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Daily Grind Helps Matthew Shine

Singapore Sports School alumnus Matthew Goh Yujie applies his training philosophy to his studies and that has worked like a charm, as he scored a Grade Point Average of 3.92 out of 4 in his first year at Singapore Management University, where he is enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Management programme. 

“Consistency and ample rest are important for me to perform to my best, whether in studies or sport. I sleep before midnight and get up by 7am every day. I also plan my daily schedule well to ensure that I used my time wisely, slotting in times for revision, reading of materials and also some form of relaxation. Since SMU's academic term is 15 weeks, which is shorter than the other universities, I mentally prepare myself from Week 1 that I am taking my final exam in 3 months,” said Matthew.

His tactics clearly worked. Matthew’s excellent academic results saw him presented with two awards – the Standard Chartered Best First Year Business Student Award and the OCBC Outstanding Student Award. 

The Standard Chartered Best First Year Business Student Award is presented annually to the most outstanding first year Bachelor of Business Management student and comes with a cash prize of $1,500. The OCBC Outstanding Student Award is presented to two deserving students annually – one first-year student and another in his/her second year. This award, which comes with a cash prize of $1,000, is aimed at rewarding and recognising students for their outstanding academic results in their respective fields of study.

Besides balancing school work and track and field training, Matthew also holds an executive role of Training In-Charge for SMU's inline skating team where he facilitates the weekly skating sessions and help members improve their skating skills. So far, he has been performing a fine act of juggling his commitments and Matthew has Singapore Sports School to thank for this.

“The whole Sports School experience laid the foundation of my success at SMU. Because my day was planned in Sports School, I made sure mine is as well at SMU. That’s when good time management helped me stay on top of my projects, assignments and test preparation. I have also applied several training concepts at SMU. During training, I have always trained smart. I made sure I had enough rest and I do exercises which will ultimately benefit my performance. Similarly in studies, I rarely had to work late into the night. I always made sure I revised consistently throughout the semester and gave my body a well-deserved rest,” said Matthew. 

Matthew, who is the National Record Holder in the Long Jump event when he leapt 7.62m at the Vientiane 2009 Southeast Asian Games, is aiming to compete at the 2015 Sea Games which Singapore will host. He hopes to win a medal in front of the supporters on home soil. Judging by how focused he has been in studies and sport, don’t bet against him achieving just that.