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Golden Tribute To Sports School's 'Unsung Heroes'

2018 zbComma Create Your Own Newspaper Competition

Singapore Sports School student-athletes constantly strive to excel in both sport and studies, better still when their character can shine while doing so. Five Secondary 2 student-athletes took on the role of student journalists and created a news feature on Sports School’s “unsung heroes”. Their chosen topic not only won the hearts of readers but also the gold medal in zbComma’s 2018 Create Your Own Newpaper Competition.

Students were given three popular新谣 (xinyao; a genre of songs unique to Singapore) titles to select from for their news article. The topic selection of 小人物的心声 (“Voices from the Heart”, a song performed by Wu Jiaming) by Sports School’s quintet proved to be a winner for them.

Elisa Tan Shu Tsi, Janelle Ng Shang En (Fencing Academy), Valerie Sim Pei Qi (Netball), Chloe Tan and Ng Jing Ni (Track and Field Academy) from the Higher Chinese class gave tribute to a special group of workers in Sports School – the people who work silently and tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our student-athletes are provided with the best, and need not worry about daily necessities such as laundry, food and safety. They gathered responses from schoolmates and alumni on how these contract workers have impacted their Sports School experience, while several “unsung heroes” were given an opportunity to share fond memories of interacting with student-athletes at school.

“My team and I chose to feature Singapore Sports School's ‘unsung heroes’ because, other than on Staff Day, their contributions are often overlooked and considered trivial but they play a part in my schoolmates and my success, as well as the school’s. With our progress as a school and community, we should not neglect those who have supported us in their subtle but vital ways,” said Elisa.

“This project raised our awareness of how difficult their jobs are and how being part of the Sports School community has impacted not just student-athletes and staff, but the kitchen, laundry, and security personnel as well. Our appreciation for these contract workers has grown since embarking on this project; a simple gesture of gratitude such as saying ‘thank you’, a smile when we meet them, and spreading the word amongst our schoolmates to accord the respect due to them. 

“We learnt to look at people with a new perspective, especially those we see every day but fail to acknowledge. Through this article, we hope to induce a more positive and caring environment amongst ourselves and readers and in our community.”