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Diploma in Sport Management

The customised Diploma in Sport Management is a collaboration between Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Sports School to offer a diploma programme that meets the needs of our elite student-athletes. This programme is designed to provide the academic flexibility required to support their concurrent pursuit of both academic and sport excellence.

Isabelle Li Siyun May15 By Alvin Toh LO-RES 161.jpg
“This customised RP-SSP DSPM programme allowed me to take Leave of Absence for overseas training stints and competitions and catch up on missed classes when I returned. It is a system that allows for flexibility in personal time-tabling and adaptation of curriculum, made possible by the many hours of planning by the team of facilitators. All this – because the facilitators share in the dreams of student-athletes like us and in the dream of Singapore.”

Isabelle Li Siyun, Table Tennis Academy Graduating Class of 2014