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Singapore Sports School builds upon the student development curriculum stipulated by the Ministry of Education, to deliver an integrated curriculum which is anchored upon the Sports School’s five core values and social-emotional competencies. Through various platforms and programmes, we envisage that our student-athletes will graduate as Learned Champions With Character®, imbued with the values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience.

The curriculum covers the three broad areas of:
  • Champion's Mindset
  • Champions for Sports and Champions for Others
  • Character and Citizenship Education
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Champion’s Mindset

The Sports School aims to instil the Champion’s Mindset through the delivery of a Sport-Focused Education to student-athletes who come through its doors. The Champion’s Mindset – a superior mental state that fortifies thoughts, habits and behaviour – will help student-athletes push the boundaries to become a champion. The Sports School leverages on its sport, academic and boarding programmes and adopts a whole-school approach.

Champions for Sports and Champions for Others

The Sports School recognises the importance of equipping our student-athletes with skills that are useful in their post-athlete career. Some may choose to follow their passion in sport and work in the industry or related fields, as sport scientists or as sport journalists. Through our ECG lessons and Assembly Talks on Sport Occupational Clusters, student-athletes are exposed to jobs in the sport-related industry. Champions for Sports participate in areas of Citizenship Education by leading student-initiated citizenship dialogues and researching on areas of governance they have an interest in. They are also exposed to hands-on training in presentation skills and leadership training workshops.

We impress on all our student-athletes the need to be Champions for Others. Each of the Sports Academies has established a long-term partnership with a voluntary welfare organisation. Student-athletes plan and implement activities to help beneficiaries in their partner organisation. The Sports School also has a school-wide annual Values In Action and Corporate Social Responsibility programme called Project Champions Way. In 2018, over $70,000 was raised for two chosen beneficiaries – Singapore Disability Sports Council and Special Olympics Singapore.

Character and Citizenship Education

The Sports School’s customised Character and Citizenship Education Programme is carried out through weekly formal lessons covering Education and Career Guidance and Athlete Life-Skills Modules, National Education, Sexuality Education, Cyberwellness and Values Education.

Education and Career Guidance
The Education and Career Guidance modules aim to prepare our student-athletes to manage dual-career tracks as students and athletes. Mentors and General Managers closely monitor the ECG plans of each student-athlete and engage parents to provide updates on the student-athlete’s progress.

Student-Athlete Leadership

The Sports School adopts the Student Leadership Challenge Model developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner as the guiding framework in our development of Student-Athlete Leadership. The Council of School Captains, formerly known as the Students Council, provides leadership and service at school functions, including the annual Singapore Sports School Orientation Camp. The School Captains rally the school together and act as a feedback mechanism and link between Sports School’s staff and the student-athletes.  The School Captains are ably assisted by the Sports Academy Captains and the Boarding Captains who each have a designated set of duties.  Leadership is also built through other leadership platforms like the Class Representatives, Academy and Boarding Committees etc.  It is the school’s belief that every student should have exposure to leadership opportunities and can be developed as a leader.

National Education
Donning national colours and wearing the Moon and Stars on one’s chest is a privilege that not many have. Sports School student-athletes are reminded that, as budding national athletes, they are role models and contribute to nation-building through inspiring and uniting fellow Singaporeans through their achievements in sport. National Education is delivered via events like Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day and Learning Journeys.