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Dr Winston Hwang Is ‘Friend of MCYS’

All parents share the same concern about their children at school. Dr Winston Hwang goes beyond his parental duties and plays the role of Team Dad for Singapore Sports School's Bowling and Netball Academies. For his contributions to the School as a parent volunteer, Dr Hwang was awarded the Friend of MCYS award, presented by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports at the MCYS Volunteer Award 2011 on 28 October 2011. This award is given to outstanding individual volunteers or organisation for making significant contributions in committees or projects under MCYS.


Dr Hwang, who is a Parent Representative on the School Management Committee, has three children. Eldest son Christopher, 19, was from the Bowling Academy and currently studying at Raffles Institution (Junior College). Dr Hwang's youngest child, Elizabeth, 16, is a current student-athlete in the Netball Academy. He has another daughter, Michelle, 18, who is also studying at RI (JC).

When Christopher was at Sports School, Dr Hwang always availed himself to the Bowling Academy when he went on overseas trips with the team. He continues to do this for the Netball Academy. In 2008, he paid his own way to the Thailand Sports Schools Games to support Elizabeth. While there, he was asked to check on one or two student-athletes who had become unwell and he readily did so.

Bowling Academy GM Mike Lam is grateful to Dr Hwang's service for the School and his Academy. He said: "Winston always made himself available for the Bowling Academy. On many occasions when our bowlers needed medical advice and attention, he was there to help. This put us at ease because we knew we could rely on him in any situation that required medical attention."

There have also been occasions when some student-athletes took ill in the night and Dr Hwang came to "make house calls" at the Boarding School, staying till the wee hours of the morning, leaving only when he was sure that the condition of the ill student-athletes had improved. He took care of each child as if he was his own.

Dr Hwang's spirit of sharing has touched the lives of many Sports School student-athletes and alumni. He's not just Dad. He's Team Dad.