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Singapore Sports School Table Tennis Academy’s close partnership with Singapore Table Tennis Association has led to the development of the School-Within-A-School programme for selected student-athletes. Jing Jun Hong, Head of National Youth Development and former head coach of the national senior team oversees the SWS training programme which results in greater alignment of the SWS to the national programme.

The SWS has been successful in raising the standards of our table tennis players to dominate local tournaments and compete successfully at the regional level. The Table Tennis Academy is a pipeline for elite youth paddlers into the national team.

The SWS, which started in June 2011, operates on an evening timetable. The programme is intended to allow student-athletes to pursue their sport at an even higher level without foregoing desired academic outcomes. Student-athletes are able to undergo extended training sessions during the day and attend academic lessons in the evening. This resembles the training structures in other countries which have established outcomes in similar sports.



The Table Tennis Academy has produced 16 national representatives for the Singapore Table Tennis Association. 

2016 Year of Induction Beh Kun Ting

2015 Year of Induction Edric Lim Zheng Jie, Eunice Lim Zoe, Goi Rui Xuan, Maxxe Tay Ming Han, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, Zhang Wanling 

2014 Year of Induction Darren Loy Meng Hean, Ethan Poh Shao Feng 

2010 Year of Induction Yee Herng Hwee 

2009 Year of Induction Clarence Chew Zhe Yu, Tay Jit Kiat 

2008 Year of Induction Isabelle Li Siyun 

2007 Year of Induction Pang Xue Jie 
2006 Year of Induction Goh Yi Long, Heng Wei Chen, Kwa Hui Ru, Tan Hui Min, Zena Sim Kai Xin


2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore): Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Gold Medal – Men's Team; Bronze Medals – Men's Singles, Men's Doubles), Isabelle Li Siyun (Gold Medal – Women's Team) 

2014 – 16th Asian Games (Incheon, South Korea): Isabelle Li Siyun (Bronze Medal – Women's Team), Clarence Chew Zhe Yu 

2014 – 20th Commonwealth Games (Glasgow, Scotland): Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Gold Medal – Men's Team), Isabelle Li Siyun (Gold Medal – Women's Team) 

2014 – 2nd Youth Olympic Games (Nanjing, China): Yee Herng Hwee 

2013 – 27th Southeast Asian Games (Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar): Clarence Chew (Gold Medal – Men's Team; Bronze Medal – Men's Singles), Isabelle Li Siyun (Gold Medal – Women's Team; Silver Medal – Women's Singles), Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team), Angeline Tang An Qi (Represented Malaysia; Bronze Medal – Women's Team) 

2013 – 2nd Asian Youth Games (Nanjing, China): Edric Lim Zheng Jie, Yee Herng Hwee 

2011 – 26th Southeast Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia): Isabelle Li Siyun (Silver Medal – Women's Singles), Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Doubles), Zena Sim Kai Xin 

2010 – 15th Asian Games (Guangzhou, China): Pang Xue Jie 

2010 – 19th Commonwealth Games (Delhi, India): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team) 

2010 – 1st Youth Olympic Games (Singapore): Isabelle Li Siyun (Silver Medal – Women’s Singles) 

2009 – 25th Southeast Asian Games (Vientiane, Laos): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team; Bronze Medal – Men's Doubles), Zena Sim Kai Xin (Gold Medal – Women's Team) 

2009 – 1st Asian Youth Games (Singapore): Clarence Chew Zhe Yu (Bronze Medal – Mixed Team), Isabelle Li Siyun (Bronze Medal – Mixed Team), Tay Jit Kiat 

2007 – 24th Southeast Asian Games (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand): Pang Xue Jie (Gold Medal – Men's Team) 
2006 – 18th Commonwealth Games (Melbourne, Australia): Zena Sim Kai Xin (Gold Medal – Women's Team)


News 2016

Clarence Leads The Charge
2016 South East Asian Table Tennis Championships

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 13 January 2017

It was a merry Christmas for Singapore’s table tennis fraternity after past and present Sports School student-athletes clinched 3 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes at the 2016 South East Asian Table Tennis Championships in Makasaar, Indonesia from 21 to 24 December 2016.

Clarence Chew Zhe Yu led the charge with gold medals in the Men’s and Mixed Doubles to go along with his Men's Team bronze.

Clarence’s doubles partner, Ethan Poh Shao Feng, also had a tournament to remember as he clinched a Men’s Singles silver to add to the gold and bronze medals he won with Clarence in the Men’s Doubles and Team events respectively.

Clarence and Ethan were not the only ones to contribute to Singapore’s gold medal haul as Goi Rui Xuan won the Women’s Doubles title alongside national team mate Lin Ye.

Rui Xuan’s strong form ensured her Women’s Doubles title was not her only medal after she combined with schoolmates Eunice Lim Zoe, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin and Zhang Wanling, as well as Lin Ye to secure the Women’s Team silver.

Men’s Singles
2nd – Ethan Poh Shao Feng

Men’s Doubles
1st – Clarence Chew Zhe Yu, Ethan Poh Shao Feng
3rd – Edric Lim Zheng Jie, Maxxe Tay Ming Han

Men’s Team
3rd – Beh Kun Ting, Clarence Chew Zhe Yu, Edric Lim Zheng Jie, Ethan Poh Shao Feng, Maxxe Tay Ming Han

Women’s Singles
3rd – Zhang Wanling

Women’s Doubles
1st – Goi Rui Xuan

Women’s Team
2nd – Eunice Lim Zoe, Goi Rui Xuan, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, Zhang Wanling

Mixed Doubles
1st – Clarence Chew Zhe Yu

Sports School Dominates U15 Category
Char Yong National Youth Top 10 Table Tennis Tournament

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 15 December 2016

Singapore Sports School’s Table Tennis Academy swept all the podium places in the Girls and Boys Singles Under 15 category of the Char Yong National Youth Top 10 Table Tennis Tournament at the Lee Kong Chian Toa Payoh Table Tennis Training Hall. 
Wong Xin Ru, Goi Rui Xuan and Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin finished first, second and third respectively in the Girls U15 Singles category, while Beh Kun Ting, Koen Pang Yew En and Gerald Yu Zong Jun clinched the gold, silver and bronze medal in that order. 
Eunice Lim Zoe and Tan En Hui also ended the tournament from 8 to 10 December with medals after they won first and second respectively in the Girls Singles U18 event.
The tournament from 8 to 10 December is an invitational youth competition for youth players who have achieved the highest ranking points through Singapore Table Tennis Association local tournaments throughout the year.

Boys Singles U15
1 Beh Kun Ting
2 Koen Pang Yew En
3 Gerald Yu Zong Jun

Girls Singles U15
1 Wong Xin Ru
2 Goi Rui Xuan
3 Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin

Girls Singles U18
1 Eunice Lim Zoe
2 Tan En Hui

Sports School Gives Back
Values in Action (Local)

Posted: 15 December 2016

As a Singapore Sports School student-athlete, high intensity physical activity is part of their daily routine. In pursuit of their sport dream, our student-athletes undergo training at least 10 times a week. 

On 19 November 2016, three of Sports School’s academies were reminded that there are others who are unable to enjoy the heart-pumping excitement that they sometimes take for granted. As part of their Values in Action initiative, the Badminton and Table Tennis Academies organised a Healthy Lifestyle Day for 20 children from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s asthma club – B.E.A.R.S (Breathe Easy And Restful Sleep). The children, ranging 5 to 15 years old, were introduced to the fundamentals of each sport and had an opportunity to try their hand at them. The hope is that the introduction to various forms of fun activities will be a catalyst for the children to engage in light activity daily due to the health benefits of exercise.

Student-athletes from the Shooting Academy continued their partnership with Moral Home of the Aged Sick, bringing an afternoon of joy and fun to the elderly residents. Student-athletes and staff serenaded their audience with their voices and a guitar accompaniment, and put their skills in chess and checkers to the test by interacting with the elderly. The evening concluded with our student-athletes wheeling some of the residents to Bedok Road Food Centre for dinner.

Two days later, Sports School’s bowlers joined in the spirit of giving when they visited MINDS Woodlands Gardens School and SUNDAC Bedok South. Bowling Academy student-athletes and staff distributed lunch packs and goodie bags to approximately 350 beneficiaries at their annual Values in Action project. In addition to interacting with the beneficiaries, our bowlers had the opportunity teach and participate in a dance with those from MINDS Woodlands.

Wanling Defeats Top Two Seeds En Route To Victory
2016 Dr Lee Bee Wah Cup-STTA Table Tennis Championships

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 15 December 2016

She may have fallen to Tan En Hui in the Under 18 tournament, but that defeat only served to spur Zhang Wanling to victory in the Women’s Open division.

She triumphed over top seed Zermaine Lew 4-1 to clinch the Open crown at the Dr Lee Bee Wah Cup-STTA Table Tennis Championships from 18 to 27 November 2016.

“After I lost in the U18 division, I set myself a new target of winning in the Open category, and I am very happy to have achieved my goal,” the 6th seed said.

In fact, Wanling’s proved herself a worthy champion as her quarter final victory over 2nd seed Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin meant Wanling had defeated the competition’s top two seeds en route to her victory at Nee Soon South Community Club.

She was not the only Singapore Sports School student-athlete smiling at the end of the tournament as Goi Rui Xuan, Wong Xin Ru and Gerald Yu Zong Jun all emerged victorious in the Girls U15, Girls U18 and Boys U15 categories respectively.

Boys U15
1 Gerald Yu Zong Jun

Girls U15
1 Goi Rui Xuan

Girls U18
1 Wong Xin Ru
3 Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, Tan En Hui

Women’s Open
1 Zhang Wanling
3 Eunice Lim Zoe, Wong Xin Ru

Kun Ting Triumphs With Team Asia

ITTF World Cadet Challenge

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 15 November 2016

2 Beh Kun Ting at Chinese Taipei Junior and Cadet Open. Photo by ITTF.jpg
Beh Kun Ting. Photo by ITTF

In October, students all over Singapore were busy preparing for their end of the year examinations and Beh Kun Ting expected this period to be no different.

But the Secondary 3 student-athlete’s revision schedule was slightly altered when he was selected to represent Team Asia at the prestigious International Table Tennis Federation World Cadet Challenge from 21 to 29 October 2016.

Despite the tournament coinciding with his examinations, Singapore Sports School made arrangements for Kun Ting to delay sitting for his papers, and give him the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the top players in his age-group.

“I am very grateful to my School-Within-A-School coordinator, Mrs Lu Hwee Hua, mentor Ms Tan Bee Leng and General Manager Mr Dave Lai for making the alternative arrangements to defer my examinations. This enabled me to focus on competing knowing I had their full support,” Kun Ting said.

Indeed, the 15-year-old and his teammates more than held their own as they won all their matches and defeated home favourites Team China 3-0 in the final for the Team title.

“My teammates are really strong players, and I wanted to perform at my best to live up to my billing as a member of the Champions. Training with them forced me to be at the top of my game at every match and training session,” he said.

Kun Ting also performed creditably in the Singles event, finishing 6th.

While it was his quarter-final finish at the Asian Junior and Cadet Championships that helped him secure his ticket to the ITTF World Cadet Championships in Shanghai, China, Kun Ting knew who he needed to credit for even getting him under consideration.

“This would not have been possible if I am not studying at Singapore Sports School. The SWS has helped brush up my skills, and strengthened my fundamentals in the process. The coaches here look into our individual weaknesses and mentor us one to one. 

“Moreover, I was also given the opportunity to defer my examinations by three weeks and provided with ample time to compete and return and do my revision, for which I am truly grateful,” said Kun Ting.

Koen Gets A Polishing With World-Class Coaching
ITTF Rough Diamonds Training Camp In Luxembourg

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 14 October 2016

Table Tennis Koen Pang Yew En.JPG
Koen Pang Yew  En

Koen Pang Yew En had the opportunity to receive world-class coaching when he attended the inaugural International Table Tennis Federation Rough Diamonds Training Camp.

Among the instructors at the camp in Luxembourg were Li Xiaodong, who trained former Olympic and World Champion Ma Long, as well as 4-time Olympic gold medallist Zhang Yining.

The camp saw Koen, along with 19 others selected based on their results in the ITTF Junior circuit, being put through their paces from 6 to 12 September 2016.

“It was such an amazing opportunity to train with some of the top U15 players around the world and receive such elite coaching,” Koen said.

Indeed, it has been a good learning experience for the Secondary 2 student-athlete as he picked up both technical and mental lessons.

A hardworking student-athlete, Koen has already thought about how he can improve. 

“Coach Li says my footwork needs to be quicker, and also to improve my forehand so that I can be more aggressive in making powerful shots,” said the 14-year-old. 

Yet, despite the numerous tips he may have picked up, Koen is fully aware of the role Singapore Sports School has played in his development, especially in allowing him to juggle both his academic and sporting pursuits.

“The unique structure at Sports School allows me to train and compete overseas, yet catch up on my studies and not miss out. This, I feel is the biggest benefit of studying here. Without it, I would not have improved as much and be selected for the Rough Diamonds Training Camp,” he said.

Gerald Beats 3 Higher-Ranked Players For Bronze
Chinese Taipei Junior and Cadet Open
Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 15 September 2016

Every athlete hopes his efforts at training will result in a major achievement in his next competition. For Gerald Yu Zong Jun, his breakthrough happened at the Chinese Taipei Junior and Cadet Open.

The Secondary 3 student-athlete defeated three higher-ranked table tennis players in the Cadet Boys’ Singles tournament from 24 to 28 August 2016 before he was stopped in his tracks in the semi-finals by the eventual Cadet Boys Singles winner, Tai Ming-Wei from Chinese Taipei. 

Gerald beat Takeru Kashiwa from Japan, 3-0 (12, 6, 3); Park Gyeongtae from Korea, 3-1 (-7, 8, 10, 8) and Hsu Po-Hsuan from Chinese Taipei, 3-1 (6, -7, 4, 12). Each win gave him more confidence. He was raring to go in his semi-final match against Ming-Wei, but fell short 0-3 (-6, -6, -4).

“I have now experienced what a breakthrough feels like. It was exhilarating to defeat Hsu Po-Hsuan. And after beating Takeru Kashiwa¸ I felt unstoppable,” said Gerald. “Not advancing to the final means I need to work harder at improving my technical skills and reading my opponents’ games.

“I was able to win the bronze because the Sports School Table Tennis Academy gave me opportunities to improve my game. This is my 16th overseas competition in two-and-a-half years. The exposure to the different skills and styles of players of different countries has sharpened my skills. I will be working closely with my coach, Ma Liang, towards my next breakthrough.”

Beh Kun Ting and Koen Pang Yew En also won a bronze medal, in the Cadet Boys Doubles competition.

Our coaches are pleased with how our student-athletes performed in this competition as they had to play beyond their capabilities in order to step up the prize podium.
Cadet Boys’ Singles
3 Gerald Yu Zong Jun
Cadet Boys’ Doubles
3 Beh Kun Ting and Koen Pang Yew En

Swimmers, Paddlers Put Up Big Show
2016 Thailand Sports School Games

Posted: 15 September 2016

Singapore Sports School swimmers and table tennis players scored big at the 19th Thailand Sports School Games in Chonburi from 25 July to 5 August 2016.

The Swimming Academy was crowned Boys’ and Girls’ Overall Champions – thanks to a haul of 20 golds, 7 silvers and 11 bronzes.

Mitchell Ang Li, Owen Teo Bo En, Sarah Chue Wen Xin and Vanessa Ong were our top swimmers as they turned in 2 gold medals each. Sarah also finished the Games with two Meet Records.

Meanwhile, Andy Wong Yan Kai secured 3 gold medals to become the Table Tennis Academy’s top performer, although it was his female counterparts who won the Girls’ Overall Champion Trophy after claiming gold in five events.

In track and field, our student-athletes competed in the U14, U16 and U18 divisions. Altogether, they won 12 golds, 9 silvers and 7 bronzes.

In football, our team reached the quarter-finals of the U16 tournament, but was prevented from advancing when it took a 0-3 defeat from Bangkok.

Sports School sent 94 student-athletes to participate in the football, swimming, table tennis and track and field competitions and they returned with 40 golds, 18 silvers and 21 bronzes.

Swimming (U14)
50m Backstroke (Boys)
1 Mitchell Ang Li

100m Backstroke (Boys)
1 Owen Teo Bo En

100m Backstroke (Girls)
1 Candice Ang Ruo Han

200m Backstroke (Boys)
1 Owen Teo Bo En

50m Breaststroke (Boys)
2 Jordan Ong Jun Han

100m Breaststroke (Boys)
3 Morris Yong Jiahao

200m Breaststroke( Boys)
1 Jordan Ong Jun Han
3 Morris Yong Jiahao

200m Breaststroke (Girls)
1 Julia Lium

50m Butterfly (Boys)
3 Andre Kang Wen Ming

50m Butterfly (Girls)
1 Vanessa Ong

100m Butterfly (Girls)
1 Vanessa Ong

200m Individual Medley
1 Mitchell Ang Li
3 Sean Patrick

50m Freestyle (Girls)
2 Goh Chiat Ling (Wu Jie Ling)

100m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Kiran Lim Tao Liang

100m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Goh Chiat Ling (Wu Jie Ling)

200m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Kiran Lim Tao Liang

200m Freestyle (Girls)
3 Raeann Tan

1500m Freestyle (Boys)
1 Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi

Swimming (U16)
50m Backstroke (Girls)
1 Darra Quek Ting Yi

100m Backstroke (Girls)
1 Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
2 Darra Quek Ting Yi

200m Backstroke (Boys)
2 Nicholas Rachmadi

200m Backstroke (Girls)
2 Regine Goh Xuan Xuan
3 Darra Quek Ting Yi

50m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Ng Jian Yan

50m Breaststroke (Girls)
1 Choo Yi Xuan

100m Breaststroke (Boys)
2 Ng Jian Yan
3 Ryan Lim Tao Yuan

100m Breaststroke (Girls)
1 Jasmine Tan
2 Choo Yi Xuan

200m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Dynes Quek Yi Chen
3 Ryan Lim Tao Yuan

50m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Sarah Chue Wen Xin

100m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Sarah Chue Wen Xin

200m Freestyle (Girls)
1 Renee Wee Yu Ting

Swimming (U18)
50m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Aaron Shane Tan Wen

Table Tennis (U14)
Singles (Girls)
1 Lu Hua Yu
2 Jassy Tan Li Lin
3 Koh Jia Qi

Team (Girls)
1 Corissa Cheng Yoke Sum, Jassy Tan Li Lin, Koh Jia Qi, Lu Hua Yu

Table Tennis (U16)
Singles (Boys)
1 Andy Wong Yan Kai
2 Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun
3 Nicholas Chong Xin Le

Singles (Girls)
1 Eunice Lim Zoe
3 Tan Ker Hui

Doubles (Boys)
1 Andy Wong Yan Kai, Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun

Team (Boys)
1 Andy Wong Yan Kai, Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun, Nicholas Chong Xin Le

Team (Girls)
1 Eunice Lim Zoe, Lew Yen Lin, Tan Ker Hui

Table Tennis (U18)
Singles (Girls)
1 Tan Hui Li

Track and Field (U14)
100m (Boys)
3 Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli

100m (Girls)
3 Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff

200m (Boys)
1 Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En

800m (Boys)
1 Brandon Norton

4x100m (Girls)
1 Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff, Nur Ria Isabelle Suhimi, Nurul Insyirah Mohamed Faisal, Zann Oh Shuyu

4x100m (Boys)
1 Chin Yi Yang, Lucas Lim Yi Liang, Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli, Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En

4x400m (Boys)
1 Brandon Norton, Chin Yi Yang, Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Yazli, Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En

100m Hurdles
3 Rachel Cheong (Zhong Xinfang)

High Jump (Boys)
1 Chin Yi Yang
2 Andrew George Medina

High Jump (Girls)
2 Yasmeen Marie Lutfi

Track and Field (U16)
100m (Girls)
3 Norasyiqin Mohamed Wahid

4x100m (Girls)
1 Diane Hilary Pragasam, Ismi Zakiah Kashful Anwar, Norasyiqin Mohamed Wahid, Raine Oh Shuqin

4x100m (Boys)
2 Chong Wei Guan, Mohamed Iskandar Shah Mohamed Fazil, Nur Syarin Zahari, Shawn Jong Tze Chean

4x400m (Boys) 
2 Chong Wei Guan, Mohamed Iskandar Shah Mohamed Fazil, Mohamed Zulkhairi Putera Mohamed Zali, Shawn Jong Tze Chean

110m Hurdles
1 Chong Wei Guan

400m Hurdles
1 Shawn Jong Tze Chean

High Jump (Boys)
1 Chong Wei Kit
2 Muhammad Hazim Ismail

High Jump (Girls)
3 Cherlin Sia Jia Yi

Long Jump (Boys)
2 Raeshon Loo Wei Ming

Pole Vault (Girls)
1 Cherlin Sia Jia Yi

Triple Jump
2 Arfan Azhar

Track and Field (U18)
100m Hurdles (Girls)
2 Nur Izlyn Zaini

110m Hurdles (Boys)
3 Jay Choo Zhan Xian

High Jump (Boys)
1 Ryan Teo Tze Jun

Long Jump (Boys)
3 Gary Wee Wei Zong

2 Kang Jun Jie

Football (U16)

Sports School Represented by 20 At ICG
International Children’s Games

Ong Kaifen
Acting Head, Cluster 1

Posted: 16 August 2016   

The 50th Edition of the International Children’s Games (ICG) this year was held in Taipei from 11th to 16th July 2016. The ICG’s objective is to encourage friendship through sporting events, thereby contributing to mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect in the spirit of the Olympics values. Approximately 83 cities and 2000 athletes between 12 and 15 years of age, participate in this prestigious event this year. 

Singapore Sports School, representing the City of Singapore sent a team of 20 athletes (10 from Swimming and 6 from Track & Field and 4 from Table Tennis) and we returned home with a medal haul of 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. At the same time, 11 personal best were set during this ICG. 

4 gold medals came from our undisputed team captain, Maximillian Ang Wei, in the swimming events. Over two days, he displayed a champion’s mindset despite back-to-back events, and touched the wall first in the 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke, 200m Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley, earning 4 Personal Bests in his events at the same time. 

2 silver medals came from our female swimmers in the 4x100m Freestyle Relay (made up of Sarah Chue Wen Xin, Jasmine Tan Hui Fen, Vanessa Ong and Ervina Lim Qianhui) as well as Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun in the table tennis individual event. 

3 Bronze medals were contributed by Ervina in the 200m and 400m freestyle, as well as our male swimmers (made up of Maximillian, Mitchell Ang Li, Luke Chua Li Rong and Luke Tan Yu Yang) in the Boys 4x100m Freestyle Relay. 

More detailed results can be accessed from the following website (under individual sports):  

This Taipei ICG trip had been a fruitful one as the student-athletes got to go through a major game’s experience, and many student-athletes returned with PBs. The student-athletes have been very adaptable during the trip, and have certainly lived up to the theme of this year’s ICG “Be Strong, be Friends”. Student-athletes commented that this ICG was an enjoyable experience where they made many new friends, learnt a lot about the cultures of the cities that took part in this ICG and not forgetting the many t- shirts, jackets & gifts that they had exchanged with participants from other cities. 

50m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Maximillian Ang Wei

100m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Maximillian Ang Wei

200m Breaststroke (Boys)
1 Maximillian Ang Wei

4x100m Freestyle (Boys)
3 Luke Chua Li Rong, Luke Tan Yu Yang,Maximillian Ang Wei, Mitchell Ang Li

200m Individual Medley (Boys)
1 Maximillian Ang Wei

200m Fresestyle (Girls)
3 Ervina Lim Qianhui

400m Fresstyle (Girls)
3 Ervina Lim Qianhui

4x100m Freestyle (Girls)
2 Ervina Lim Qianhui, Jasmine Tan Hui Fen, Sarah Chue Wen Xin, Vanessa Ong

Table Tennis
Boys Singles
2 Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun

Ervina Lim Qianhui
Jasmine Tan Hui Fen
Julia Lium
Luke Chua Li Rong
Luke Tan Yu Yang
Maximillian Ang Wei
Mitchell Ang Li
Owen Teo Bo En
Sarah Chue Wen Xin
Vanessa Ong

Table Tennis
Andy Wong Yan Kai
Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun
Jassy Tan Li Lin
Lu Hua Yu

Track and Field
Erza Irdina Abdul Latiff
Muhammad Hazim Ismail
Nur Syarin Zahari
Nurul Insyirah Mohamed Faisal
Nurulain Hamizah Sariman
Zann Oh Shuyu

4 Receive Prestigious HPU18 Award
Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship

Colin Ng
Executive, Strategic Communications

Posted: 15 June 2016

Four student-athletes from Singapore Sports School received the prestigious High Performance U18 category award of the Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship at ITE College East on 20 May 2016. They are Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier, Debbie Soh Li Fei, Ethan Poh Shao Feng and Ho Xiu Yi.

This is the third year in a row that Debbie and Ethan have received the HPU18 Award, as well as Amita’s second consecutive award. This is also Xiu Yi’s third award from the Foundation, and first in the HPU18 category, having won the Secondary School category award in 2015 and 2014.

Altogether, 36 student-athletes from the Sports School received scholarships, of which 16 are first-time recipients. Gymnasts Lincoln Forest Liqht Man and Kaeson Lim Junyi, and bowler Nu’man Syahmi Yusri received their fourth award in the Secondary School category since 2013.

Fencer Amita first came to prominence after winning the 2013 H2020 East Interzone Foil Minime (Girls U15) and the 2013 Challenge Wratislavia (Girls U13). Her biggest accolade so far has been her two gold medals at the 2016 Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships at Manama, Bahrain, where she triumphed in the Women's Cadet Foil Individual and Team events.

Shooter Xiu Yi’s achievements include a second-place finish in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle Team event at the 2015 ISSF Junior Cup, as well as a silver in the Women’s Junior 10m Air Rifle Individual event at the 2015 Asian Shooting Championships.

Ethan, meanwhile, has participated in the 2015 South East Asian Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships where he won 2 silvers in the Junior Boys Doubles and Junior Boys Team events. He also won a silver at the 2014 Southeast Asian Table Tennis Championships Men’s Team event as well as a bronze in the Doubles event.

Debbie too has built a strong resume thanks to her 3 gold medals at the Singapore 2015 Southeast Asian Games and participation at the 2013 and 2015 FINA World Championships.

High Performance U18
Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier (Fencing), 2nd award
Debbie Soh Li Fei (Synchronised Swimming), 3rd award
Ethan Poh Shao Feng (Table Tennis), 3rd award
Ho Xiu Yi (Shooting), 3rd award – twice in Secondary School category 

Adele Tan Qian Xiu (Shooting), 3rd award
Gladys Wong Yan Lin (Wushu), 1st award
Louis Tee Jun Jie (Golf), 1st award
Merilyn Cheong Jia Ping (Netball), 2nd award
Ong Yong Qing (Shooting), 1st award

Secondary School
Addeen Idzni Imran (Track and Field), 2nd award
Amirah Sahrin (Pencak Silat), 1st award
Ang Jia Yu (Netball), 1st award
Avryl Tan Ying (Rhythmic Gymnastics), 3rd award
Brant Tan Jun Rong (Football), 1st award
Brian Koh Shao Yang (Fencing), 2nd award
Fernel Tan Qian Ni (Shooting), 1st award
Gabriel Lim Kea Seng (Shooting), 3rd award
Gaddiel Lim Kang Seng (Shooting), 1st award
Hew Yun Ting (Shooting), 1st award
Kaeson Lim Junyi (Artistic Gymnastics), 4th award
Lee Kar Moon (Fencing), 2nd award
Lincoln Forest Liqht Man (Artistic Gymnastics), 4th award
Lyn Yeo Siew Lyn, (Rhythmic Gymnastics), 3rd award
Mohamed Iskandar Shah Mohamed Fazil (Track and Field), 1st award
Muhamad Nurshahilman Noradee (Track and Field), 1st award
Muhammad Izzat Junaidie (Shooting), 1st award
Niq Harraz Hamizun Shah (Football), 1st award
Nizar Syafiq Ismadi (Football), 2nd award
Norasyiqin Mohamed Wahid (Track and Field), 3rd award
Nu’man Syahmi Yusri (Bowling), 4th award
Nur Syarin Zahari (Track and Field), 1st award
Ryan Dayne Phang (Shooting) 1st award
Sharifah Syafira Putri Syed Osman (Shooting), 1st award
Tan Sin Yu (Badminton), 3rd award
Terrence Ng Shu Hao (Shooting), 2nd award
Veralyn Tan Chou Xin (Fencing), 2nd award

Paddlers Serve Up 3 Bronzes For Singapore
2016 Thailand Junior and Cadet Open

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy  

Posted: 15 June 2016

Singapore Sports School Table Tennis student-athletes won 3 bronze medals at the 2016 Thailand Junior and Cadet Open from 11 to 15 May 2016.

The 15 student-athletes put their months of daily rigorous training to the test when they faced stiff competition from 13 countries, particularly their Asian counterparts from Hongkong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The Cadet Boys Team A, represented by Beh Kun Ting, Gerald Yu Zong Jun and Koen Pang Yew En showed exceptional resilience in their Quarter-Finals match against Hongkong A Team. Despite being down 0-2, the Singaporeans fought back to level the score at 2-2. Koen defeated his opponent in the last match to book a place for the team in the Semi-Finals. However, the boys lost to eventual champions Thailand, and had to settle for the Team bronze medal.

Meanwhile, in the Girls category, the Cadet team comprising Goi Rui Xuan, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin and Wong Xin Ru, pulled through a tensed Quarter-Finals match against Hongkong Team B. The Sports School team gained an initial 2-0 lead against their opponents. However, the Hongkong girls fought back to level the score and forced a rubber match. Rui Xuan’s composure in the decider, against a tough defensive player, earned the team a ticket into the Semi-Finals. The Singaporean team eventually lost to Hongkong Team A to take home the bronze medal.

Sports School’s third bronze came from the Junior Girls Team of Ang Wan Qi, Eunice Lim Zoe, Tan En Hui and Zhang Wanling.

3 Boys Cadet – Beh Kun Ting, Gerald Yu Zong Jun, Koen Pang Yew En
3 Girls Cadet – Goi Rui Xuan, Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, Wong Xin Ru
3 Girls Junior – Ang Wan Qi, Eunice Lim Zoe, Tan En Hui, Zhang Wanling 

Three Cheers For Wan Qi
2016 SAFRA-STTA Table Tennis Championships

Dave Lai
General Manager, Table Tennis Academy

Posted: 15 April 2016

Singapore Sports School table tennis student-athletes clinched three out of the four possible titles at this year’s SAFRA-STTA Table Tennis Championships which were held at SAFRA Toa Payoh from 10 to 19 March 2016.

Ang Wan Qi was the pick of the crop after she captured the Girls U18 title for the third consecutive year. The top seed lived up to her billing as she defeated Linda Zeng Ziyue in four straight games to bring home the trophy.

There was good news in the Boys U18 category, too, as 6th seed Beh Kun Ting overcame the odds to defeat Lucas Tan, a Youth Training Squad player who is two years older than him. Kun Ting also eliminated top seed and teammate Ethan Poh Shao Feng in the semi-finals.

However, the biggest underdog story would have to be Wong Xin Ru’s. The 9th seed emerged victorious after a thrilling 9-game victory over teammate and top seed Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin in the U15 category.

U15 Girls
1 Wong Xin Ru
2 Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin
3 Jassy Tan Li Lin

U15 Boys
2 Gerald Yu Zong Jun
3 (Joint) Beh Kun Ting, Koen Pang Yew En

U18 Girls
1 Ang Wan Qi
3 Eunice Lim Zoe

U18 Boys
1 Beh Kun Ting
3 Ethan Poh Shao Feng

Koen Delivers Only Medal For Singapore 
2016 French Junior and Cadet Open

Posted: 15 March 2016

Koen Pang Mar15 By Vincent Nghai LO-RES 006.jpg

Thirteen Singapore Sports School student-athletes in the School-Within-A-School programme competed in the 2016 French Junior and Cadet Open from 17 to 21 February 2016. 

Koen Pang Yew En won Singapore’s only medal in the Boys Cadet Singles on the final day of the competition. He beat three opponents to advance into the semi-finals, but was halted in his tracks by No. 3 seed and eventual winner Vladimir Sidorenko from Russia.

Prior to winning the Cadet Singles bronze medal, Koen and teammate Beh Kun Ting progressed to the quarter-final stage before falling 1-3 to French opponents Dorian Zheng and Jules Cavaille.

Sports School Paddlers Sweep Grand Finale
2015 National Table Tennis Grand Finale

Posted: 15 February 2016

National Grand Finale Womens Singles.jpg
Women's Singles medallists: 1st Ang Wan Qi, 2nd Yee Herng Hwee,  3rd Eunice Lim Zoe and Goi Rui Xuan

Singapore Sports School’s paddlers enjoyed a great start to the year when they clinched top prizes in the Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles and Team, and Mixed Doubles events in the 2015 National Table Tennis Grand Finale. They attained a medal tally of 6 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Student-athletes and alumni dominated the field in the Open tournament from 8 to 17 January 2016, bagging the top three positions in six out of seven events. The Singles events were an all-Sports School affair, with post-secondary student-athlete Ang Wan Qi and alumnus Pang Xue Jie leading the field in the Women’s and Men’s category.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Year 2’s Wan Qi stood out among the medallists, collecting 2 gold and 2 silver medals in the Women’s Singles, Doubles and Team, and Mixed Doubles events.

Men’s Singles
1 Pang Xue Jie (alumnus)
2 Clarence Chew Zhe Yu
3 (Joint) Ethan Poh Shao Feng, Maxxe Tay Ming Han

Women’s Singles
1 Ang Wan Qi
2 Yee Herng Hwee
3 (Joint) Goi Rui Xuan, Eunice Lim Zoe

Men’s Doubles
1 Clarence Chew Zhe Yu/ Edric Lim Zheng Jie
2 Pang Xue Jie (alumnus)/ partner
3 Seth Han Xiang Chou/ Bryan Wee Jun Han

Women’s Doubles
1 Ang Wan Qi/ partner
2 Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin/ Zhang Wanling
3 Goi Rui Xuan/ Tan En Hui

Mixed Doubles
1 Yee Herng Hwee/ partner
2 Tay Jit Kiat (alumnus)/ Ang Wan Qi
3 (Joint) Ethan Poh Shao Feng/ partner, Koen Pang Yew En/ Wong Xin Ru

Men’s Team
2 Gerald Yu Zong Jun
3 (Joint) Goh Yi Long/ Darren Loy Meng Hean/ Beh Kun Ting, Clarence Chew Zhe Yu/ Edric Lim Zheng Jie/ Maxxe Tay Ming Han

Women’s Team
1 Eunice Lim Zoe/ Goi Rui Xuan/ Tan En Hui
2 Ang Wan Qi/ Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin/ Zhang Wanling
3 Jassy Tan Li Lin/ Lew Yen Lin/ Lu Hua Yu

National Grand Finale Womens Doubles.jpg
Women's Doubles medallists:  1st Tay Hui Li and Ang Wan Qi, 2nd Zhang Wanling and  Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin, 3rd Goi Rui Xuan and Tan En Hui.


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Clarence Chew Zhe Yu – Serve The Beats




Primary School Training Programme

Singapore Sports School’s Table Tennis Academy invites selected pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 6 to train with the Sports School team up to four times a week. The primary school pupils are able to benefit from higher quality coaching and also gain insight into the Academy’s training programme.


ITTF Junior and Cadet Circuit

Student-athletes under the School-Within-A-School programme have opportunities to compete in three tournaments in the ITTF circuit yearly. Student-athletes pit themselves against the world’s best in their age-group and are exposed to different types of play.

In 2016, Singapore Sports School's paddlers achieved notable results in the ITTF circuits, clinching podium prizes. Gerald Yu Zong Jun (Secondary 3) and Koen Pang Yew En (Secondary 2) won bronze medals in the Boys Singles at the Taipei Cadet and French Cadet tournaments respectively. Secondary 3 student-athlete Beh Kun Ting also performed well at the circuits to obtain selection to represent Asia at the World Cadet Challenge where his team emerged top place.

Asian and South East Asian Junior Championships

Singapore Sports School student-athletes regularly turn out for Singapore in the Asian and South East Asia Junior Championships.

In 2016,12 of 14 youth paddlers representing Singapore at the SEA Junior Championships were Sports School past and present student-athletes. They contributed a creditable 10 gold medals to Singapore's medal tally.

International Children’s Games

The International Children's Games is an Under 15 competition which sees participation from top age-group paddlers. Selected Singapore Sports School Table Tennis student-athletes have opportunities to compete in this Games.

2016 saw four Table Tennis Academy student-athletes participating alongside 2,000 other athletes from 83 cities in the 50th International Children’s Games in New Taipei. Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun clinched a silver medal in the Boys Singles event. The next ICG will be held in Kaunsa, Lithuania in 2017.

Thailand Sports School Games

Student-athletes under the School-Within-A-School programme have opportunities to compete in three tournaments in the ITTF circuit yearly. Student-athletes pit themselves against the world’s best in their age-group and are exposed to different types of play.

National Age-Group Competitions/Grand Finale

Apart from overseas competitions which Singapore Sports School student-athletes frequently participate in, the local competitions are also important to gauge their level of play against local age-group rivals.



Overseas Training Camps

The Table Tennis Academy sends its student-athletes for overseas training stints yearly to train and spar with stronger teams. This exposes them to different types of play of a higher level. The Academy has organised training trips to provincial teams in China in the past which has provided sparring opponents of higher standard, thereby raising their quality of game. Student-athletes in the School-Within-A-School programme have opportunities to go for additional training trips and learn from stronger and more skillful players.

In October 2016, Singapore Sports School inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Kochi Prefectural Board of Education to provide sports exchange opportunities for our Table Tennis student-athletes. Thus, in 2017, selected paddlers in the School-Within-A-School programme will have opportunities to spar with to spar with the top Japanese paddlers in Kochi Prefecture.

Sports School has also established a training base at Lishan Junior High, where student-athletes will be able to participate in an annual overseas training camp lasting two to three weeks.

The top paddlers in Sports School also have opportunities to be selected to attend training camps such as the 2016 Eurotalents Training Camp (May) and the ITTF Rough Diamonds Education and Training in Luxembourg with top world-ranked cadet paddlers (September).


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