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President Tony Tan Engages and Encourages Student-Athletes, Alumni and Staff During Visit To Sports School

President Tony Tan Engages and Encourages Student-Athletes, Alumni and Staff During Visit To Sports School

President Tony Tan Keng Yam visited Singapore Sports School on 23 August 2012 to learn about its approach to teaching and learning, high level training and how well the student-athletes balance studies and sports.

President Tan's visit coincided with the student-athletes' afternoon training session. At every training venue, he took time to understand from coaches and sport scientists how sport science is applied to training to bring out the best of the student-athletes' potential. He also spoke at length with student-athletes about the challenges they face in training and competition and urged them to have enough rest so that they have the mental energy to keep up with their studies.

Shooter Audrey Lim, the newly elected Vice-President of the Students' Council, introduced some of her teammates to President Tan. She told him that the senior team had all come from different sports academies - Clarissa Tan from the Swimming, Yang Shuet Hwei from Track and Field, Nicole Tay and herself from Sailing. She explained that student-athletes were invited to try their hand at the sport when the Shooting Academy was being established they liked it and the shooting coaches felt that they had the sharpness to do well. Coincidentally, all of them are in the pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme class.

President Tan asked them which aspect of training drained their energy, and all four girls said they tired mentally as much focus and concentration are needed.

In the Bowling Centre, the National Schools "C" Division Boys and Girls All-Events Champions were presented to President Tan.

"President asked me about life at school, whether I enjoy boarding, and if I am able to balance studies with sports. I definitely enjoy boarding life and so far, I am able to balance my schoolwork with bowling," said Brandan Tan, who aspires to be a professional bowler.

Rena Ng, who knew she wanted to enrol into Singapore Sports School since she was in Primary 4, said: "President wanted to know when I started bowling. I told him I started when I was in Primary 3, under my father's influence. He asked what my biggest challenge is and I said consistency in every roll. He encouraged me to train hard so that I am able to achieve that."

It was not the first time that synchronised swimmer Yap Yu Hui met President Tan she had been his guest at the Istana twice - once at the beginning of the year for selected Southeast Asian Games athletes and more recently, at his National Day Garden Party.

"President always gives me the same impression, that he is a very wise man. Although I had been introduced to him before, I was still excited with the prospect of meeting him at school," said Yu Hui.

Yu Hui was in the group comprising of competitors and medallists at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and Sea Games who met the President.

"President remarked that our School has very good facilities. He understands that it takes effort to balance studies and sports but it is possible and he wishes us the best of luck," said Yu Hui.

At the end of his two-hour tour, President Tan wrote in a page for the School's guest book:

"I am most impressed by the comprehensive facilities available at the Singapore Sports School and also the dedication of the staff, teachers and coaches to nurture our next generation of athletes who will do Singapore proud. Well done and I wish the School all success in the coming years."


















23 SSP Staff In Team Singapore Front Row, from left: Chan Wai Lin (Track and Field), Mohamed Hafidz Jaafar (Hockey), Thomas Fox (Bowling), Dave Lai (Table Tennis), Mike Lam (Bowling), Noraida Abdul Malik (Netball) Back Row, from left: Nigel Lim (Shooting), Christie Han (Dragonboat), Jenny Lim (Track and Field), Lim Chea Rong (Shooting), Loo Zhao Rong (Fencing), Desmond Tan (Badminton), Catherine Kang (Bowling), PRESIDENT, Prakasham s/o Thangaveloo (Boxing), Shirley Tan-Oehler (Bodybuilding), Serena Wong (Ultimate Frisbee), Lee Min Li (Netball), Kevin Lim (Badminton) Not in picture: Lim Hwee Hua (Badminton), Abdullah Noor (Football), Eunice Tan (Squash), Bernard Tan (Table Tennis), Margaret Oh (Track and Field)