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16 Student-Athletes, Alumni Receive spexScholarship


Jazreel Tan Shi Hua receiving her spexScholarship from Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. Picture courtesy of MCCY.

Singapore Sports School alumni and student-athletes make up nearly one quarter (24.24 per cent) of the first batch of 66 national athletes named for the Sports Excellence Scholarship (spexScholarship) on 24 September 2013.

These 66 national athletes compete in 15 sports, of which 11 sports are offered at the Sports School – Badminton, Bowling, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Sailing, Shooting, Silat, Swimming, Table Tennis and Water-Skiing. The sports which are not offered at the Sports School are Canoeing, Cuesports, Disability Sports and Wushu. In the 11 sports are 51 recipients of the spexScholarship, among them, 16 Sports School alumni and student-athletes (31.37 per cent).

Sports School bowlers make up 71.42 per cent of the total number of spexScholarship recipients in the sport – five out of the seven. They are Bernice Lim Hui Ying, Daphne Tan Shi Jing, Jazreel Tan Shi Hua, Muhammad Jaris Goh Ali Akbar Goh and New Hui Fen.

Four student-athletes are also among the spexScholarship recipients – badminton player Liang Xiaoyu, gymnasts Nicholette Lim Shu Min and Zeng Qiyan, and shooter Yang Shuet Hwei.

One Sports School student-athlete and three alumni have also been named as having the potential to receive the spexScholarship in the future – Yeo Jia Min (Badminton, student-athlete), Mylene Ong Chui Bin (Swimming), Isabelle Li Siyun (Table Tennis) and Calvin Kang Li Loong (Track and Field).

The $40 million spexScholarship, which will be disbursed over five years, provides talented Singaporean athletes with an enhanced level of support to attain sport excellence. It is part of the new High Performance Sports System and replaces the $6.5 million Olympic Pathway Programme.

Recipients of the spexScholarship will receive a monthly stipend to sustain full-time training to prepare for the biennial Southeast Asian Games and higher levels. Depending on the level, the recipient of the spexScholarship may receive either $24,000, $60,000 or $90,000, which may be used for coaching, training, competition purposes and the purchase of equipment.

In addition, spexScholarship recipients who are student-athletes can look forward to education support, should there be a need for a flexible education programme or effective studentship, for example extra tutorials. In the case of adult athletes, there will be career preparation, for example, athlete-friendly employer networking, career counseling, internships and job attachments and training to equip the athlete with interview skills, effective working habits and personal grooming. Personal and life-skill development will be provided for all spexScholarship recipients and they can learn time management, communication skills, financial and life planning and conflict resolution.

spexScholarship recipients are expected to commit fully to the training programme and take personal responsibility to balance sport and studies or career, personal and sports development. He must participate actively in the life-skill development programme and fulfil the social outreach programme requirements. Above all, he must be a role-model for the youths of Singapore.

SSP SpexScholarship Recipients
Liang Xiaoyu

Bernice Lim Hui Ying
Daphne Tan Shi Jing
Jazreel Tan Shi Hua
Muhammad Jaris Goh Ali Akbar Goh
New Hui Fen

Nicolette Lim Shu Min
Zeng Qiyan

Scott Glen Sydney
Victoria Chan Jing Hua

Yang Shuet Hwei

Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Rahman
Muhammad Nur Alfian Juma’en

Amanda Lim Xiang Qi
Tao Li

Water Skiing
Sasha Siew Hoon Christian