Fei (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 2)
Gwyneth Goh Xiao Hui (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 2)
Miya Yong Hsing (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 1)

Water Polo
Koh Xiao Li
Loke En Yuan
Naomi Yap Xiao Fei

Ahmad Huzaifah Saharudin (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 1)
Amita Berthier (Secondary 4)
Nicole Mae Wong Hui Shan

Adam Swandi
Ikhsan Fandi
Illyas Lee Si Qin
Irfan Fandi
Joshua Bernard Pereira
Lionel Tan Han Wei
Mohamad Hanafi Mohd Akbar
Muhamad Rusyaidi Salime
Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi
Muhammad Hami Syahin Said
Muhammad Muhaimin Suhaimi
Muhammad Muhelmy Suhaimi
Muhammad Shahrin Saberin
Muhammad Syahrul Sazali
Muhammad Zharfan Rohaizad

Callista Chen Wan Qing (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 2)
Gregory Raymund Foo Yongen
Jacqueline De Los Reyes Young (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 2)
Joshua Shou Minqing
Marc Ong Chong Ching

Sean Yeo Xong Sean (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 2)
Zeng Qiyan (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)

Avryl Tan Ying (Secondary 4)
Edlyn Ho Zen Yee (Post-Secondary – DBS Year 1)
Jael Chew (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 1)
Lyn Yeo Siew Lyn (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 1)
Michele Petrova Lau Xin Ling (Secondary 4)
Phebe Meredith Lau Zhi Ling (Secondary 4)

Kimberly Lim Wei Yan
Melody Teo
Nur 'Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman

Pencak Silat
Abdul Raaziq Abdul Rashid (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 2)
Hamillatu Arash Juffrie (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 2)
Muhammad Haziq Zainal Abidin
Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Rahman
Muhammad Nur Alfian Juma'en
Nujaid Hasif Zainal Abidin (Post-Secondary – IBDP Year 1)
Nur Hakim Norshamsuddin (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 1)
Nurul Shafiqah Mohamed Saiful
Nurul Suhaila Mohamed Saiful
Sheik Farhan Sheik Alau'ddin
Sheik Ferdous Sheik Alau'ddin

Martina Lindsay P Veloso
Mohamad Irwan Abdul Rahman (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 2)
Nigel Lim Swee Hon (Staff)

Table Tennis
Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 5)
Ethan Poh Shao Feng (Post-Secondary – DBS Year 1)
Pang Xue Jie
Yee Herng Hwee (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)

Charmaine Seah Shi Yi
Muhammad Shaheed Alam Meqsud Alam (Post-Secondary – DSLM Year 3)
Sherwin Foo Shi Yun

Jeremia Christy Suriadi

Waterski & Wakeboarding
Sasha Siew Hoon Christian

Chan Jun Kai (Secondary 4)

*All athletes are alumni unless otherwise stated.

Over 80 Medals From Thailand
Thailand Sports School Games
Gregory Tan
Senior General Manager, Football Academy
Jenny Lim
Senior General Manager, Track and Field Academy
See Puay Kheng
Head Coach, Swimming Academy

Posted: 15 August 2017

Singapore Sports School’s Swimming Academy were in spectacular form as they clinched 32 golds, 16 silvers and 10 bronzes to secure the Overall Team award at the Thailand Sports School Games in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.
Such was their dominance that the Academy also secured the Best Performance Award in the Under 14 Boys (Mitchell Ang Li), U14 Girls (Clydi Chan), U16 Girls (Vanessa Ong) after all three swimmers won 3 gold medals each.
Not content with simply accruing medals, our student-athletes also finished the competition with 5 meet records and 10 personal bests.
Even our coaches got in on the act, with Coach See Puay Kheng and Coach Fang Hai Jiao being awarded the Best Coach in the U14 and U16 categories.
Our Track and Field Academy had a tournament to remember as well after they returned with a medal haul of 10 golds, 8 silvers and 6 bronzes along with 32 personal bests from the competition.
Some of the highlights include Ismi Zakiah Kashful Anwar new personal best of 25.48s in the U18 Girls 200m, a time which eclipses the school national record held by Sports School alumna Kugapriya d/o Chandran. 
Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En too recorded a new personal best of 22.23s in the U16 Boys 200m which would also have given him a gold medal at the 2017 Southeast Asian Youth Athletics Championships. 
Meanwhile, our footballers topped their group on goal difference after they recorded one win and one loss in the tournament. However, they were eliminated due to the unique rules of the competition which saw teams with equal points needing to depend on the luck of the draw to qualify. 
U14 Boys 50m Backstroke
1st Mitchell Ang Li
U14 Boys 100m Backstroke
1st Mitchell Ang Li
U14 Boys 200m Backstroke
1st Mitchell Ang Li
U14 Boys 100m Breaststroke 
2nd Jordan Ong Jun Han
U14 Boys 200m Breaststroke
2nd Jordan Ong Jun Han 
3rd Morris Yong Jia Hao
U14 Boys 50m Butterfly
1st Andre Kang Wen Ming
U14 Boys 100m Butterfly
3rd Andre Kang Wen Ming
U14 Boys 50m Freestyle
2nd Andre Kang Wen Ming
U14 Boys 50m Freestyle 
3rd Kim Yong Zen An
U14 Boys 100m Freestyle 
2nd Kim Yong Zen An
U14 Boys 200m Freestyle
2nd Jerald Lium
3rd Sean Patrick
U14 Boys 400m Freestyle
1st Sean Patrick
2nd Artyom Lukaseavits
U14 Boys 1500m Freestyle 
1st Artyom  Lukasevits
U14 Boys 4x100m Freestyle Relay
1st Artyom Lukasevits, Jerald Lium, Kim Yong Zen An, Tyler Chan Jie
U14 Boys 200m Individual Medley
1st Lim Kai Hin
2nd Sean Patrick
U14 Boys 400m Individual Medley
1st Lim Kai Hin
U16 Boys 100m Butterfly
3rd Pek Yi Liang
U16 Boys 200m Freestyle
2nd Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi
U16 Boys 400m Freestyle
1st Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi
U16 Boys 1500m Freestyle
1st Pek Yi Liang
U16 Boys 200m Individual Medley
1st Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi
U14 Girls 50m Backstroke
2nd Candice Ang Ruo Han
3rd Beatrice Lee
U14 Girls 100m Backstroke
1st Candice Ang Rui Han
3rd Beatrice Lee
U14 Girls 200m Backstroke
1st Candice Ang Rui Han
U14 Girls 50m Breaststroke
1st Megan Cho Jit
3rd Valencia Yap Le Ting
U14 Girls 100m Breaststroke
1st Megan Cho Jit
U14 Girls 200m Breaststroke
1st Megan Cho Jit
U14 Girls 50m Butterfly
1st Clydi Chan
3rd Lau Wei Na
U14 Girls 100m Butterfly
2nd Crystal Leong Jingping
U14 Girls 200m Butterfly
1st Crystal Leong Jingping
U14 Girls 50m Freestyle
1st Clydi Chan
U14 Girls 100m Freestyle
1st Clydi Chan
U14 Girls 200m Freestyle
2nd Raeann Tan
U14 Girls 400m Freestyle
2nd Raeann Tan
U14 Girls 800m Freestyle
2nd Raeann Tan
U14 Girls 4x100m Freestyle Relay
1st Beatrice Lee, Crystal Leong Jingping, Lau Wei Na, Valencia Yap Le Ting
U16 Girls 100m Backstroke
3rd Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
U16 Girls 200m Backstroke
2nd Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
U16 Girls 50m Breaststroke
1st Julia Lium 
U16 Girls 100m Breaststroke
1st Julia Lium
U16 Girls 200m Breaststroke
1st Julia Lium
U16 Girls 50m Butterfly
1st Vanessa Ong
U16 Girls 100m Butterfly
1st Vanessa Ong
U16 Girls 200m Butterfly
1st Ervina Lim Qianhui
U16 Girls 50m Freestyle 
2nd Renee Wee Yu Ting
U16 Girls 100m Freestyle 
2nd Renee Wee Yu Ting
U16 Girls 200m Freestyle 
1st Renee Wee Yu Ting
U16 Girls 400m Freestyle 
1st Ervina Lim Quanhui 
U16 Girls 800m Freestyle
1st Ervina Lim Qianhui 
U16 Girls 200m Individual Medley 
1st Vanessa Ong
Track and Field 
U14 Boys 4x100m Relay
2nd Jeft Tay Qi Wen, Lim Rui, Muhamad Nurshahilmi Noradee, Muhammad Adhwa' Buhardeen, Nicholas Teo Hong Xin
U16 Boys 200m 
1st Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En
U16 Boys 4x100m Relay
2nd Chin Yi Yang, Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli, Mohamed Iskandar Shah Mohamed Fazil, Nur Syarin Zahari, Raeshon Loo Wei Ming, Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En
U16 Boys 4x400m Relay 
1st Brandon Norton, Mohamed Haziq Momamed Yazli, Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En, Samuel Sahil Chetan
U16 Boys 2,000m Steeplechase 
1st Rohan Paul D Costa
U16 Boys Triple Jump 
3rd Andrew George Medina
U18 Boys 4x100m Relay 
3rd Chong Wei Guan, Kang Jun Jie, Marcell Tan Yann Guang, Muhammad Nur Haqim Abu Mansor
U18 Boys 4x400m Relay 
2nd Chong Wei Guan, Marcell Tan Yann Guang, Mohammad Irfan Qabeel Md Daud, Shawn Jong Tze Chean
U18 Boys 110m Hurdles 
1st Chong Wei Guan
U18 Boys Discus
3rd Kang Jun Jie
U18 Boys High Jump
3rd Ryan Teo Tze Jun
U14 Girls 100m Hurdles
3rd Tyeisha Rene Misson Khoo
U14 Girls Long Jump
2nd Rachel Tan Wei Ling
U16 Girls 100m
2nd Raine Oh Shuqin
U16 Girls 400m 
2nd Zann Oh Shuyu
U16 Girls 4x100 Relay
1st Diane Hilary Pragasam, Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff, Nur Ria Isabelle Suhimi, Rachel Chin Hui Ya, Raine Oh Shuqin
U16 Girls 4x400m Relay
1st Diane Hilary Pragasam, Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff, Nur Ria Isabelle Suhimi, Raine Oh Shuqin, Palada Tang Hwai Min
U16 Girls 100m Hurdles 
1st Rachel Chin Hui Ya
U16 Girls High Jump
2nd Sherlynn Yen Chin
3rd Yasmeen Marie Lutfi
U16 Girls Pole Vault
1st Cherlin Sia Jia Yi
U18 Girls 200m
2nd Ismi Zakiah Kashful Anwar
U18 Girls 100m Hurdles
1st Tia Louise Rozario
U18 Girls Long Jump
1st Tia Louise Rozario
Singapore Sports School  1   Surat Thani  MS 3 
Singapore Sports School  5   Nakhon Ratchasima MS 0

Singaporean Signs With English Championship Club
Fulham FC Academy Scholarship Signing

Gregory Tan
Senior General Manager, Football Academy

Posted: 15 August 2017
Most football fans will tell you the only footballers they know named Davis are Northern Irish captain Steven Davis or retired Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Sean Davis.

Yet these same football fans might soon start to recognise another Davis after the above mentioned duo’s Singapore namesake signed a two year scholarship deal with English Championship club Fulham on 11 July.

Former Singapore Sports School student-athlete Benjamin James Davis had been based in England since last year and had impressed Fulham’s coaches during trials with the club to earn himself a scholarship.

The latest announcement by the club also means the 16-year-old becomes the first Singaporean to join an English club since Daniel Bennet turned out for Wrexham in 2003.

With the signing, the attacking midfielder will train at the same academy which has produced the likes of Manchester United’s Chris Smalling and Moussa Dembele of Celtic. 

Benjamin has represented Singapore at various age group levels and is slated to compete in the Asian Football Federation Under 18 championships later this year.

While Fulham, the 2010 UEFA Europa League runners up, play in the second tier of English football, their academy has been awarded Category One status and is rated among the top 24 academies in England.

Stepping Up, Out For Training
Overseas Training Camps

Desmond Tan
General Manager, Badminton Academy

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Teng Seow Chin
Senior Boarding Mentor, Cluster 1

Posted: 15 June 2017

It’s the school holidays and what better time to go overseas for…a training camp. Singapore Sports School student-athletes not only travel for competition, but also for training stints with overseas partners and institutions. The intensive training alongside international youth athletes allows Sports School student-athletes, and coaches, to learn best practices from their overseas counterparts and raise the level of training, skill and ability. They also have opportunities to engage in friendly sparring sessions or participate in a local competition to gain exposure in adapting to different playing styles and higher levels of competition.

The Badminton Academy went to China from 28 May to 9 June 2017 in preparation for the Pilot Pen Championships, an age-group competition, after they return.

Lower Secondary student-athletes headed to Dongguan Badminton School. Training with the provincial team, and sparring with a local sports school team and the Guangzhou provincial team provided good learning experiences for the young shuttlers.

Meanwhile, the Upper Secondary team were undergoing intensive sessions with the Anhui province team. They took part in two competitions while they were there, which included a provincial level competition where selected student-athletes had the opportunity represent the Anhui club. This tournament was organised in preparation for the All-China Games and was highly competitive.

A mini competition was organised between Singapore Sports School and the Anhui province team at the end of the two-week stint. This allowed for a greater level of intensity than friendly matches and provided the senior student-athletes with the excitement and anxiety of an actual competition.

In addition to meeting the objective of stepping up intensity in training and sparring sessions, Sports School coaches were also able to interact and learn from the China coaches to improve their training programmes.

Football Academy student-athlete Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah had the privilege to be on attachment to Omiya Ardija’s Under 16 team for his debut training and competition stint in Europe. From 29 May to 6 June, Adam played alongside Sports School’s Japanese partners in the 2017 Delta Cup in Houten, Netherlands.

Adam featured in seven out of nine games and had one goal assist throughout the competition that ran from 3 to 4 June. He found his footing as a Defender playing in left back, managing to hold off opponents physically bigger and stronger than he. The Secondary 4 footballer showed great ability to outjump tall opponents, timing his header well and made quick, decisive and accurate passing when in possession. Adam also had opportunities to play in midfield.

Omiya eventually finished runner-up, losing 0-2 to AZ Alkmaar from Holland in the final. They also collected the Fair Play Team and Best Goalkeeper awards from the third edition of the U16 international tournament.

Nineteen Secondary 2 and 3 Netball Academy student-athletes were selected for a week-long training cum competition outing in Perth, Australia.

From 1 to 6 June 2017, the netballers had series of friendly games and competition matches lined up for them, interspersed by training sessions to prepare them for the higher level of play delivered by the Australians. From 3 to 5 June, the Sports School team, split into two teams, played a total of 12 matches in the 2017 Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships. Both teams competed in the Under 15 age-group.

Going up against stronger players gave our netballers a glimpse of the expectations and challenges when playing at the international level. The girls were disciplined when it came to listening to instructions and following the game plan which helped them perform more effectively against opponents of higher calibre.

Despite feeling frustrated about losing out in terms of physicality, our netballers turned their frustration into determination. With each game, they got physically and mentally stronger and faced their challenges. The trip was definitely a good exposure to higher-level and faster-paced competition.

Clydi Chan, Ervina Lim Qianhui, Luke Tan Yu Yang and Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi spent 14 days in Aichi, Japan to prepare for the Singapore National Swimming Championships shortly after their return. They underwent two highly intense training settings, including competing in a local meet. 

The first week was spent with 38 Toyokawa High School swimmers. During the last three days, training intensified in the presence of swimmers from all over Aichi, with our swimmers clocking at least 8km at each training session.

In between the two training stints, they participated in the Aichi Junior Olympic Swim Championship. Luke won 1 gold (200m Freestyle) and 1 silver (400m Freestyle), while Ritchie collected a bronze (200m Freestyle). Both girls – Clydi and Ervina – also turned in creditable performances.

“I faced many ups and downs in Japan and learnt to overcome them. Despite the many challenges, it was a great learning experience. Through training with the teams in Aichi, I took away attributes like discipline and hard work which I can adopt in my own training in Singapore. It was inspiring to see the Japanese swimmers’ positive attitude towards training. You’ll never see them grumbling nor complaining. They complete training sets positively without complaints and they train because of their passion for the sport. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the many learning experiences I took home from it.”
– Clydi Chan, Secondary 1

“I learnt new methods to improve my productivity at training such as massage therapy to ease aches and loosen tight muscles, mental strength to control my fatigue and for greater endurance during training. Speed training sets was also varied from our usual. This trip was definitely an eye opener.”
– Ervina Lim Qianhui, Secondary 3

“The swimmers in Japan possess an attitude which is to do their very best at training. The Japanese coaches also taught me how improve in my swims, such as how to execute a good start. For example, Coach Yuya Horihata, an Olympian at the Rio 2016 Games, taught me to move my hands into a streamline position quickly when diving in for a good start. The swimmers in Japan are also very encouraging during training and always motivate one another. I feel that Singapore swimmers should adopt the same attitude during both training and competition.”
– Luke Tan Yu Yang, Secondary 3

Synchronised Swimming
Four synchronised swimmers are in Montreal, Canada for a training camp in preparation for the 2017 FINA World Championships in July and the Kuala Lumpur 2017 Southeast Asian Games in August. Ariel Sng Kai Lin, Debbie Soh Li Fei, Gwyneth Goh Xiao Hui and Miya Yong Hsing are members of the 9-strong national team that are currently overseas from 4 to 20 June 2017.

Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man
National “B” Division School Premier League 1 Final
Singapore-Selangor Schools Challenge Cup

Posted: 15 May 2017

This was it. 2 rain delays and 100 minutes had resulted in a 2-2 draw, and penalty kicks were now needed to determine the winner.

Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming, Singapore Sports School’s fourth kicker, quietly stood over the penalty spot. 

Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah, Muhammad Ryaan Sanizal and Ashley Yong Cheng Wai had already converted from 12-yards to give Sports School a 3-2 advantage over Meridian Secondary School.

With Meridian having missed two of their penalties, Marc knew a successful spot kick would see Sports School crowned National “B” Division School Premier League 1 Champions.

He took a deep breath, and began his run up as he opted for power over finesse. And like so many times this season, the ball hit the back of the net after leaving the forward’s foot.

This goal on 20 April however, was more significant. After all, Marc’s penalty sealed a 4-2 penalty win, and more importantly, Sports School’s seventh National Schools title in 11 years.

“I have scored over 15 goals this season, but I will remember this one the most. I will definitely treasure this experience forever,” Sports School’s top scorer said.

Victory however, did not come easily after our footballers went behind twice in the game.

They narrowly avoided defeat when Adam curled a free kick in the last minute of regulation time to cap a man-of-the-match performance at the Jalan Besar Stadium, after Abdul Rasaq Ishiekwene Akeem had a goal sandwiched between two Meridian efforts.

“I had actually hit the post earlier in the game, so I was quite confident of getting the shot on target. Besides, it was already injury time, so I knew I needed to score,” Adam said.

Despite the win and the efforts of his teammates, Marc found time to pay tribute to the supporters.

“I may have scored, but credit must go to our supporters,” Marc said, “their cheers from the sidelines really encouraged us to the last minute. They were our twelfth man.” 

Our Under-16 footballers followed that victory by winning the inaugural Singapore-Selangor Schools Challenge Cup on 6 May at the Singapore Sports Hub. They beat the Selangor Combined Schools 3-2 in a penalty shootout after the match ended 1-1 at full time.

Sports School Scores In DSLM
2017 Republic Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony

Posted: 15 May 2017

Six years into the collaboration with Republic Polytechnic to offer the customised Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management at Singapore Sports School’s very own campus sees yet another cohort of post-secondary student-athletes graduate from the programme.

Golfer Leonard Tee Zhi Xian emerged top of the Class of 2017, earning himself the Viva Social Enterprise Gold Medal Award. He also received the Diploma with Merit – awarded to the top 10 percent academic performers in the programme, along with the Diploma Plus Certificate in International Business.

“It absolutely feels amazing to graduate top of my cohort, with a Diploma Gold Medal and Merit awards, including another certificate in International Business. To be able to walk up on stage on my graduation and receive those awards was a very special moment for me,” said Leonard.

“Turn back the clock to the time I was in Secondary 1, many would have doubted my capability of achieving these feats academically. I was playful, immature and an extremely unfocused individual. From being placed in the top class after enrolling in Singapore Sports School, my academic grades took a hit and I tumbled into mediocrity.

“A short break after completing my secondary school education gave me time to reflect on the four years that had gone so swiftly. It occurred to me that I had wasted enough time in secondary school and it was time for me to make a change in my life.

“Right from the get-go, before I commenced the DSLM programme in 2014, I had a goal to be the top student in my cohort throughout Republic Polytechnic. Thus, I stuck to this goal of mine and chased it daily. I kept my eyes focused on the prize through the daily grind of training and attending lessons. Ultimately, it has everything to do with how badly you want something and working hard to achieve it.

“The customised diploma programme at Sports School helped me tremendously in achieving my sport and academic goals. The flexibility of the programme allowed me to take Leaves of Absence to participate in competitions, while classes were scheduled and arranged such that I could attend all of my golf trainings. Without this programme, I would never have dreamed of topping my entire cohort, as well as winning the title of Overall HSBC Youth Golf Challenge Champion in the 2014/2015 Season.

“In addition, we were assigned mentors that took care of our needs, offering authentic and personal advice in the areas of sport, academic and personal growth.

“I have learnt many valuable lessons during my seven years at Singapore Sports School which have helped shape me into the individual I am today. The astronomical level of care from all functions of the school – sport, academic and boarding – provides the support necessary to excel as a student-athlete and individual. Trusting the Sports School system has been definitely been rewarding for me.”

Three other former Sports School student-athletes Bryan Tan Yu Ru (Football), Ninna Tan Ai (Badminton) and Veronica Shanti Pereira (Track and Field) were amongst the six graduands who graduated from the DSLM programme with Merit. They received their awards from Mr Nicholas Gerard Conceicao, Executive Director, Outward Bound Singapore, at the Graduation Ceremony on 2 May 2017.

Hurdler Kerstin Ong Jing Rong completed her polytechnic education with a Diploma Plus Certificate in International Business in addition to the DSLM.

Sports School introduced the customised DSLM for elite youth athletes conducted at the Champions Way campus and saw our first cohort graduate in 2014. Since then, our student-athletes have topped their cohorts which includes students from RP’s main campus. Top students in previous years include Isabelle Li Siyun (2014, Special Award Recipient)), Pan Shi Yu (2015) and Javier Tan Jun Juan (2016).

Sports School Clinches Jssl Boys U14 Division 2 Title
JSSL Boys U14 Division 2 League
Shahrin Shari
Senior Coach, Football Academy

Posted: 13 April 2017

Singapore Sports School’s Football Academy Under 14 team have been crowned JSSL Boys U14 Division 2 League champions after they won eight of their ten matches from January to April 2017.
Their tally of 24 points in the second half saw them finish seven points clear of runner-up Milan SS Singapore.

Our footballer’s title win was built on a strong defence which saw them concede just six goals, the best in the division.
They were no slouch in the offensive department either, as evidenced by the 24 goals scored to finish as the division’s second highest scorers.
Some of the teams they defeated in the tournament include JSSL NeXt Gen 14 and ESA Porto.
Our Football Academy had qualified for the 2nd Division after they emerged 7th in the first half of the campaign which took place from September to December 2016.
The format of the tournament sees teams in both divisions playing each other in 2016 before they are split into two divisions, with the second half of the season taking place in 2017.

Rusyaidi Treads Well Worn Path
2016 TNP Dollah Kassim Award

Posted: 15 December 2016

Rusyaidi Salime. Picture by Fotball Association of Singapore.jpg
Muhamad Rusyaidi Salime. Picture by Football Association of Singapore.

Muhamad Rusyaidi Salime became Singapore Sports School’s sixth TNP Dollah Kassim Award recipient when he took home the prestigious prize on 19 November 2016. 

The defender followed the footsteps of fellow Sports School alumni Adam Swandi (2011), R Aaravin (2012), Muhammad Hazim Faiz Hassan (2013), Muhammad Muhelmy Suhaimi (2014) and Joshua Bernard Pereira (2016), who have all won the award which honours young local football talents.

It was second time lucky this year for Rusyaidi, who was also nominated for the award in 2014. He pipped five others to the award, including alumnus Justin Hui Yong Kang and student-athlete Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah. 

As the award recipient, Rusyaidi will have the opportunity to train with a prestigious international football club and keep the Dollah Kassim Award trophy for a year. 

He hopes that the award will serve as a platform for greater success beginning with the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur. 

9 Named Best Sportsboy, Sportsgirl
46th Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Awards

Posted: 14 October 2016

It was a proud day for Singapore Sports School after nine of our student-athletes were named Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl at the 46th Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Awards on 16 September 2016.

They were among 47 students who competed in the 28 SSSC sports and games and were presented the Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl Awards at CHIJ Saint Theresa’s Convent in front of about 250 family members, teachers and students.

Sports School student-athletes were presented a total of 99 Colours (Distinction) Awards as well as 351 Colours Awards.

The annual event recognises outstanding athletes for their excellent performance in various sports and to officially close the National Schools Games for 2016.

Adele Tan Qian Xiu (Shooting)
Akmal Azman (Football)
Amabel Chua Jia Ying (Bowling)
Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier (Fencing)
Avelyn Leong Kit Yan (Netball)
Chan Jun Kai (Wushu)
Crystal Wong Jia Ying (Badminton)
Michele Petrova Lau Xin Ling (Gymnastics)
Tia Louise Rozario (Track and Field)

Japanese Competition Refines Quality Of Football
2016 Maebashi Mayor’s Cup

Shahrin Shari
Senior Coach, Football Academy

Posted: 14 October 2016

Our Secondary 1 footballers had their first taste of international competition as a team from 16 to 21 September 2016. They were among 54 U12 and U13 teams that participated in the Maebashi Mayor’s Cup in Maebashi City, Japan.

The 15-strong team faced stiff competition from local football academies and J.League clubs, as well as teams from Australia, South Korea and Thailand. Despite a new 8v8 game format which required faster-pace play, they adapted well to their opponents’ high technical abilities and met with challenges squarely. The team was able to retain possession under pressure, with good circulation of passes, movements and combination plays.

Our young footballers exhibited resilience, fighting spirit, sportsmanship and fair play throughout their eight matches. After losing their first match to Regista, they reflected and prepared for their next two games that same day. Their grit, determination and strife for excellence saw them undefeated in their remaining seven matches. By the end of the competition, Team Sports School had recorded 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat, finishing 20th in the annual tournament. Three student-athletes – Andrew Aw Yong Rei, Daniel Irfan Klepsvik and Muhammad Hafizzuan Riduan – rose to the occasion, showing strong technical abilities and team play.

While our U13 team displayed good tactical organisation and handled their roles well, the quality of competition delivered by the Japanese and international teams provided the exposure necessary in identifying areas for improvement for the individual and team. For example, rival teams showed superiority in basic skills such as passing, receiving and dribbling.

After the competition, our footballers also played two friendly matches which they won one and drew the other.

Interactions with participating teams also created opportunities for us to learn from them even off the pitch on values, character and culture. An interesting feature of this year’s competition was a homestay for participants. Our student-athletes were able to immerse themselves into the Japanese life and culture, and gain valuable takeaways from the Japanese work ethic.

Lost 1-4 to Regista
Won 6-0 against White Star 
Won 1-0 against Chogunhi (South Korea)
Won 2-0 against Vertfee Takahara Nasu
Won 2-1 against Rip Ace Osaka
Won 2-1 against Kawagoe Koen FC
Won 9-0 against Vallon FC
Drew 2-2 with Ventforet Kofu

On Japanese Culture…
“Japan is a very clean country. I noticed that there is no litter on the streets and the people choose to recycle items rather than throw them as waste. This is something we can learn from them in helping Singapore become a cleaner and greener city. The Japanese were also very kind and helpful which made our time in Japan a really enjoyable one.” – Aniq Raushan Mohamad Azra

On Areas For Improvement…
“Our team faced eventual winners Regista in our first game of the competition. They were very fast and had good technical abilities. Moreover, the players were able to make quick and insightful decisions in various situations during the game. Despite losing to Regista, we made a quick comeback in the competition and played well. Personally, I met all expectations I had set for myself except for missing a penalty in our last game. Since returning from Japan, I have been practising on taking penalties during training to make full use of all opportunities presented to me in future games.” – Andrew Aw Yong Rei

When Sport Champions Champion For Others
Values In Action

Posted: 14 October 2016

Singapore Sports School student-athletes are expected to be Sport Champions, Champions for Sports as well as Champions for Others as they seek to give back to society and help the less-fortunate. Such activities take place all-year round and last week, the Football and Track and Field Academies carried out some meaningful commitments.

Climb For Rainbows

Colin Ng
Executive, Strategic Communications

Climbing stairs is an activity that we do and not think much about, pretty much like brushing teeth and washing face. But there are children with chronic medical conditions who are unable to carry out these daily deeds.

It was therefore heartening to see 54 student-athletes from the Track and Field Academy participating in the "Climb for Rainbows" event at Suntec City on 8 October 2016 to raise funds and awareness for Club Rainbow (Singapore).

Greening Green

Gail Chia
Executive, Strategic Communications

More tree saplings were planted on 12 October 2016 to further green the Woodlands Park Connector behind the Singapore Sports School campus.

Student-athletes from the Football Academy care for the environment by carrying out regular maintenance of trees and picking litter at the Park Connector. This partnership with National Parks Board started in 2015. 

Swimmers, Paddlers Put Up Big Show
2016 Thailand Sports School Games

Posted: 15 September 2016

Singapore Sports School swimmers and table tennis players scored big at the 19th Thailand Sports School Games in Chonburi from 25 July to 5 August 2016.

The Swimming Academy was crowned Boys’ and Girls’ Overall Champions – thanks to a haul of 20 golds, 7 silvers and 11 bronzes.

Mitchell Ang Li, Owen Teo Bo En, Sarah Chue Wen Xin and Vanessa Ong were our top swimmers as they turned in 2 gold medals each. Sarah also finished the Games with two Meet Records.

Meanwhile, Andy Wong Yan Kai secured 3 gold medals to become the Table Tennis Academy’s top performer, although it was his female counterparts who won the Girls’ Overall Champion Trophy after claiming gold in five events.

In track and field, our student-athletes competed in the U14, U16 and U18 divisions. Altogether, they won 12 golds, 9 silvers and 7 bronzes.

In football, our team reached the quarter-finals of the U16 tournament, but was prevented from advancing when it took a 0-3 defeat from Bangkok.

Sports School sent 94 student-athletes to participate in the football, swimming, table tennis and track and field competitions and they returned with 40 golds, 18 silvers and 21 bronzes.

Swimming (U14)
50m Backstroke (Boys)
1 Mitchell Ang Li

100m Backstroke (Boys)
1 Owen Teo Bo En

100m Backstroke (Girls)
1 Candice Ang Ruo Han

200m Backstroke (Boys)
1 Owen Teo Bo En

50m Breaststroke (Boys)
2 Jordan Ong Jun Han

100m Breaststroke (Boys)
3 Morris Yong Jiahao

200m Breaststroke( Boys)
1 Jordan Ong Jun Han
3 Morris Yong Jiahao

200m Breaststroke (Girls)
1 Julia Lium

50m Butterfly (Boys)
3 Andre Kang Wen Ming

50m Butterfly (Girls)
1 Vanessa Ong

100m Butterfly (Girls)
1 Vanessa Ong

200m Individual Medley
1 Mitchell Ang Li
3 Sean Patrick

50m Freestyle (Girls)
2 Goh Chiat Ling (Wu Jie Ling)

100m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Kiran Lim Tao Liang

100m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Goh Chiat Ling (Wu Jie Ling)

200m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Kiran Lim Tao Liang

200m Freestyle (Girls)
3 Raeann Tan

1500m Freestyle (Boys)
1 Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi

Swimming (U16)
50m Backstroke (Girls)
1 Darra Quek Ting Yi

100m Backstroke (Girls)
1 Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
2 Darra Quek Ting Yi

200m Backstroke (Boys)
2 Nicholas Rachmadi

200m Backstroke (Girls)
2 Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
3 Darra Quek Ting Yi

50m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Ng Jian Yan

50m Breaststroke (Girls)
1 Choo Yi Xuan

100m Breaststroke (Boys)
2 Ng Jian Yan
3 Ryan Lim Tao Yuan

100m Breaststroke (Girls)
1 Jasmine Tan
2 Choo Yi Xuan

200m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Dynes Quek Yi Chen
3 Ryan Lim Tao Yuan

50m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Sarah Chue Wen Xin

100m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Sarah Chue Wen Xin

200m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Renee Wee Yu Ting

Swimming (U18)
50m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Aaron Shane Tan Wen

Table Tennis (U14)
Singles (Girls)
1 Lu Hua Yu
2 Jassy Tan Li Lin
3 Koh Jia Qi

Team (Girls)
1 Corissa Cheng Yoke Sum, Jassy Tan Li Lin, Koh Jia Qi, Lu Hua Yu

Table Tennis (U16)
Singles (Boys)
1 Andy Wong Yan Kai
2 Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun
3 Nicholas Chong Xin Le

Singles (Girls)
1 Eunice Lim Zoe
3 Tan Ker Hui

Doubles (Boys)
1 Andy Wong Yan Kai, Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun

Team (Boys)
1 Andy Wong Yan Kai, Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun, Nicholas Chong Xin Le

Team (Girls)
1 Eunice Lim Zoe, Lew Yen Lin, Tan Ker Hui

Table Tennis (U18)
Singles (Girls)
1 Tan Hui Li

Track and Field (U14)
100m (Boys)
3 Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli

100m (Girls)
3 Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff

200m (Boys)
1 Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En

800m (Boys)
1 Brandon Norton

4x100m (Girls)
1 Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff, Nur Ria Isabelle Suhimi, Nurul Insyirah Mohamed Faisal, Zann Oh Shuyu

4x100m (Boys)
1 Chin Yi Yang, Lucas Lim Yi Liang, Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli, Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En

4x400m (Boys)
1 Brandon Norton, Chin Yi Yang, Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli, Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En

100m Hurdles
3 Rachel Cheong (Zhong Xinfang)

High Jump (Boys)
1 Chin Yi Yang
2 Andrew George Medina

High Jump (Girls)
2 Yasmeen Marie Lutfi

Track and Field (U16)
100m (Girls)
3 Norasyiqin Mohamed Wahid

4x100m (Girls)
1 Diane Hilary Pragasam, Ismi Zakiah Kashful Anwar, Norasyiqin Mohamed Wahid, Raine Oh Shuqin

4x100m (Boys)
2 Chong Wei Guan, Mohamed Iskandar Shah Mohamed Fazil, Nur Syarin Zahari, Shawn Jong Tze Chean

4x400m (Boys) 
2 Chong Wei Guan, Mohamed Iskandar Shah Mohamed Fazil, Mohamed Zulkhairi Putera Mohamed Zali, Shawn Jong Tze Chean

110m Hurdles
1 Chong Wei Guan

400m Hurdles
1 Shawn Jong Tze Chean

High Jump (Boys)
1 Chong Wei Kit
2 Muhammad Hazim Ismail

High Jump (Girls)
3 Cherlin Sia Jia Yi

Long Jump (Boys)
2 Raeshon Loo Wei Ming

Pole Vault (Girls)
1 Cherlin Sia Jia Yi

Triple Jump
2 Arfan Azhar

Track and Field (U18)
100m Hurdles (Girls)
2 Nur Izlyn Zaini

110m Hurdles (Boys)
3 Jay Choo Zhan Xian

High Jump (Boys)
1 Ryan Teo Tze Jun

Long Jump (Boys)
3 Gary Wee Wei Zong

2 Kang Jun Jie

Football (U16)

Winners Put Others Before Sefl
Singapore Sports School Roar Award

Posted: 15 September 2016

Erasmus (left) and Putra (right).jpg
Erasmus (left) and Putra (right)

Resilience, sportsmanship and service led the way to three student-athletes being presented with the Singapore Sports School’s Roar Award on 30 August 2016.

Swimmer Erasmus Ang Zhong Qing cut his knee while warming up for the 1,500m Freestyle final at the 8th Asean School Games in Chiangmai, Thailand, in July. The open wound required 13 stitches. But when the race started with the doctor’s blessings, he put away his attention on the pain and focused only on his 30-lap swim. He won a bronze medal.

“I wasn’t swimming as Erasmus Ang; I was swimming as a competitor from Singapore. Modern Singapore has overcome many difficulties and threats to its sovereignty, and is now a respected world-class nation. I wasn’t going to let a cut in the knee cast any doubts on our country’s resilience. I had to swim no matter what. I think it was the need not to fail that spurred me on to win the bronze medal,” said Erasmus of his 17min 31s swim. 

Nicholas Rachmadi was recognised for his show of sportsmanship. At the 19th Thailand Sports School Games in July, Nicholas touched the wall third in the 100m backstroke, but was named the silver medallist after officials penalised second-place finisher Parvin Rajendran from Malaysia for swimming in the wrong lane. Nicholas felt that Parvin had beaten him squarely, and he gave him his silver medal.

For footballer Putra Anugerah Sahrin, it was literally a case of “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” when he piggy-backed fellow footballer Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming, who was hobbling on crutches, to Palm Valley at Singapore Botanic Gardens for the School’s National Day Observance Ceremony. 

The Sports School’s Roar Awards recognise student-athletes for their outstanding display of respect, integrity, responsibility, excellence, resilience and sportsmanship. Bowler James Stuart Lowe Heng Leong, gymnasts Michele Petrova Lau Xin Ling and Phebe Meredith Lau Zhi Ling were Term 3’s other nominees.

4 Receive Prestigious HPU18 Award
Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship

Colin Ng
Executive, Strategic Communications

Posted: 15 June 2016

Singapore Sports School’s “B” Division football team successfully defended their title in the North Zone Schools Championships final on 13 April 2016.

The team had a successful tournament, beating 2015 runner-up Sengkang Secondary School in Round 2 of the competition to progress to the semi-finals. Sports School recorded 4-1 victories over Woodlands Secondary School and Bowen Secondary School in the Semi-Finals and Final.

Despite chalking up impressive statistics of 96 scored goals and conceding just 6 over 11 games, the “B” Boys are reminded to remain humble as they head into the national rounds.

“At Singapore Sports School, the development and progress of players is our priority; results are simply a byproduct of their hard work and training. We strive towards playing good and attractive football – with superior technique and smart decision-making as key ingredients, seasoned well with desire, passion and hunger,” said Senior Coach Rob Johannes Maria Servais.

“Communication is critical in team sports. An improvement in this aspect will definitely help the ‘B’ Division team in the National Schools Championships. The team will continue improving on its tactical and technical skills to raise the quality of football in the upcoming competitions.”

In the “C” Division tournament, the team consisting largely of Secondary 1 student-athletes, made up for their lack of height and physique in technique and skill. The “C” Boys grew from strength to strength as the competition progressed, winning 7 out of 8 games to reach the semi-finals. A 0-1 defeat to Sembawang Secondary School in the semi-final match put them in the running for the bronze medal. The team rose to the occasion to clinch the bronze medal on 7 April 2016 and will also progress into the national rounds.

Omiya, Sports School Exchange Skills
Omiya Ardija Training Exchange

Posted: 15 April 2016

From 14 to 20 March 2016, 16 Japanese youth footballers were seen around the Singapore Sports School campus. A team from Omiya Ardija’s football academy, comprising U16 players and three U14 players, came to Singapore for a training exchange with Sports School’s Football Academy. 

The Sports School inked a partnership with the J.League club on 23 November 2015 to provide more opportunities for our footballers to learn from stronger and more skilful players. A team of Sports School U14 and U15 footballers benefitted from the experience of a week-long training stint with the Omiya academy, in unfamiliar weather conditions, in November 2015.

Friendly matches were organised for the Japanese team against Sports School’s U16, NFA U17 and NFA U18 teams. The U16s displayed good defensive skills, maintaining a clean sheet throughout the 90-minute match. The NFA U17 game also ended with a draw between both teams, while the NFA U18s were defeated 1-2.

In addition to physical training, the Japanese footballers and coaches further exercised their brain through English lessons conducted by Ms Chia Bee Teck, former Assistant Director, Boarding and Business.

One of the advantages of the partnership between both academies is the potential for information sharing between coaches. Sports School’s football coaches were able to pick up training tips and advice from the Japanese club, whom are leaders in youth football coaching in Japan, to improve the quality of football in Singapore.

Results of Friendly Matches
Singapore Sports School U16 v Omiya Ardija: Drew 0-0
NFA U17 v Omiya Ardija: Drew 1-1
NFA U18 v Omiya Ardija: Lost 1-2

Come Face To Face With Football Stars In An MRT Train
S.League-SMRT Media Collaboration

Posted: 15 February 2016

Photo courtesy of Ko Po Hui

Commuters may find themselves stepping on to a “football pitch” and coming face to face with Singapore Sports School alumni Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Madhu M Mohana and Irfan Fandi if they board a train along the East-West MRT line.

This is because S.League, the professional division of local football, and transport operator SMRT, have inked a three-year media partnership which includes concept trains, screens showing goals and highlights, and club ads in MRT stations. The first S.League train runs along the East-West line, and passes match venue Jalan Besar Stadium near the Lavender MRT station.

Qaasimy, is a Geylang International Football Club defender, while Madhu is a Warriors defender. Irfan, who is adept in the midfield as well as striker positions, plays for Home United FC. They are among the many S.League stars featured in the S.League train.



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TNP Dollah Kassim Award Recipients
Since the inception of The New Paper Dollah Kassim Award in 2010, Singapore Sports School Football Academy's past and present student-athletes have been crowned winners six out of the seven editions of the award.

2016 Muhamad Rusyaidi Salime
2015 Joshua Bernard Pereira
2014 Muhammad Muhelmy Suhaimi
2013 Muhammad Hazim Faiz Hassan
2012 R Aaravin
2011 Adam Swandi

StarHub SuperSports Arena Vignette (Adam Swandi)

Adam Swandi playing for FC Metz
Click here to watch Adam's development at FC Metz. (Uploaded on May 13, 2013)

Singapore Sports School football Muhaimin Suhaimi
Click here to watch Muhaimin Suhaimi in action. (Uploaded on Jul 27, 2011)




Lion City Cup

Singapore Sports School footballers have opportunities to compete in the Lion City Cup as part of the National Football Academy team. In many instances, Sports School student-athletes make up more than half of the starting lineup of each game. The U16 tournament has seen the participation of international teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and PSV Eindhoven and Tottenham.

Maebashi Mayor’s Cup (Japan)

Sports School sends its U13 football team to the Maebashi Mayor’s Cup in Japan to gain exposure. The tournament sees the participation of teams from J.League Academies, Australia, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. In 2015, 48 teams participated in this elite youth competition.

Thailand Sports School Games

 The Thailand Sports School Games is an annual multi-sports event held in Thailand, with the 13 Sports Schools in Thailand taking turns to host the Games. Singapore Sports School's Football Academy has been a perennial participant in the Football competition in the Games since 2005.

Both our Under 14 and U16 teams have competed in these games on an annual basis. It is a key development platform as it provides our boys, especially the U14 age-group with opportunities to pit their skills against their Thai counterparts. Beyond football technicalities, footballers have an additional opportunity to experience and build on travelling and overseas competition habits and routines that will come in handy later on in their sport development.


Omiya Ardija Training Exchange

The Omiya Ardija training exchange programme provides the following opportunities:
Four selected Sports School student-athletes will get to train and compete with the Omiya Ardija Under 14 and U15 team for up to a month
One Sports School team comprising Under 14 and 15 boys will train with Omiya and play friendly matches with J.League Youth teams
Omiya Ardija players will in turn come to Sports School for training and friendly matches
Click here to read more about the partnership.

Academy Training Tour

Sports School’s Football Academy organises a training tour for its student-athletes yearly. The Academy has been to Chonburi Football Club (Thailand) and Villa 2000 Football Club (Indonesia). Student-athletes undergo an intensive week-long stint of training and sparring matches. Both clubs provide a high level of competition for our student-athletes and exposes them to different types of tactical play.

NFA Trips (Training Tours, Overseas Attachments)

Football Academy student-athletes who are part of the Football Association of Singapore's National Football Academy age-group teams have opportunities to participate in training tours and overseas attachments.

These are some training and competition opportunities provided by NFA.
  • NFA training tour to Japan (J-Green Sakai, Osaka; Tokinosumika Sports Centre, Shizuoka)
  • NFA training tour to Thailand (Chonburi, Bangkok)
  • NFA competition tour to Hong Kong (Jockey Club International Youth Tournament)
  • AFC Football Festival (Brunei/Sabah/Vietnam)
  • AFF Football Competitions (Cambodia/Laos/Thailand/Myanmar)
  • AFC Football Competition (North Korea/China/Hong Kong)
  • Individual Training Attachment (France/Germany/England)

Individual Training Attachment
Top age-group footballers have the privilege to be selected by the FAS to participate in training attachments overseas. Several past and present student-athletes – such as Adam Swandi, Benjamin James Davis, Muhammad Hami Syahin Said and Muhammad Saifullah Mohammad Akbar – have been exposed to training with foreign youth clubs like FC Metz and Eintracht Frankfurt. Adam’s NFA training stint with FC Metz resulted in a 2-year contract to train with the youth team in Metz.

Sports School student-athletes are able to benefit from the partnerships FAS has with foreign clubs to further their development in the sport. For example, in June 2015, student-athletes Secondary 2 student-athletes Elijah Lim Teck Yong, Mohamad Hamizan Mohamad Hisham and Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah were sent by FAS for a month-long training stint with J.League Academy Matsumoto Yamaga FC. In March 2016, Hamizan will be heading to France to train with Saint-Étienne FC’s U15 side.


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