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Singapore Sports School Badminton Academy has a close partnership with Singapore Badminton Association (SBA). About 80 per cent of our badminton players, upon entering the Sports School, qualified into SBA’s National Intermediate Squad (NIS). The SSP Badminton Academy School-Within-A-School programme is to maximise the potential of all the student athletes and to meet the criteria of the National Intermediate Squad.  

Badminton Academy student-athletes in the School-Within-A-School (SWS) programme are led by Head Coach Gong Ge and four coaches. The unique collaboration with SBA also sees Sports School’s coaches doubling up as NIS coaches, resulting in a greater alignment of the Badminton Academy’s programme to the national setup’s.  

Since the SWS began in 2011, our youth shuttlers have shown dominance in the local scene and achieved notable results at the regional level. Being in the NIS, student-athletes in the SWS programme have more opportunities to travel and compete overseas, thus giving them greater competition exposure.  

The Badminton Academy also conducts pre-Singapore Sports School programmes. Interested candidates can read more about the programmes by clicking the "PROGRAMMES AND COMPETITIONS" tab above.

Interested applicants may find out more about admission into the Badminton Academy at:



The Badminton Academy has produced 78 Singapore National Representatives

2019 Year of Induction NIL

2018 Year of Induction Ashley Lim Xiao Fei 

2017 Year of Induction Benjamin Lee Yihui, Chiu Jing Yun, Cheah Wen Jun, Junsuke Kubo, Lee Zhi Yuan, Lim Hong Ming, Wesley Koh Eng Kiat

2016 Year of Induction Aaron Yong Chuan Shen, Bernice Lim Zhi Rui, Darrion Michael Ng Weng Soong, Howin Wong Jia Hao, Ivan Go Wei Hon, Jason Teh Jia Heng, Lee Wei Hong, Nur Insyirah Khan Abdul Hamid Khan, Ting Hock Yu 

2015 Year of Induction Abel Tan Wen Xing, Anokhi Deven Haria, Chuang Jin Lei, Jaslyn Hooi, Lim Ming Hui, Jason Wong Guang Liang, Joel Koh Jia Wei, Lee Jian Liang, Lim Ming Hui, Loh Kean Hean, Muhammad Elaf Tan Wei, Ong Ren-Ne, Si To Jia Rong

2014 Year of Induction Ninna Tan Ai

2013 Year of Induction Chuang Jin Lei, Crystal Wong Jia Ying, Ryan Ng Zin Rei, Shanice Lim Jia Hui 

2012 Year of Induction Deline Quek Chun Yi, Loh Kean Yew, Yeo Jia Min

2011 Year of Induction Elaine Chua Yi LingLeslie Teng Pang Liang, Liang Xiao Yu, Ngiam Bin, Tan Ming Shun, Tan Zi Jian

2010 Year of Induction Cheng Rui Ying, Cheong Hui Min, Fiona Seah Jin Feng, Gao Yuemian, Gareth Tan Shao Siong, Gerald Ong Soon Lee, Grachel Teo Ting Wei, Haafizh Mohd Noor, Joline Chua Jet Ling, Jonathan Yeo, Kirk Dinsyl Lim, Lee Jen Whee, Melvin Ho Mui Yao, Moen Donovan Teo, Sean Lee Kwan Ting, Sofia Bensily, Terry Hee Yong Kai

2009 Year of Induction Aisyah Latib, Ngo Yi Chye, Tan Wei Han, Toh Siew Fen Wang Ding Kang

2008 Year of Induction NIL

2007 Year of Induction Chen Guorui, Eugene Sng Jing Feng, Jeffrey Wong Hao Cong, Koh Jia Yi, Lenny Tan Yan Zhong, Mok Jing Qiong, Ng Zong Ren, Noriko Goh, Samantha Neo Shi Yan, Tan Kia Hwee, Tang Kirt Soon, Thng Ting Ting, Zhou Linglin 


2019 – 30th Southeast Asian Games (The Philippines): Abel Tan Wen Xing (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Crystal Wong Jia Ying (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Jason Teh Jia Heng (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Joel Koh Jia Wei (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Loh Kean Hean (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Loh Kean Yew (Silver Medal – Men's Singles; Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Muhammad Elaf Tan Wei (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Nur Insyirah Khan Abdul Hamid Khan (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Si To Jia Rong (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Tan Wei Han (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Terry Hee Yong Kai (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Toh Han Zhuo (Bronze Medal – Men's Team), Yeo Jia Min (Bronze Medal – Women's Team)

2018 – 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Game (Buenos Aires, Argentina): Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann (4th place), Joel Koh Jia Wei    

2018 – 21st Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast, Australia):  Crystal Wong Jia Ying, Jason Wong Guang Liuang  , Loh Kean Yew, Ryan Ng Zin Rei, Ong Renne, Tan Wei Han, Terry Hee Yong Kai, Yeo Jia Min 
2017 – 29th Southeast Asian Games (Kuala Lumpur):  Crystal Wong Jia Ying  (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team),   Jason Wong Guang Liang   (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),   Lee Jianliang  (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),     Liang Xiao Yu  (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team),   Loh Kean Hean  (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),     Loh Kean Yew  (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),     Muhammad Elaf Tan Wei  (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),     Nur Insyirah Khan Abdul Hamid Khan  (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team),   Ong Ren-ne   (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team),   Ryan Ng Zin Rei  (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),     Si To Jia Rong  (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team),   Tan Wei Han   (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team),   Terry Hee Yong Kai  (Bronze Medal – Men’s Team),     Yeo Jia Min  (Bronze Medal – Women’s Team) 

2016 – 31st Olympic Games (Rio, Brazil):  Liang Xiao Yu  

2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore):   Crystal Wong Jia Ying   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team),   Elaine Chua Yi Ling   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team),   Jason Wong Guang Liang   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Liang Xiao Yu   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team),   Loh Kean Hean   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Loh Kean Yew   (Bronze Medals – Men's Singles, Men's Team),   Ong Ren-ne   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team),   Ryan Ng Zin Rei   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Sean Lee Kwan Ting   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Tan Wei Han   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team),   Terry Hee Yong Kai   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Yeo Jia Min   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team)

2014 – 20th Commonwealth Games (Glasgow, Scotland):   Liang Xiao Yu   (Bronze Medal – Mixed Team),   Terry Hee Yong Kai   (Bronze Medal – Mixed Team)

2014 – 28th Thomas Cup (Delhi, India):   Sean Lee Kwan Ting   ,   Terry Hee Yong Kai

2014 – 25th Uber Cup (Delhi, India):   Liang Xiao Yu   ,   Tan Wei Han

2014 – 2nd Youth Olympic Games (Nanjing, China):   Bernard Ong Soon Yang

2011 – 26th Southeast Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia):   Gerald Ong Soon Lee   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Jeffrey Wong Hao Cong   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Ngo Yi Chye   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team),   Liang Xiao Yu   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team),   Thng Ting Ting   (Bronze Medal – Women's Team)

2009 – 25th Southeast Asian Games (Vientiane, Laos):   Jeffrey Wong Hao Cong   (Bronze Medal – Men's Team)

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Primary 4 to 6 Invitational Training

 Singapore Sports School collaborates with Singapore Badminton Association to identify Primary 4 to 6 pupils with potential in the sport. These selected pupils are invited to train with Sports School to enhance their sport development.

Training Camp for Top 8 Primary 4 and 5 Pupils

Singapore Sports School collaborates with the Singapore Badminton Association to invite the top eight athletes (four boys and four girls) in each level of Primary 4 and Primary 5 to attend an intensive training camp in the Sports School. Participants undergo sessions focused on improving their skill, technique and fitness. Players have opportunities to be talent-scouted and invited to join the National Intermediate Squad in secondary school.


  • Asian and World Junior Championships
  • Badminton Asia Youth Under 17 and U15 Championships
  • International Age-Group Competitions
  • Singapore International Series
  • National Age-Group Championships

Student-athletes in the School-Within-A-School programme have opportunities to compete in at least three international meets. Alumnae Crystal Wong Jia Ying and Yeo Jia Min are two examples of SWS student-athletes who have benefited from the additional opportunities. In 2015, Jia Min won the Asia Youth U17 Badminton Championships Singles title – the first to win both the U15 and U17 titles. She then partnered Crystal to clinch the U17 Doubles gold medal.


Overseas Training Camps

The Badminton Academy sends its student-athletes for overseas training camps each year. Badminton players train and spar with stronger and more skilful players which allows them to push their boundaries and stretch their potential.

In June 2016, the School-Within-A-School badminton players had the privilege to participate in a training stint in Anhui, China for two weeks. At the end of the year, they spent another two weeks in Thailand, exposing themselves to a higher level of play. The players were able to train in world-class facilities and spar with top shuttlers in their age-group.

In October 2016, the Singapore Sports School also signed a sports exchange  memorandum with Kochi Prefectural Board of Education. Starting from 2017, SWS student-athletes have an additional sparring opportunity with Asian shuttlers on top of the aforementioned overseas training opportunities.

Hosting Overseas Teams

Sports School occasionally hosts overseas teams for training stints. In January 2016, the Badminton Academy hosted the top 12 Japanese badminton players selected by the Japan Institute of Sports Science.

Lower Secondary student-athletes had sparring sessions with the Japanese and also underwent physical testing with them. The training intensity during the five days was optimal. Both teams pushed each other in every training session as the Japanese brought a new dimension into the training sessions conducted by the National Junior Coach of Japan.