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Singapore Sports School Table Tennis Academy’s close partnership with Singapore Table Tennis Association has led to the development of the School-Within-A-School (SWS) programme for selected student-athletes. Jing Jun Hong, Head of National Youth Development and former head coach of the national senior team oversees the SWS training programme which results in greater alignment of the SWS to the national programme.

The SWS programme has been successful in raising the standards of our table tennis players to dominate local tournaments and compete successfully at the regional level. The Table Tennis Academy is a pipeline for elite youth paddlers into the national team.

The SWS programme, which started in June 2011, is intended to allow student-athletes to pursue their sport at an even higher level without foregoing desired academic outcomes. Student-athletes are able to undergo extended training sessions and travel overseas for competitions and training. This resembles the training structures in other countries which have established outcomes in similar sports.

Interested applicants may find out more about admission into the Table Tennis Academy at our Open House  or  at:



The Table Tennis Academy has produced 20 national representatives for the Singapore Table Tennis Association. 

2018 Year of Induction Pang Yew En Koen, Yu Zong Jun Gerald, Tan En Hui, Wong Xin Ru

2017 Year of Induction Wong Xin Ru

2016 Year of Induction Beh Kun Ting

2015 Year of Induction Edric Lim Zheng Jie, Eunice Lim Zoe, Goi Rui Xuan, Maxxe Tay Ming Han, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, Zhang Wanling 

2014 Year of Induction Darren Loy Meng Hean, Ethan Poh Shao Feng 

2010 Year of Induction Yee Herng Hwee 

2009 Year of Induction Clarence Chew Zhe Yu, Tay Jit Kiat 

2008 Year of Induction Isabelle Li Siyun 

2007 Year of Induction Pang Xue Jie 
2006 Year of Induction Goh Yi Long, Heng Wei Chen, Kwa Hui Ru, Tan Hui Min, Zena Sim Kai Xin


2018 – 21st Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast, Australia): Zhang Wanling (Silver Medal – Women’s Team), Koen Pang Yew En, Ethan Poh Shao Feng, Beh Kun Ting, Pang Xue Jie

2018 – 3rd Youth Olympic Games (Bueno Aires, Argentina): Koen Pang Yew En, Goi Rui Xuan

2017 – 29th Southeast Asian Games (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men’s Doubles; Silver Medals – Mixed Doubles, Men’s Team), Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Silver Medals – Men’s Team, Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles), Ethan Poh Shao Feng (Silver Medals – Men’s Team, Men’s Doubles), Yee Herng Hwee (Gold Medal – Women’s Team)

2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore): Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Gold Medal – Men's Team; Bronze Medals – Men's Singles, Men's Doubles), Isabelle Li Siyun (Gold Medal – Women's Team) 

2014 – 16th Asian Games (Incheon, South Korea): Isabelle Li Siyun (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Clarence Chew Zhe Yu 

2014 – 20th Commonwealth Games (Glasgow, Scotland): Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Gold Medal – Men's Team), Isabelle Li Siyun (Gold Medal – Women's Team) 

2014 – 2nd Youth Olympic Games (Nanjing, China): Yee Herng Hwee 

2013 – 27th Southeast Asian Games (Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar): Clarence Chew (Gold Medal – Men's Team; Bronze Medal – Men's Singles), Isabelle Li Siyun (Gold Medal – Women's Team; Silver Medal – Women's Singles), Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team), Angeline Tang An Qi (Represented Malaysia; Bronze Medal – Women's Team) 

2013 – 2nd Asian Youth Games (Nanjing, China): Edric Lim Zheng Jie, Yee Herng Hwee 

2011 – 26th Southeast Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia): Isabelle Li Siyun (Silver Medal – Women's Singles), Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Doubles), Zena Sim Kai Xin 

2010 – 15th Asian Games (Guangzhou, China): Pang Xue Jie 

2010 – 19th Commonwealth Games (Delhi, India): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team) 

2010 – 1st Youth Olympic Games (Singapore): Isabelle Li Siyun (Silver Medal – Women’s Singles) 

2009 – 25th Southeast Asian Games (Vientiane, Laos): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team; Bronze Medal – Men's Doubles), Zena Sim Kai Xin (Gold Medal – Women's Team) 

2009 – 1st Asian Youth Games (Singapore): Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Bronze Medal – Mixed Team), Isabelle Li Siyun (Bronze Medal – Mixed Team), Tay Jit Kiat 

2007 – 24th Southeast Asian Games (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team) 

2006 – 18th Commonwealth Games (Melbourne, Australia): Zena Sim Kai Xin (Gold Medal – Women's Team)



Paddlers' 15-Medal Haul At Sea Champs
2018 Southeast Asian Table Tennis Championships

Posted: 14 December 2018

IMG-20181118-WA0024.jpgPicture by Singapore Table Tennis Association.

Five out of a possible seven gold medals went to Team Singapore at the 2018 Southeast Asian Table Tennis Championships from 15 to 18 December 2018, including 4 silver and 6 bronze medals. Singapore Sports School’s nine Table Tennis Academy student-athletes, forming the 10-member team, contributed to all 5 golds won by the nation, and all returning with a medal in hand.

It was a battle between Sports School’s paddlers in three events – Men’s and Women’s Singles, and Mixed Doubles – with post-secondary paddlers Clarence Chew Zhe Yu and Goi Rui Xuan emerging Singles champions at the 11th edition of the SEA Championships held in Bali. Prior to capturing her Singles title, Rui Xuan teamed up with Secondary 4’s Koen Pang Yew En for the Mixed Doubles gold, defeating teammates Ethan Poh Shao Feng and Wong Xin Ru 3-1 (6-11, 11-5, 11-8, 11-9). The Singles events were a contest between Clarence and Koen in the Men’s category, and Rui Xuan and Xin Ru in the Women’s. In fact, Sports School’s post-secondary student-athletes swept clean the Women’s Singles medals with Eunice Lim Zoe and Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin taking joint-bronze medals.

Koen, Singapore’s top performer with 3 golds and 1 silver, showed fine form in the Men’s Singles final against Clarence, picking up the first two sets, as well as the fourth, to push the match into the deciding set. Koen eventually narrowly lost 3-4 to his opponent six years older than he. The 16-year-old paddler had earlier defeated Sports School senior Ethan 4-0 in the Semi-Finals. Koen also collected gold in the Men’s Doubles with Ethan as partner. Koen’s final gold medal came from the Men’s Team alongside Clarence, Ethan and Gerald Yu Zong Jun

Men's Singles
1st – Clarence Chew Zhe Yu
2nd – Koen Pang Yew En
3rd – Ethan Poh Shao Feng

Women's Singles
1st – Goi Rui Xuan
2nd – Wong Xin Ru
Joint-3rd – Eunice Lim Zoe, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin

Men's Doubles
1st – Koen Pang Yew En and Ethan Poh Shao Feng
3rd – Gerald Yu Zong Jun (with partner Lucas Tan)

Women's Doubles
2nd – Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin and Tan En Hui
3rd – Goi Rui Xuan and Wong Xin Ru

Mixed Doubles
1st – Goi Rui Xuan and Koen Pang Yew En
2nd – Ethan Poh Shao Feng and Wong Xin Ru

Men's Team
1st – Clarence Chew Zhe Yu, Ethan Poh Shao Feng, Gerald Yu Zong Jun, Koen Pang Yew En

Women's Team
3rd – Eunice Lim Zoe, Goi Rui Xuan, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, Tan En Hui, Wong Xin Ru

Hat-Trick For Prospective Student-Athlete

2018 Dr Lee Bee Wah Cup-STTA Table Tennis Championships

Posted: 14 December 2018

Pictures by Singapore Table Tennis Association.

Singapore Sports School’s current and prospective student-athletes shone brightest at the 2018 Dr Lee Bee Wah Cup-STTA Table Tennis Championships with 10 medals – 6 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze. Twelve-year-old Ser Lin Qian was the tournament’s best performer with 3 gold medals in as many events. She collected the Women’s, Under 15 and Under 12 Singles titles at Singapore Table Tennis Association’s annual competition from 16 to 25 November 2018.

Lin Qian, a prospective Sports School student-athlete, had a relatively smooth run leading to the Final against Secondary 4 student-athlete Jassy Tan Li Ling in the Women’s Singles. The first two sets went in favour of the younger paddler before Jassy equalised the match. Lin Qian responded by winning the next two sets to end the best-of-seven match with a score of 4-2, walking away with her third and final gold medal of the tournament.

It was a similar senior-junior encounter in the Men’s event. The final between Secondary 3’s Andy Wong Yan Kai and prospective student-athlete Izaac Quek Yong was closely contested as the latter attempted to match and counter the attacks by his older opponent. The match which was played to all seven sets ended in victory to Andy.

Izaac had won 2 gold medals prior to the Men’s final, topping the Boys U15 and U12 competition. Andy also collected a bronze medal in the Boys U15 event.

Men’s Singles
1st – Andy Wong Yan Kai (11-9, 8-11, 11-9, 5-11, 11-8, 6-11, 11-6)
2nd – Izaac Quek Yong

Women’s Singles
1st – Ser Lin Qian (11-7, 11-6, 4-11, 11-13, 11-6, 11-8)
2nd – Jassy Tan Li Lin

Girls Under 18 Singles
2nd – Koh Jia Qi

Boys Under 15 Singles
1st – Izaac Quek Yong (13-11, 11-7, 11-6, 12-10)
3rd – Andy Wong Yan Kai (lost to eventual silver medallist Shi Ke Xun [3-11, 8-11, 11-7, 6-11, 11-6, 11-8, 8-11])

Girls Under 15 Singles
1st – Ser Lin Qian

Boys Under 12 Singles
1st – Izaac Quek Yong

Girls Under 12 Singles
1st – Ser Lin Qian



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Clarence Chew Zhe Yu – Serve The Beats





Singapore Sports School is one of the eight Zone Training Centres set up by Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) in Singapore that aims to develop budding talents for STTA’s Junior Development Squad. The training centre at Sports School offers a structured training programme to players between 5 and 11 years old with potential to excel in the sport.


Singapore Sports School’s Table Tennis Academy invites selected pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 6 to train with the Sports School team up to four times a week. The primary school pupils are able to benefit from higher quality coaching and also gain insight into the Academy’s training programme.



Student-athletes under the School-Within-A-School (SWS) programme have opportunities to compete in three tournaments in the ITTF circuit yearly. Student-athletes pit themselves against the world’s best in their age-group and are exposed to different types of play. Singapore Sports School's paddlers have consistently achieved notable results in the ITTF circuits, clinching podium prizes each year. Student-athletes Beh Kun Ting, Gerald Yu Zong Jun (Secondary 4) and Koen Pang Yew En (Secondary 3) achieved podium finishes in at least one competition in the circuit. Koen’s outstanding performances over several competitions in the ITTF Junior and Cadet Circuits earned him selection for the Rough Diamonds training camp in Otocec, Slovenia, organised by the international sport body.


Singapore Sports School student-athletes regularly turn out for Singapore in the Asian and South East Asia Junior Championships. Each year, our student-athletes made frequent appearance on the podium. In 2016, 12 of 14 youth paddlers representing Singapore at the SEA Junior Championships were Sports School past and present student-athletes. They contributed a creditable 10 gold medals to Singapore's medal tally. Sports School secondary and post-secondary paddlers reinforced their position as one of Southeast Asia’s best in 2017, with gold medals coming from Andy Wong Yan Kai (Boys Cadet Team), Ethan Poh Shao Feng (Boys Junior Singles, Mixed Junior Doubles), Goi Rui Xuan (Girls Junior Team), Koen Pang Yew En (Boys Cadet Singles, Doubles and Team), Tan En Hui (Girls Junior Doubles), Wong Xin Ru (Girls Junior Team, Mixed Junior Doubles) and Zhang Wanling (Girls Junior Doubles and Team). They also bagged another 4 silver and 3 bronze medals for Singapore.


Apart from overseas competitions which Singapore Sports School student-athletes frequently participate in, the local competitions are also important to gauge their level of play against local age-group rivals.

Special Programmes


The Table Tennis Academy sends its student-athletes for overseas training stints yearly to train and spar with stronger teams. This exposes them to different types of play of a higher level. The Academy has organised training trips to provincial teams in China in the past which has provided sparring opponents of higher standard, thereby raising their quality of game. Student-athletes in the School-Within-A-School programme have opportunities to go for additional training trips and learn from stronger and more skillful players. In October 2016, Singapore Sports School inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Kochi Prefectural Board of Education to provide sports exchange opportunities for our Table Tennis student-athletes. Thus, in 2017, selected paddlers in the School-Within-A-School programme will have opportunities to spar with to spar with the top Japanese paddlers in Kochi Prefecture. Sports School has also established a training base at Lishan Junior High, where student-athletes will be able to participate in an annual overseas training camp lasting two to three weeks. The top paddlers in Sports School also have opportunities to be selected to attend ITTF training camps.


General Manager
Senior Coach
Zhai Yu-Sports.jpg Zhai Yu
Dong Shi Fei-Sports.jpg Dong Shi Fei
SWS Head Coach (Boys),
Singapore Table Tennis Association

Sun Beibei-Sports.jpg Sun Beibei
SWS Head Coach (Girls),
Singapore Table Tennis Association