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Graduates Thank Teachers For Good Results

2014 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations
Jansen Yeo
Senior Executive, Strategic Communications
Posted: 13 January 2015

Vanessa Kaeth Ang Ee Ling gets a congratulatory hug from
Assistant Director of Sports Administration, Mdm Chan Wai Lin.

It was an afternoon of mixed feelings for Vanessa Kaeth Ang Ee Ling when she was given special mention by Principal Tan Teck Hock during the release of the 2014 GCE “O” Level Examinations results on 12 January 2015.
She looked surprised at the mention of her name. As she went forward to receive her results slip, she could barely hold back her tears of joy. As the news that she had scored 2 Distinctions slowly sank in, Vanessa from the Bowling Academy smiled from ear to ear. She had come to Singapore Sports School with a PSLE T-Score of 193 and going out with an L1R5 aggregate of 16 points was an achievement for her.
“I’m so happy that I scored 2 Distinctions, and both in Mathematics. For this, I’m really grateful to my Mathematics teacher, Ms Vera Ho, who is also my Bowling Academy mentor. She came to school early every morning to give me one-to-one help and stayed behind after formal lessons to tutor me and my classmates. When I went up to her to thank her after getting my results, she told me it was because I had worked hard. No. If not for her, I wouldn’t have scored these two distinctions.
“The best part about studying in Singapore Sports School is, no one looked down on me although my PSLE T-score wasn’t great – I barely made it into the Express Stream. I had teammates to laugh with, cry with, study with. Everyone cared for me”, said Vanessa, who won a gold medal in the “B” Division Girls Team event at the 2014 National Schools Tenpin Bowling Championships.
Vanessa hopes to be accepted by Temasek Polytechnic for the Diploma in Psychology Studies.
She said: “I have had my share of teenage problems and for a period, I was on an emotional roller-coaster. I’m glad my teachers and coaches helped me get through that difficult period. Now that the worst is over, I want to study psychology so that I can help others in the future.”
Netballer player Ayshath Zaseela moved from the National U17 team to the National U21 team in 2014. She sat for her Tamil Language examination on the heels of the National Schools Games in April and Netball Super League in May. She scored a B3 and decided to re-sit the examination.

“I was disappointed. I knew I could do better. Although it meant having to spread my time preparing for the re-sitting, I felt that I just had to do that. My Tamil Language teacher, Ms R Nani Menon, helped me with extra lessons.”
Ayshath was pleased with her second attempt – an A1. Armed with 5 distinctions and an L1R5 aggregate of 12 points, she’s shopping for a suitable junior college to prepare for her GCE “A” Level Examinations.
Another netballer, Pearlina Royceton, also did well with 7 Distinctions and an L1R5 aggregate of 11 points.
“My target was 12 points and better, so I’m satisfied that I met my goal. I’m happy to have scored an A2 in Physical Education. I took the subject outside school curriculum, which meant I had to spend extra hours after class studying and doing my practical. My teachers were very accommodating. They ran practical sessions after my classes and they taught me techniques to run and swim faster so that I scored well in the practical examinations,” said Pearlina, who said she will be applying to Saint Andrew’s Junior College.
Bowler Boaz Chan Xu said he put in consistent effort for his 4 Distinctions and an L1R5 aggregate of 11 points.
“With the modular system, we couldn’t slack even for a day. We had to work all year through,” said Boaz, who hopes to study at Raffles Institution.
Fencer Chloe Chu Min had to travel overseas for a week in September 2014 to compete in the Australian Junior Championships.
“I needed to earn points to maintain my position in the National Ranking,” she explained.

“My mentor and subject teachers supplied me with a whole stack of revision notes to take along with me to Australia. I had to be very disciplined and studied whenever I wasn’t fencing. My teachers regularly asked me if I understood my lessons,” said Chloe, who scored 5 Distinctions and an L1R5 aggregate of 12 points.
Another graduate who is very grateful to her teachers is Sarah Seow Su Lynn from the Bowling Academy, who had joined the Sports School with a PSLE T-Score of 189. She scored 3 Distinctions. However, the result that gave her most satisfaction is Combined Humanities (History/Social Studies), for which she scored a B3.
“I had struggled with the subject but Mr Dinesh Nair continued to encouraged me. He would stay behind after class to help those who were weak in the subject. He would also prepare additional notes to help us understand the topics better. And if we still do not understand, he would patiently explain the topics to us until we did.”
Sarah will be going to Australia to do a one-year foundation programme with Monash College. She hopes to pursue a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University.
From the 2014 graduating cohort of 96 student-athletes, 17 continued with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the Sports School on 5 January 2015. Another 38 will pursue diplomas at Republic Polytechnic on through-train pathway beginning in March 2015. A total of 41 sat for the GCE “O” Level Examinations.
The 41 “O” Level candidates had come to the Sports School with PSLE T-Scores ranging from 178 to 249. Among them, 97.6 per cent had passes in 3 subjects or more and 87.8 per cent had passes in 5 subjects or more. Both pass rates are higher than the national average.
The 41 candidates sat for a total of 17 subjects, and they scored 100 per cent passes in 14 subjects. The pass rate for all subjects is also higher than the national average. The distinction rate for 9 subjects is also higher than the national average. Of the cohort that sat for the 2014 GCE “O” Level Examinations, 95.1 per cent qualified for post-secondary education in polytechnics, junior colleges and Millennia Institute.

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Standing, from left: Sarah Seow Su Lynn (Bowling), Chloe Chu Min (Fencing), Pearlina Royceton (Netball), Ayshath Zaseela (Netball), Boaz Chan Xu (Bowling), Vanessa Kaeth Ang Ee Ling (Bowling).
Seated, from left: Head of Year Lynn Quek, Principal Tan Teck Hock, Director of Academics Seah Poh Chua.