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Graduation 2011 - Speech by Mrs Lu Hwee Hua, Head of Year, Singapore Sports School

It's my honor and pleasure to be here to share with you what I believe would be an important ingredient for your next chapter of life.

I am indeed very privileged and thankful for the opportunity to play a part in looking after you as a cohort. Yes, I have had a very meaningful and eventful year with you, a lovely batch of graduands.

Firstly, allow me to give credit to someone who has faithfully helped to lay the foundation in your lives here. Please join me to thank to Mr Seah Poh Chua, your previous Dean, who has done a fantastic job in molding you into who you are now. I hope you can remember the things I have shared with you, especially the four Ps: Purpose, Priority, Passion and Play and four Gs : Good enough Gratitude Good to Great friendship and the Gungho Spirit during the Head of Year's talks.

Today is most likely my last sharing with you as a cohort before you graduate from Sports School. You have just 'paid it backwards' by showing gratitude and appreciation to your General Managers, coaches, mentors and teachers. Yes, it's a wonderful gesture. From now on and henceforth, my counsel to you is to remember to LOL.

If you have been my Math students, you would know I love to use acronyms and I would like to KISS, K-I-S-S (Keep it Short and Sweet), so that you can remember and apply what you learnt.

Yes, back to LOL. What does it mean? As many of you know, LOL in this era means Laugh Out Loud.

But I would be sharing with you my version of LOL - Light Others' Lives.

It's good to start to 'pay it backward' and show gratitude. This is not all. Light Others' Lives also focuses on 'paying it forward' and has a multiplier effect. It's like when you are there to give light and encouragement to three people and then later, each of the three receivers of your light lights another three persons' lives. Can you imagine the exponential effect? Also, the light can be given to someone that need not know you or who is unable to pay back to you.

I believe that each of you is created beautifully in your own way, gifted in many ways, even beyond the sports arena. These gifts are your 'light' - 'light' in the form of your heart of service, your wise counsel, your willingness to sacrifice your time, and the sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Later, you will be going through this significant moment of passing the light during the candle lighting ceremony.

Just like the passing on the light, no matter how gifted you are, if you don't share that gift, it will be wasted. Like the candle, no matter how beautiful and useful it is, if it is not lighted, it will remain just a candle. Its potential and purpose to give light remain unfulfilled.

And as you symbolically 'pass the flame' to your friends and juniors in a moment's time, I hope that you will continue to do likewise whether you are here at Sports School or at other future institutions or taking up forthcoming endeavours.

Yes, at times you may get burnt while trying to pass that light and sometimes you may be tired and blow out your own candle and sit in the dark sometimes, lost and terrified for a while. But be encouraged that someone out there will be holding on to the light and come by to pass you the flame.

Let your one little candle shine and LOL- Light Others' Lives. Let your flame always burn bright and LOL- Light Other's Lives!

Thank you.