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School Structure

The structure of Singapore Sports School consists of three main arms which run student-centric programmes – Sports, Academics and Student Development – supported by the Corporate Services Wing. 

The Sports Group and Clusters are headed by Deputy Directors of Sports, Mdm Chan Wai Lin and Mr Jeffrey Yeo Wee Teck. The Assistant Directors of Sports, Mr Danny Chew Poh Huat (Covering), Ms Jeanie Tan Hui Hui, Mr Looi Eng Chai and Mr Teng Wei Ken, together with Mdm Chan and Mr Yeo oversee the sport programmes and administrative processes. They also ensure the smooth running of the Clusters in the capacity of Advisor to the four Cluster Heads.

Each Cluster Head leads a team of General Managers, coaches, mentors and boarding staff who see to the holistic development and well-being of the student-athletes in that cluster. The cluster concept, which was formalised in 2015, has facilitated communication and discussion processes on the student-athletes in Sports School, that student-athletes are our focus.

Acting Director Ms Low Ying Xiu leads the Academics Group, alongside Vice Principals Mr Danny Chew Poh Huat and Mr Ho Beng Kiat, which consists of a team of academic teachers and administrative officers.

The Academics Group ensures the smooth running of the secondary school and post-secondary International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It also works closely with partners from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic to offer customised polytechnic diploma programmes. 

Student Development
The Student Development Committee is led by Dr Irwin Seet. The Student Development Steering Committee coordinates not only the Character and Citizenship Education programme as recommended by the Ministry of Education, but also advocates a whole-school approach to the delivery of a Sport-Focused Education. 

The Student Development Committee oversees the Education and Career Guidance programme – which is of utmost importance to the development of the student-athletes. In the Sports School, the MOE-prescribed curriculum and the mentorship system, both unique to the Sports School, to help students successfully maintain a dual track in both sport and academics. 

Corporate Services
The Corporate Services Wing in the Sports School looks into the maintenance of daily operations and enhancement of various aspects of organisational excellence. This includes the areas of Boarding, Business, Finance, Procurement, Human Resource, Estate Management, Information Technology as well as Strategic Communications.

The team is led by Director of Corporate Services Mr Chua Choon Seng, who is supported by Deputy Director, Corporate Services, Mr Soon Choon Boon and Acting Deputy Director, Mr Looi Eng Chai.

Management Committee 2017 1814-edit 2 lo-res.jpg
Seated, from left: Ho Beng Kiat, Vice Principal, Academics; Chua Choon Seng, Director, Corporate Services; Tan Teck Hock, Principal;
Low Ying Xiu, Acting Director, Academics
Standing, from left: Soon Choon Boon, Deputy Director, Corporate Services; Dr Lee Mei Kay*Jeffrey Yeo Wee Teck, Deputy Director, Sports; Danny Chew Poh Huat, Vice Principal, Academics and Covering Assistant Director, Sports; Dr Irwin Seet Chim Chuan, Director, Student Development; Joseph Tan Yeow Heng*; Teng Wei Ken, Technical Director, Football Academy; Chan Wai Lin, Deputy Director, Sports
Not in picture:  Jeanie Tan Hui Hui, Assistant Director, Sports; Looi Eng ChaiAssistant Director, Sports

*Staff no longer in service (Dr Lee Mei Kay, Joseph Tan Yeow Heng)