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Apply For 2022 Admission

Interested applicants in Primary 6, or currently studying in secondary schools are welcome to apply for admission here.
(Please do not apply to Sports School using MOE’s DSA-Sec portal.)

Students will be shortlisted and assessed based on track record, experience, potential to excel in the sport, interest and passion for the sport, and motivation to join Sports School.

For Primary 6 Applicants
Application has closed on 30 April 2021.
A supplementary phase will be conducted from 1 June 2021 onwards.

Note: The Coaching Clinics for Fencing, Football, Netball and Track and Field, as announced earlier, have been postponed with effect from 5 May 2021 due to enhanced Safe Management Measures. You will be informed when we resume our Coaching Clinics.

Sports trials will be held for shortlisted candidates via electronic mode.

For Mid-Stream Applicants to Secondary Programme
Application is open all year round.

For Applicants to Post-Secondary Programmes (IBDP/Polytechnic Diploma)
Applications should preferably be submitted before start of DSA-JC or EAE.