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Principal’s First Day Of School

Mr Tan Teck Hock is ready for his responsibility as Principal of Singapore Sports School.

He drove into the car park at 7.45 am. Carrying two bags in both hands, he made his way to the General Office as any visitor would. But Mr Tan Teck Hock is not a visitor; he is the new Principal of Singapore Sports School, and this was his first day of work.

He was met by Estate Officer Lee Hon Weng, who showed Mr Tan where he should point his transponder to unlock the door. Mr Tan then made his way up one flight of steps to his office. Mr Tan’s appointment as Principal of the Sports School began on 15 December 2013; he started work on Monday, the next day.

Mr Tan surveyed his office momentarily after switching on the lights. He placed his bags on his table, walked to the row of windows and pulled up the blinds to look out at the swimming complex. Then, he returned to the car park to pick up two more bags.

Back at his office, he wired his iPad to charge its battery, and switched on his laptop. He unlocked it with the default password and changed it to secure the system.

He then put on his tie and made his way downstairs to a make-shift studio to have his corporate photographs taken.

By 8.15 am, Mr Tan was back at his office, all ready to start work.

“Coming to Singapore Sports School as Principal… It is a huge responsibility. I will ensure that the student-athletes who join us will receive the highest standard of education and sport development that they have come to expect of the Sports School,” said Mr Tan.

Mr Tan has served in the Education Service since 1992. He was principal of Yishun Town Secondary School from December 1999 to December 2005 and principal of Serangoon Junior College from December 2006 to December 2010. He is credited with raising the quality of education in both schools. Mr Tan was the founding Principal of the Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy in 2010.

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Permanent Secretary Yeoh Chee Yan said Mr Tan was selected to set up PESTA “because of his special qualities as an educator, a leader and a champion for sports.”

Ms Yeoh added that Mr Tan is known as a strong and capable leader with a passion for sports and she is confident he will take the Sports School to new heights.

Estate Officer Lee Hon Weng shows Mr Tan where to point his transponder to unlock the door.

Mr Tan Teck Hock makes his way to his office a second time, this time, using the lift and stopping at Level 3.

Mr Tan Teck Hock unpacks some of his things, the first item being his iPad, followed by his laptop.

Mr Tan Teck Hock meets Fencing Head Coach Ralf Bissdorf. The German national is the silver medallist in the Men’s Foil event at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

TTH 7.jpg
Mr Tan Teck Hock has his corporate photograph taken at a make-shift studio.