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International Baccalaureate Diploma

CLASSROOM (IBDP Humanities-Geography) Jan15 by Alvin Toh LO-RES 24251-crop.jpgThe International Baccalaureate Programme, accredited by IB Organisation is catered for those who prefer a broad-based academic programme leading to university. This through-train pathway provides an uninterrupted sport development pathway for aspiring athletes to concurrently achieve their dual goals in sports and studies. 

Sports School has been recognised as an Athlete-Friendly Education Centre by the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) as it offers an extended pathway for high-performing IBDP student-athletes. Those on the Extended IBDP can stretch the completion of their studies by up to three years as compared to the usual two years in order to balance sports training and school commitments. They have greater flexibility in planning their academic schedule to match their long-term sport goals and competitions.  Student-athletes on the extended pathway will attain the same qualifications as students on the usual 2-year pathway recognised for university admission.

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Regine Goh Xuan Xuan.jpgThe IBDP curriculum, such as the Theory of Knowledge classes, has broadened my horizon and shown me how being open-minded can unlock bountiful possibilities. The rigorous IBDP schedule, which emphasises the balance of sports and studies, has also taught me efficient time management in planning my training, competitions and studies. These invaluable skills will benefit me for a lifetime in my future endeavours.

Regine Goh Xuan Xuan (Swimming)
IBDP, Class of 2019

Lincoln Forest Light Man.jpgThe flexibility of the Extended IBDP is a major plus point. I have been able to train and participate in major competitions including the 2019 SEA Games without compromising on my studies. Time management between intense sport training and the rigour of the IB programmes has become a reality as my workload is carefully planned and stretched out over a longer period of time.
Lincoln Forest Liqht Man (Gymnastics)
4-Year Extended IBDP