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Operation Preparation

A Mathematics and Science Camp was held for 51 prospective student-athletes on 5 and 7 September 2011. The aim of the Camp was to equip these Primary 6 pupils with the necessary skills to handle examination-specific topics.

Parents, especially, were comforted in the knowledge that Singapore Sports School has an interest in their children's academic advancement.

The Camp, which is part of the School's annual P6 Induction Programme, was run by current and experienced teachers from the Ministry of Education. The two half-day sessions were conducted in 90-minute blocks with authentic feedback and discussions performed in real time. The Primary 6 pupils were also given individualised attention with the teacher-student ratio kept at no more than 1:15.

One participant was Constance Lien from Methodist Girls' School who hopes to join the Swimming Academy. Her mother, Madam Yuen Shuang Ching, said: "I believe we're making the right choice in sending Constance to Singapore Sports School next year. This Mathematics and Science Camp assures me that the School's focus is not just one perspective - sports - but stresses on an integrated academic and sports programme. I am confident that the School will provide my daughter with a well-balanced education."

Two more camps will be held later in the year - Celebration Camp when the PSLE is over in October, and Freshman Camp in November, to give the participants to sampler experience of what Boarding School life at Singapore Sports School is like.