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Buddy Programme

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The Buddy Programme, which started during the 2015 Primary 6 Camp, aims to help our young boarders assimilate quickly in the new environment through a support system of care and guidance from their seniors.

It is inevitable that freshmen entering the doors of Singapore Sports School at 12, 13 years old experience homesickness; struggle with the sudden load of having to tackle eight subjects in comparison to the four basic subjects taken at primary school, coupled with the strain of increased training frequency and intensity; and develop independence necessary for living away from parents, while forming and managing new friendships with their peers at boarding.
To ensure a seamless assimilation of young student-athletes into the Sports School family, the Buddy Programme is continued through the Singapore Sports School Orientation Camp in January of the following year when student-athletes are in Secondary 1. The Programme carries on formally for at least six weeks until the freshmen have adapted to the new routine of training and school, and boarding with like-minded peers.

At the start of the programme, each new student-athlete is paired with a senior in the same sport who will provide support, guidance and advice to him. Time is also set aside during dinner specially for purposeful interaction where seniors, guided by a list of questions, get to know their juniors and find out how they can be better inducted into life at Sports School. Where there are potential concerns, our senior student-athlete buddies will raise them to boarding staff for timely intervention. Aside from the growth and development of the freshmen, the seniors are given an avenue to meaningfully engage and guide the younger boarders and learn how to care for others.