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Our Mission and Values

Our Vision
Every student-athlete a Champion

Our Mission
Nurturing Learned Champions With Character

Our Values
Singapore Sports School will rise to the challenge to develop staff and student-athletes to live as Champions in the 21st Century instilled with the core values of:
  •  Respect
  •  Integrity
  •  Responsibility
  •  Excellence
  •  Resilience

Our School Logo

Singapore Sports School's Logo features a pair of red and orange wings. The pair of wings is a universal symbol of flight and is used to embody the soaring aspirations of our student-athletes. The symmetry of the wings denotes the striking balance between academic finesse and sporting excellence.

SSS Logo.png

Red signifies the passion and pride of our student-athletes and staff, while orange represents their youthfulness and vigour.

Outlined amidst the pair of wings is a trophy. The trophy symbolises our School's commitment towards providing our student-athletes with the environment and ample opportunities to help them fulfil their sporting potential and let their dreams take flight.

Our School Tagline

"Learned Champions With Character."

School Anthem and School Profile

Click here for the School Anthem Lyrics (in PDF)