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‘Learn-To-Shoot Basic Course’ Triggers Excitement

About 300 Primary 6 pupils from seven partner schools tried out Shooting for the first time last week when they participated in SingaporeSportsSchool's "Learn-To-Shoot Basic Course". They were awed by the world-class ShootingRange and state-of-the-art electronic targeting system.

In the first training session, participants were introduced to the 0.177 calibre air rifle. The German-made Feinwerkbau Model 700 Junior air rifle measures 1.05 cm and weighs 3.5 kg. Although this air rifle is shorter and lighter than that used by secondary school shooters, it is still quite a handful for some of the smaller-built pupils to manage. Nonetheless, they were very enthusiastic and insisted on skipping their breaks so that they could have more shooting time.

The "Learn-To-Shoot Basic Course" emphasises on safety. In the ShootingRange, there is 1 coach looking after 6 shooters. Only coaches are allowed to draw and return air rifles. Safety eyewear is provided. Safety rules and range regulations are taught in the first session.

Each participant has been given a handbook for the 8-week course. They can use it to log their learning points. Coaches can also pen their observations and encouragement.

Shooting training is held from Monday to Friday, with back-to-back training sessions running from morning till evening.