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GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations Results

National U17 Netball Player Elizabeth Hwang Scores 9 Distinctions

2011 Sea Games Triple Silver Medallist Stephanie Chen Makes 5 Distinctions 

Elizabeth Hwang Jia Yuan from the Netball Academy is Singapore Sports School's top student-athlete in the 2011 GCE "O" Level examinations with 9 Distinctions and an L1R5 score of 8 points.

A total of 13 student-athletes scored at least 4 Distinctions and L1R5 scores of 13 and below. Besides Elizabeth, they are Khor Jia Wei (Table Tennis 8 Distinctions 8 points), Kwa Lay Teng (Bowling 6 Distinctions 8 points) Ida Mariah De Vierno (Swimming 6 Distinctions 9 points), Tan Yu Wei (Table Tennis 6 Distinctions 10 points), Sofia Bensily (Badminton 6 Distinctions 10 points), Amanina Affan (Netball 6 Distinctions 11 points), Casey Wong (Table Tennis 6 Distinctions 11 points), Stephanie Chen Mei Qi (Swimming 5 Distinctions 12 points), Lynette Goh Hui Yu (Track and Field 5 Distinctions 12 points), Wong Li Jia (Track and Field 4 Distinctions 12 points), Kelvin Lee Wei Zheng (Bowling 4 Distinctions 12 points) and Nur Amelia Omar Abdullah (Netball 5 Distinctions 13 points).

Kelvin's results are commendable as he had entered the School with a PSLE T-Score of 186. Others who deserve special mention are Charmaine Rei Lau (Swimming), who came in with a PSLE T-Score of 194 and scored an L1R5 score of 13 points, and Jonathan Cheung Hon Chung (Bowling PSLE T-Score 196) and Jasvinderpal Singh s/o Kuldeep Singh (Football PSLE T-Score 177) - both of who scored 14 points.

Altogether, 63 student-athletes took the 2011 GCE "O" Level examinations. Another 27 are on the through-train pathway. When they entered our School, they came with PSLE T-scores of between 156 and 252 points. Yet, among those who sat for the GCE "O" Level examinations, 100 per cent passed 3 or more subjects - higher than the national average of 95.3 per cent and 92.1 per cent passed 5 or more subjects - higher than the national average of 81.9 per cent.

The Pass rate for the 16 subjects that our student-athletes sat for was also higher than the national average, as were the Distinction rate for 9 subjects. In Biology, 88.9 per cent of student-athletes scored Distinctions as compared to the national average of 47.3 per cent and in Science (Physics/Chemistry), 82.6 per cent of student-athletes scored Distinctions as compared to the national average of 27.1 per cent. 

Among those who sat for the 2011 GCE "O" Level examinations, 85.7 per cent has qualified for entry into Junior Colleges/Pre-University, while 95.2 per cent of them are eligible for Polytechnic education.


What They Say...

"I wanted to do well and had to maintain discipline and put pressure on myself to study. My teachers pushed me too, but as I was the one sitting for the examinations, I had to be the one who set my own goals and study. After scoring a distinction in Chinese, my weakest subject, I was confident that I could achieve nine distinctions." 

Elizabeth Hwang Jia Yuan, Netball Academy, National Under 17 Team in 2010 9 Distinctions, 8 Points.


"I had originally opted for the through-train pathway but changed my mind early last year. So, I had less time to prepare for the GCE 'O' Level examinations and became increasingly nervous towards the end of the year. I could not have achieved my results without the comfort, encouragement and help of my teachers and parents. They believed in me and gave me confidence. I am very grateful to all of them."

Kwa Lay Teng, Bowling Academy, 1st in Youth Girls' Graded Singles at 2011 Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championships 6 Distinctions, 8 Points


"I'm the sort that expects a lot out of myself. I stayed up late studying because I'm most productive during the later hours of the day and because I had to wake up early for training, I only managed to sleep 4 to 5 hours each day. I was inspired by my classmates, how each one worked hard and was determined to do well. It was our last examination together and so, we gave it our all.

"As a non-boarder, I had to be more disciplined to study on my own. My grades had been average. My strategy was to focus on my weaker subjects. I am lucky that my mentors Mrs Felicia Teo and Mr Thomas Than put in time outside classroom hours for me to get extra help."

"I hope to be able to attend a Junior College of my choice. 2012 will be an even busier year for me. I have the pre-Olympic trials in April for the London 2012 Olympics. Ideally, I would like to study medicine and become a doctor."

Stephanie Chen Mei Qi, Swimming Academy (Synchronised Swimming), 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medals at 2011 Southeast Asian Games 5 Distinctions 12 points


"I'm grateful to my teachers for putting in the extra effort to help me and my peers achieve good grades, even if it meant staying back till 11 pm to help us with revision.

"I had aimed for an L1R4 of 10 points or below and I scored 11 (L1R5: 14 points), so I am quite close to my target. I intend to apply to study Aerospace Technology or Aerospace Electronics at either Singapore Polytechnic or Ngee Ann Polytechnic. My ambition is to be a commercial pilot.

"Sports School is the ideal place to nurture good student-athletes. The School helps us achieve both our goals in sport and studies. Other people often have the misconception that Sports School is purely about sports, with little regard to student-athletes' academic performance. However, having experienced studying here, I know first-hand the School's focus on the holistic development of the student-athletes."

Jasvinderpal Singh s/o Kuldeep Singh, Football Academy President, Student Council 2010-2011 PSLE T-Score of 177 who scored L1R5 of 14 Points


Top girl Elizabeth Hwang gets the thumbs up from her father, Dr Winston Hwang.

By Chin Boon Lian.


12 of the top 13 student-athletes of the 2011 GCE 'O' Level cohort with Level Head Lu Hwee Hua, Principal Deborah Tan and Director of Academics Seah Poh Chua.

By Chin Boon Lian.


3 of the 4 most-improved student-athletes of the 2011 GCE 'O' Level cohort with Level Head Lu Hwee Hua, Principal Deborah Tan and Director of Academics Seah Poh Chua. 

By Chin Boon Lian.