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‘C’ Division Scored At NSG

National School Games ‘C’ Division: Bowling, Fencing, Shooting

After their seniors’ outstanding performance at the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Division National School Games (NSG), our young players took the stage to shine in the ‘C’ Division National School Games. In July, we saw student-athletes from three academies – Bowling, Fencing and Shooting- enjoying their medal hauls and returning from their competitions brimming with confidence.

The 'C' Division bowlers played from 6 to 20 July 2022. After two weeks of intense action, the team brought home 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. Secondary 2 bowler Nura Salsabila Zulkifli stood out from the crowd and won the Girls’ Singles title with a convincing 1,380 pinfalls. She was also crowned champion in the All Events with 3,690 pinfalls. Nura continued to shine with batchmate Hazal Tan Roun En to claim 2nd place in the Doubles Events. The duo also teamed up with Alyssa Hia Jing Xuan (Secondary 2) and Nur Iffah Amberlynn Muhammad Zulhaidi (Secondary 1) in the Quartets event, where they took another silver with 4210 pinfalls. The team’s overall performance at the NSG put them in second position among the schools, trailing behind Methodist Girls' School.

Among the boys, Darius See Zhi Yun (Secondary 1) had 2 podium finishes in the Boys’ Singles and All Events. He was instrumental in the team coming in third place in the overall ranking among the schools.

Meanwhile, the fencers were also in the thick of NSG action from 18 to 20 July. Secondary 2 fencers Cari-Anne Ong and Jaida Quah Hao Xun set up an all-Sports School final match in the Girls’ Sabre category. Cari-Anne was fencing really well but Jaida proved to be a tough opponent who did not concede a single point during the pool rounds, and out-fenced her competitors in the elimination rounds. Jaida eventually secured the win over Cari-Anne in the finals.

Lee En Qi and Tan Le Kai (both Secondary 2) also made their mark in the competition by walking away with a silver medal in the Girls’ Epee and Boys’ Foil category respectively. For their collective performance, Sports School fencers clinched the Overall ‘C’ Division Champion title for the girls, while the boys secured third place.

The final week of July from 25 to 28 July was busy for the Shooting Academy as they put up their best effort at the ‘C’ Division NSG. With 604.1 points, Amelia Noor Hisham (Secondary 1) took home a bronze in the 10m Air Rifle Women’s event. Au Yong Yi Yong and Samantha Cheng Xin Tong (both Secondary 2) also achieved commendable results, placing 4th in the 10m Men's Air Rifle and 10m Women's Air Pistol event respectively.


National School Games ‘C’ Division – Bowling

Girls’ Singles
1st – Nura Salsabila Zulkifli

Girls’ Doubles
2nd – Nura Salsabila Zulkifli and Hazel Tan

Girls’ All Events
1st - Nura Salsabila Zulkifli

Girls' Quartet
2nd - Nura Salsabila Zulkifli, Nur Iffah Amberlynn, Alyssa Hia, Hazel Tan and Rainie Kwek

Girls' Overall School Title
2nd - Nura Salsabila Zulkifli, Nur Iffah Amberlynn, Alyssa Hia, Hazel Tan and Rainie Kwek

Boys’ Singles
3rd - Darius See

Boys’ All Events
4th - Darius See

Boys' Overall School Title
3rd - Darius See, Muhammad Eshan, Xandre Teo, Kang Hee Hiang, Luke Tan, Tan Jun Kiat, Matthew Quek and Lucas Goh

National School Games ‘C’ Division – Fencing

Girls' Sabre
Gold - Jaida Quah
Silver - Cari-Anne Ong

Girls' Epee
Silver - Lee En Qi

Boys' Foil
Silver - Tan Le Kai

National School Games ‘C’ Division – Shooting

10m Air Rifle Women
Bronze – Amelia Noor Hisham

10m Air Rifle Men
4th – Au Yong Yi Yong

10m Air Pistol Women
4th – Samantha Cheng Xin Tong