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Singapore Cub Brandon Koh Is New Milo Poster Boy

You walk through a labyrith of corridors in the heart of an industrial building in Redhill. At unit 05-03, two very large doors swing open to a photography studio where the magic of lens and lights have been set up to capture the image of Singapore Cub Brandon Koh for transfer into a "football stadium of cheering fans".

Brandon is togged up in adidas apparel and football boots - just as he would be dressed when he turns out for a school match. He is standing on a carpet of "green grass" in front of a large blue backdrop. Lights bathe him in brightness and shadow.

The art director and his team of lighting assistants, make-up artist, visualiser and layout designer move between Brandon's spot on the "carpet", marked with an "X", and the computer where they examine every image in detail - down to the crease of Brandon's attire, lines on Brandon's face and height of his kick.

The photographer comes up to Brandon bend your body forward slightly, kick with more aggression but don't extend your leg fully, he tells the Singapore Sports School Through-Train pathway student-athlete.

The photographer takes shot after shot and the minutes tick by. It is only two hours later that the art director is satisfied with the layout with Brandon transferred into a football stadium.

Next up for photography is Brandon's mother, Patica, who cheers "on the sidelines" as Brandon "kicks the ball into goal".

"My mum watches every major match that I play in Singapore. She is my biggest fan, so when I asked her if she would like to be featured in the Milo advertisement with me, she said yes without hesitation," said Brandon.

When showed the final visual, Brandon said with a chuckle: "Look at me - so fierce and scary. I was recalling bits and pieces of our Youth Olympic Games semi-final match against Haiti which we lost. I wish I could replay the match, find an open space - like the space I have in this studio - and score for Singapore. But it's never like that in a match."

The new Milo advertisement featuring Brandon was first published in the 18 October 2011 edition of TODAY newspaper. He is also featured in special sales displays in selected Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong and Shop & Save supermarkets.

Past Milo Brand Ambassadors from Singapore Sports School include Bowler Jazreel Tan, Swimmers Amanda Lim and Tao Li and Table Tennis paddler Pang Xue Jie who have been featured on the packaging of Milo beverage tetrapaks or powder tins.

The advertisement featuring Calvin Kang has not been scheduled for publication.