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Is the school term in Singapore Sports School the same as MOE schools?
For Secondary and IBDP levels, the school term is the same as that of MOE schools. There are four terms per year and each term comprises two modules. Sports training and competitions take place during term time as well as during school holidays.

What are the post-secondary choices offered to my child?
Singapore Sports School offers both the through-train and national examination pathways. The national examination pathway will lead student-athletes to the mainstream junior colleges, Millennia Institute, the polytechnics or Institute of Technical Education.

For the through-train pathways, selected student-athletes bypass the national examinations and progress to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the customised Republic Polytechnic-Singapore Sports School Diploma in Business (RP-SSP DBIZ), or the customised Ngee Ann Polytechnic-Singapore Sports School Diploma in Business Studies (NP-SSP DBS).

The various through-train programmes in the through-train pathway allow student-athletes to attain broad-based, rigorous and widely-accepted pre-tertiary qualifications for entry into both local and overseas universities. These extended programmes also offer them different options in academic pacing and assessment, and at the same time, allow for a closer matching of their sport training and development programmes.

Linkage with Local Universities
Upon the recommendation of Singapore Sports School, the local universities grant discretionary admission interviews to deserving student-athletes who graduate from our post-secondary programmes.


What is the age range of student-athletes that Singapore Sports School will accept?
Singapore Sports School offers both secondary and post-secondary academic programmes, so our student-athletes are generally from 13 to 18 years old. Most of our student-athletes apply to join Sports School via Direct School Admission (DSA) when they are at Primary 6 level (generally 12 years old). We also welcome youth athletes to join us midstream from other secondary schools. The DSA-JC allows youth athletes to apply to join our post-secondary IB Diploma Programme, while the Early Admission Exercise (EAE) allows youth athletes to apply to join our post-secondary polytechnic programmes.

What are the sports offered at Singapore Sports School?
The Academy Programme sports offered are Badminton, Bowling, Fencing, Football, Netball, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Track and Field.

We also admit outstanding student-athletes in Individual Programme sports such as Artistic Swimming, Diving, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Pencak Silat, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon and Wushu. 
Only those in an Academy Programme sport will receive sport training by coaches of Singapore Sports School. Those in Individual Programme sports must be supported by their respective National Sports Associations in their sport training plans. 

How does Singapore Sports School select its student-athletes?
Student-athletes are selected based on technical skills, fitness and potential for future development. They will also be interviewed by the Singapore Sports School’s senior management before being considered for admission.

I have joined a secondary school through Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec). Can I seek a transfer to Singapore Sports School mid-stream?  
DSA requires a commitment on the part of the student to the secondary school that he/she is admitted to. Should you wish to seek a transfer, you will be considered as “DSA-tied”. Your parent will have to seek in-principle approval from your current School Principal. Should your current School Principal allow you to seek a transfer, then he/she will have to obtain the necessary clearance from MOE. Only after clearance from MOE, then Singapore Sports School can start the formal selection process such as sports trial and interview. If you are found unsuitable for Sports School, you will remain with your current secondary school. If you are found suitable for Sports School, we will work with your current school to effect your transfer.

I am a Returning Singaporean. I would like to join Singapore Sports School upon returning to Singapore. Is MOE’s SPERS-Sec mandatory?  
As Singapore Sports School is a specialised independent school, we conduct our own placement tests in subjects such as English and Mathematics, hence MOE’s SPERS-Sec is not required. Returning Singaporeans who are interested in other secondary schools in Singapore may refer to details of SPERS-Sec at https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/returning-singaporeans/admission-to-secondary-school/spers-sec  

(Note: If you have a place in a secondary school under MOE’s Leave of Absence scheme , you can re-join your former school immediately upon your return.)

I am an International Student. I would like to move to Singapore and join Singapore Sports School. Is MOE’s AEIS mandatory? 
As Singapore Sports School is a specialised independent school, we conduct our own placement tests in subjects such as English and Mathematics, hence MOE’s Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is not required. International Students who are interested in other secondary schools in Singapore may refer to details of AEIS at https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/international-students/admissions-exercise

How do I apply to Singapore Sports School?
To apply for admission and/or sports trials, please click here to fill the e-form.  If you are shortlisted, the respective General Manager in-charge of the sport will contact you. Do not apply to Singapore Sports School using MOE’s DSA-Sec portal.   

I am a primary 6 student.  I have applied to Singapore Sports School but I have not been offered a place yet.  Can I apply to other secondary schools via MOE DSA-Sec portal?
Yes you can.  However, once you have accepted an offer from Singapore Sports School, you should NOT submit any school choice(s) during MOE’s DSA School Preference Submission.  If you submit any school choice(s) during MOE’s DSA School Preference Submission, Sports School’s offer will be void.

I am a primary 6 student and I have accepted Singapore Sports School’s offer of a place in Secondary 1 next year.  Must I participate in MOE’s S1 Posting Exercise when PSLE results are released?
You are still required to participate in the S1 Posting Exercise. The S1 posting results are released some time in December.  On the next working day after the release of S1 posting results, you will seek a formal school transfer from your posted mainstream secondary school to Singapore Sports School. This will allow you to return to your posted mainstream secondary school if you subsequently need to leave Sports School.


Is Boarding compulsory?
Student-athletes are encouraged to board, so that their time can be optimised for training, academic learning and rest. Through the boarding experience and programmes designed, our student-athletes will develop important life skills in self-management, living in a community and maturing into Learned Champions With Character.

What is a typical day at school like?
Our student-athletes live on campus five days a week. At the end of each academic week, Boarders will leave Boarding and return home.

Time Activity
6.00 am to 7.30 am Training/Breakfast
7.30 am to 8.40 am Breakfast/Academic Lessons
8.45 am to 9.00 am Morning Assembly
9.00 am to 11.15 am/11.55 am Academic Lessons
11.15 am to
11.55 am/1.00 pm
Staggered Lunch
(Lunch period is 40 minutes)
11.55 am to 1.55 pm
Academic Lessons
2.00 pm to 4.00 pm Active Rest/ Personal Time
4.00 pm to 5.45 pm Training/Afternoon Supervised Self-Study Time (SST)
6.00 pm to 7.30 pm Dinner
7.45 pm to 9.30 pm Evening Supervised Self-Study Time (SST)
9.30 pm to 10.00 pm Supper
 10.00 pm Return to Boarding
10.00 pm to 10.15 pm Night Attendance-taking followed by "Lights-out"

What is the reporting schedule during the academic term?
Boarders typically leave Boarding by 7.00 pm to return home on Fridays or eve of a Public/School holiday. If there are approved training sessions or special school activities on Saturdays, boarders can leave by noon after their morning training or activities. They will return to Boarding on Sunday evenings or the night before the start of a school day.

Can I visit my child in his/her room?
Parents/Guardians may visit their child/ward at designated areas during the student-athlete’s free time.

Can Boarders leave the School campus for medical/dental checkups or family events?
Parents/Guardians must submit their requests for their child’s/ward’s leave to the respective Boarding Mentors at least three working days in advance. Due consideration should be given to minimise disruption to the curriculum and training schedule of the student-athlete.

I am a boarder.  Can I choose to stay in boarding facilities during weekends, public holidays and school holidays?
No, all Singaporean student-athletes and full-fee paying non-Singaporean student-athletes must adhere to the check-out and check-in timings for weekends, public holidays and school holidays.  This no-stay policy would also apply during occasions such as e-learning day and marking day if student-athletes are not required to attend lessons in school. 

Will the dormitories and toilets be cleaned?
Dormitories are cleaned during the major school holidays just before the new school term begins when Boarders check in. General cleaning of our School premises and the toilets is carried out daily. Boarders are required to keep their dormitories and belongings neat and tidy.

Is cleaning equipment provided?
Maintenance tools such as brooms, dustpans, mops and pails are provided.

What if my child/ward falls ill?
Boarders who are not feeling well may report to the sick bay. If their condition does not improve, their Boarding Mentor will contact the parent/guardian to pick up the Boarder from School to seek medical attention.

Does my child/ward have to do his/her own laundry?
We have an in-house laundry service that undertakes the washing, drying and folding of clothes. Clean and ironed laundry will be placed in the Boarder's assigned locker. Self-service coin-operated washing machines and dryers are also available for use if necessary.

How many pieces of laundry can each Boarder send a day?
Boarders may send a maximum of 20 pieces of clothing per day.

Are meals provided for Boarders?
Our school provides five meals daily: Breakfast, lunch, pre-training snack, dinner and supper. All meals are carefully planned to ensure that optimum nutritional needs of our student-athletes are met on a daily basis by the Sports School's catering vendor.

What can my child/ward do during his/her free time?
Boarders have access to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor recreational amenities to help them unwind after a rigorous day at school and training. Life in Boarding is rich and fulfilling. Throughout the year, various Boarding events and activities are organised to provide Boarders and staff a break from their daily routine and have fun together.

Are there recreation rooms?
The Chill Connection
The Chill Connection provides a choice of  board games and musical instruments.

Will there be enough time for my child to complete his/her schoolwork?
All Boarders are required to attend Supervised Self-Study Time (SST) every weekday either in the afternoon from 4.00 pm to 5:45 pm or in the evening from 7.45 pm to 9.30 pm. SST is a dedicated time for Boarders to complete their assigned homework and projects, revise for tests or read ahead. Boarding and Academic staff and qualified Resource Teachers are present at all SST sessions to provide assistance and guidance to Boarders in their schoolwork.

Will keys be issued?
All Boarders are issued with transponders upon check-in. The transponder provides access to the turnstiles, lifts, level gate and dormitory that the Boarder stays in.

How safe and secure is the Boarding environment?
There is CCTV surveillance all around the campus, including every level of the Boarding blocks. The images are monitored by full-time Security Officers. The Fire Command Centre, located at the entrance of the Boarding blocks, is also manned by Security Officers 24 hours a day to ensure there is no unauthorised movement in and out of Boarding.

Who takes care of the Boarders outside of curriculum and training hours?
Boarding Mentors will ensure that all Boarders’ needs are taken care of. Every effort will be made to ensure that the Boarders’ stay is meaningful and enriching.

What are the rooming arrangements like?
Boarders are organised into clusters by sport and gender. Male and female boarders are separately housed in three different blocks for privacy as well as security. Within the blocks, they are assigned to 4-bed or 6-bed dormitories.

What time does my child go to bed?
Boarders are expected to be in their dormitories by 10.00 pm. Lights out is at 10.15 pm.

Are there toilet facilities in the room?
No, student-athletes will have to use the common facilities available at each level.