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Student-Athletes Take Charge In Clean Up

School Clean Up

Ng Kok Wei
Senior General Manager, Swimming Academy
Posted: 29 May 2015

Student-athletes traded their textbooks and sport equipment for pails and paintbrushes as Singapore Sports School embarked on a cleanup of the academic homerooms on 25 May 2015. The intention of this activity is to inculcate ownership and pride in our student-athletes. The student-athletes focused on cleaning desks, white boards and notice boards, windows, internal and external walls.

“It was a very meaningful activity. Everyone put in a lot of hard work and effort in cleaning up the homerooms. I sanded down tables, cleaned and repainted those that needed a new coat of paint. This made me realise that keeping the school clean is everyone’s responsibility, and not just the cleaners, because we are the ones who use the facilities,” said Swimming Academy’s Ong Bang Zheng.

Track and Field Academy’s Nurul A’qilah Muhammad Zaidi said: “Now, I feel a greater sense of responsibility to keep the homerooms clean. Maintaining the homerooms’ cleanliness is also part of our responsibility because we are the users and doing so gives us a sense of ownership. My classmates and I agree that a clean homeroom creates a better learning environment and we will do our part to ensure it stays so.

The School has set aside another day for cleanup in the second half of the year.