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Happy Days

Singapore’s 49th National Day Special

Posted: 7 August 2014


Singapore Sports School Student-Athletes And Alumni Were Asked, “What Makes You Happy?” Readily, They Share This Happy List.

Isabelle Li Siyun.jpeg
When I have the crescent moon and five stars on my back. 
Isabelle Li Siyun, Table Tennis Academy Alumnus
Kenny and Aiden Poh 03aug14.jpg
When I was told I could, and I realised I can. 
Aidan Poh (right), Bowling Academy, with Dad, Kenny
Charlene Lim Jiayi.jpeg
When I'm overseas and I see our national flag, I feel all warmed up and I think of 'Home Sweet Home.' Charlene Lim Jiayi, Bowling Academy
Denissa Tan Hui Xin, Hoong En Qi, Michelle Lee Chuan Ling.jpg
Ice cream on a hot day. Michelle Lee Chuan Ling (right), with Denissa Tan Hui Xin and Hoong En Qi, Swimming Academy
Pascal Ching Min-Fon.jpg
MILO every day ! Pascal Ching Min-Fon (left) with elder sister Sheena and twin brother Ryan, Bowling Academy
5 bowlers.jpg
Local dishes which reflect our mixed culture and heritage – sweet, savoury, spicy, sour. Such rich flavours, and all so delicious. Jermaine Seah (front, left), with Iliya Syamim Muhammad Azni and Soh Yong Ping; (back, from left) Charmaine Chang Yu Qian and Brandan Tan Wei-an, Bowling Academy
Jazreel Tan Shi Hua.jpeg
Stuffing myself with the mega unhealthy but oh so awesome local food. On a more serious note, Singapore is where my family and home is. Jazreel Tan Shi Hua, Bowling Academy Alumnus
Portia Tan Tying and Friends.JPG
Singapore is a multi-racial country,
With it's nice greenery and scenery.
Such a wonderful society
A country where I would enjoy my ice lemon tea.
Chicken rice taste very yummy
As it goes into my tummy
Oh how I love Singapore,
my one and only country.
Portia Tan Tying (left), with Celeste Goh Jia Rui and Kang Jun Jie, Track and Field Academy
Goh Xueqi and Charlene Lim Jiayi.jpeg
Rooming with Charlene Lim Jiayi (right). She is like my 24/5 'mum', always nagging me to mop the floor and keep my area tidy. When she is competing overseas, the dorm is very quiet. I love her nagging because it shows she cares for me. Goh Xueqi, Bowling Academy
Gary Wee Wei Zong.jpeg
Being with my roommates, going through everyday together thick and thin. Gary Wee Wei Zong (third from left), with Jay Choo Zhan Xian, Dylan Wong U Fai and Keith Yong Sheng Wei, Track and Field Academy
4 bowlers and a dustbin.JPG
I love it that Singapore is a clean and green city and Singaporeans do take the effort not to litter. Iliya Syamim Muhammad Azni (left), with Jermaine Seah, Brandan Tan Wei-an and Soh Yong Ping, Bowling Academy
Crystal Wong Jia Ying, Shanice Lim Jia Hui, Sito Jia Rong and Yeo Jia Min.jpeg
Laughing and having fun together with my friends. My roommates are like my sisters. We look out for one another, we stand up for each other. Crystal Wong Jia Ying (left), with Shanice Lim Jia Hui, Sito Jia Rong and Yeo Jia Min, Badminton Academy
Hoong En Qi CROPPED(2).jpg
Fine architecture and scenery makes me feel blessed living in this country. Hoong En Qi, Swimming Academy
Charmaine Lim(1).jpeg
Zipping through the endless shopping streets in Singapore. Charmaine Lim, Bowling Academy
Jarred Lim(1).jpeg
Being able to see my mum at school every day. Two is better than one, so, Mum coaching in the Bowling Academy is special as well as fun! Jarred Lim Jia Le, with Mum/Coach Catherine Kang (picture, right), Bowling Academy
Clarabelle Koh(1).jpeg
Acting silly and making my friends laugh. Clarabelle Koh Peilin, Badminton Academy
Charmaine Chang Yu Qian 8th SSP-Opulent Alvin Toh 1617(2).jpg
Bowling centres, especially our very own one at Singapore Sports School. Charmaine Chang Yu Qian, Bowling Academy
Timothy Theodore Tham Fu Rong(1).jpeg
Being able to do something I'm passionate about and actually being good at it. And this shirt is a reminder of that. Timothy Theodore Tham Fu Rong, Bowling Academy
Marcus Leong Guo Rui(1).jpeg
Getting a surprise scholarship. Marcus Leong Guo Rui, Bowling Academy Alumnus
Ang Wanqi and Or Zann Minn(1).jpeg
Changi Airport Control Tower. It always reminds of a huge lollipop. Or Zann Minn (right), Table Tennis Academy

Singapore Sports School student-athletes and alumni were asked, “What makes you happy?” Readily, they share this Happy List.