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The Netball Academy designs training programmes which focus on the development of sport intelligence and versatility in game play, to equip student-athletes with the required technical, physical and mental skills to succeed in their present and future endeavours in sport and beyond.

About half of our student-athletes who enter the Sports School have been inducted into the National Under 14 and U17 teams. Seventeen past and present student-athletes have been in the U21 Team. This is testament of the Netball Academy’s success in youth development, as a supply to the national youth age-group teams.

The Academy has a team of experienced coaches with past experience as competitive players at the elite level. Sports School’s head coach, Joanne Kyra Loo, is jointly appointed National Youth Head Coach of the National Youth Sports Institute and Head Coach of the National U21 team.

The Netball Academy organises the annual International Youth Sports Challenge, which sees participation of teams from netball powerhouse countries, such as Australia and South Africa, providing student-athletes with exposure to a higher levels of play.



The Netball Academy has produced 5 national representatives for Netball Singapore.

2012 Year of Graduation  Shelby Lian Koh (left SSP in 2010), Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman

2010 Year of Graduation  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan

2008 Year of Graduation  Melody Teo

2007 Year of Graduation  Suhailah Kariman


2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan  (Gold Medal – Women's Team), Shelby Lian Koh (Gold Medal – Women's Team)

2015 – Netball World Cup (Sydney, Australia):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan, Shelby Lian Koh

2014 – Mission Foods Asian Netball Championships (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan  (Team Champion),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman  (Team Champion)

2012 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Samad, Shelby Lian Koh, Suhailah Kariman

2013 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman  (Team 2nd),  Shelby Lian Koh  (Team 2nd),  Suhailah Kariman  (Team 2nd)

2014 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan, Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman

2015 – Nations Cup (Singapore):  Kimberly Lim Wei Yan  (Team 3rd)

2013 – World Youth Netball Championships (Glasgow, Scotland):  Koh Hin Ann  (Co-Captain),  Shelby Lian Koh  (Co-Captain),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman, Nur Athirah Zulkiffle, Olivia Chen Yutong, Seah Yunzhen, Siti Nurshawallah Rashid

2013 – Asian Youth Netball Championships (Brunei):  Shelby Lian Koh  (Team 3rd),  Koh Hin Ann   (Team 3rd),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman (Team 3rd), Nur Athirah Zulkiffle  (Team 3rd),  Olivia Chen Yutong   (Team 3rd),  Siti Nurshawallah Rashid   (Team 3rd)

2015 – Asian Youth Netball Championships (Hongkong):  Avelyn Leong Kit Yan  (Team 3rd), 
Ayshath Zaseela  (Team 3rd),  Georgina Lee Si Ling  (Team 3rd),  Jeraldine Lee Sze Kee  (Team 3rd),  Nur Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman  (Team 3rd),  Nur Athirah Zulkiffle  (Team 3rd),  Olivia Wu Su Han  (Team 3rd)


Sports School Goes To Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur 2017 Southeast Asian Games: List Of Confirmed Athletes

Posted: 14 July 2017

In slightly over a month’s time, at least 40 past and present Singapore Sports School student-athletes will be fighting for national glory in our neighbouring country. Thirty-nine student-athletes and alumni, including one staff, have received confirmation of their participation at the Kuala Lumpur 2017 Southeast Asian Games which officially opens on 19 August.

At the previous edition of the SEA Games on homeground in 2015, Sports School’s past and present student-athletes contributed a creditable 38% of the gold medal haul to Team Singapore’s tally. Prominent athletes such as kegler Jazreel Tan Shi Hua (Women’s Masters), swimmer Amanda Lim Xiang Qi (Women’s 50m Freestyle) and waterskier Sasha Siew Hoon Christian (Women’s Slalom and Wakeboard) will be fighting to defend their titles at the SEA Games.

Meanwhile, 12 of the confirmed 39 Sports School athletes will be making their debut at the regional Games. Nine current secondary and post-secondary student-athletes, which includes World Cadet Foil bronze medallist Amita Berthier and Men’s 10m Air Rifle National Record holder Mohamad Irwan Abdul Rahman, seek to benefit from the experience of competing at a major game and fly Singapore’s flag high.

Several sports such as Badminton, Football and Track and Field have yet to announce their final list of athletes competing at the 29th edition of the biennial Games.

Basil Dill Ng Jui Chang
Bernice Lim Hui Ying
Daphne Tan Shi Jing
Darren Ong Wei Siong
Jazreel Tan Shi Hua
Keith Saw Hui-Xun
Muhammad Jaris Goh Ali Akbar Goh
New Hui Fen
Timothy Theodore Tham Fu Rong

Shafina Mahesh
Tan Zay Hua

Ahmad Huzaifah Saharudin
Amita Berthier
Nicole Mae Wong Hui Shan

Abdul Hadi Uda Thith
Callista Chen Wan Qing
Gregory Raymund Foo Yongen
Jacqueline De Los Reyes Young
Joshua Shou Minqing
Marc Ong Chong Ching
Nicole Mok Shue Ying

Kimberly Lim Wei Yan
Melody Teo
Nur ‘Aqilah Afiqah Andin Agustino Saman

Martina Lindsay P Veloso
Mohamad Irwan Abdul Rahman
Nigel Lim Swee Hon (Staff)

Amanda Lim Xiang Qi
Benedict Boon Ji Chao
Chantal Liew Li-Shan
Chin Khar Yi
Erasmus Ang Zhong Qing
Hoong En Qi
Roanne Ho Ru’En
Pang Sheng Jun

Table Tennis
Clarence Chew Zhe Yu
Ethan Poh Shao Feng
Pang Xue Jie
Yee Herng Hwee

Sasha Siew Hoon Christian

Netballers Dominate In Hong Kong
Samsung 60th Festival of Sport
Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Posted: 15 June 2017

Our Under 13 netballers emerged victorious after winning all their matches at the Samsung 60th Festival of Sport in Hong Kong. 

Among their victories at the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre was an 8-0 victory over Hong Kong Cricket Club’s U13 team in the final on 21 May.
It was definitely a good learning experience for our girls as they were also able to enjoy the services of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong’s Sports Therapy department who taught them various stretching exercises which they could use in their warm up and cool down sessions.

The Netball Academy would also like to thank the Hong Kong Netball Association for allowing our netballers to participate in the Samsung 60th Festival of Sport.
The Festival of Sport was first held in 1958 and is seen by the Hong Kong government as an important means to promote amateur sports, attract young people to join sports, enhance physical fitness, and to advocate the spirit of friendship in the above competition.

1st Singapore Sports School

Stepping Up, Out For Training
Overseas Training Camps

Desmond Tan
General Manager, Badminton Academy

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Teng Seow Chin
Senior Boarding Mentor, Cluster 1

Posted: 15 June 2017

It’s the school holidays and what better time to go overseas for…a training camp. Singapore Sports School student-athletes not only travel for competition, but also for training stints with overseas partners and institutions. The intensive training alongside international youth athletes allows Sports School student-athletes, and coaches, to learn best practices from their overseas counterparts and raise the level of training, skill and ability. They also have opportunities to engage in friendly sparring sessions or participate in a local competition to gain exposure in adapting to different playing styles and higher levels of competition.

The Badminton Academy went to China from 28 May to 9 June 2017 in preparation for the Pilot Pen Championships, an age-group competition, after they return.

Lower Secondary student-athletes headed to Dongguan Badminton School. Training with the provincial team, and sparring with a local sports school team and the Guangzhou provincial team provided good learning experiences for the young shuttlers.

Meanwhile, the Upper Secondary team were undergoing intensive sessions with the Anhui province team. They took part in two competitions while they were there, which included a provincial level competition where selected student-athletes had the opportunity represent the Anhui club. This tournament was organised in preparation for the All-China Games and was highly competitive.

A mini competition was organised between Singapore Sports School and the Anhui province team at the end of the two-week stint. This allowed for a greater level of intensity than friendly matches and provided the senior student-athletes with the excitement and anxiety of an actual competition.

In addition to meeting the objective of stepping up intensity in training and sparring sessions, Sports School coaches were also able to interact and learn from the China coaches to improve their training programmes.

Football Academy student-athlete Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah had the privilege to be on attachment to Omiya Ardija’s Under 16 team for his debut training and competition stint in Europe. From 29 May to 6 June, Adam played alongside Sports School’s Japanese partners in the 2017 Delta Cup in Houten, Netherlands.

Adam featured in seven out of nine games and had one goal assist throughout the competition that ran from 3 to 4 June. He found his footing as a Defender playing in left back, managing to hold off opponents physically bigger and stronger than he. The Secondary 4 footballer showed great ability to outjump tall opponents, timing his header well and made quick, decisive and accurate passing when in possession. Adam also had opportunities to play in midfield.

Omiya eventually finished runner-up, losing 0-2 to AZ Alkmaar from Holland in the final. They also collected the Fair Play Team and Best Goalkeeper awards from the third edition of the U16 international tournament.

Nineteen Secondary 2 and 3 Netball Academy student-athletes were selected for a week-long training cum competition outing in Perth, Australia.

From 1 to 6 June 2017, the netballers had series of friendly games and competition matches lined up for them, interspersed by training sessions to prepare them for the higher level of play delivered by the Australians. From 3 to 5 June, the Sports School team, split into two teams, played a total of 12 matches in the 2017 Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships. Both teams competed in the Under 15 age-group.

Going up against stronger players gave our netballers a glimpse of the expectations and challenges when playing at the international level. The girls were disciplined when it came to listening to instructions and following the game plan which helped them perform more effectively against opponents of higher calibre.

Despite feeling frustrated about losing out in terms of physicality, our netballers turned their frustration into determination. With each game, they got physically and mentally stronger and faced their challenges. The trip was definitely a good exposure to higher-level and faster-paced competition.

Clydi Chan, Ervina Lim Qianhui, Luke Tan Yu Yang and Ritchie Oh Rui Zhi spent 14 days in Aichi, Japan to prepare for the Singapore National Swimming Championships shortly after their return. They underwent two highly intense training settings, including competing in a local meet. 

The first week was spent with 38 Toyokawa High School swimmers. During the last three days, training intensified in the presence of swimmers from all over Aichi, with our swimmers clocking at least 8km at each training session.

In between the two training stints, they participated in the Aichi Junior Olympic Swim Championship. Luke won 1 gold (200m Freestyle) and 1 silver (400m Freestyle), while Ritchie collected a bronze (200m Freestyle). Both girls – Clydi and Ervina – also turned in creditable performances.

“I faced many ups and downs in Japan and learnt to overcome them. Despite the many challenges, it was a great learning experience. Through training with the teams in Aichi, I took away attributes like discipline and hard work which I can adopt in my own training in Singapore. It was inspiring to see the Japanese swimmers’ positive attitude towards training. You’ll never see them grumbling nor complaining. They complete training sets positively without complaints and they train because of their passion for the sport. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the many learning experiences I took home from it.”
– Clydi Chan, Secondary 1

“I learnt new methods to improve my productivity at training such as massage therapy to ease aches and loosen tight muscles, mental strength to control my fatigue and for greater endurance during training. Speed training sets was also varied from our usual. This trip was definitely an eye opener.”
– Ervina Lim Qianhui, Secondary 3

“The swimmers in Japan possess an attitude which is to do their very best at training. The Japanese coaches also taught me how improve in my swims, such as how to execute a good start. For example, Coach Yuya Horihata, an Olympian at the Rio 2016 Games, taught me to move my hands into a streamline position quickly when diving in for a good start. The swimmers in Japan are also very encouraging during training and always motivate one another. I feel that Singapore swimmers should adopt the same attitude during both training and competition.”
– Luke Tan Yu Yang, Secondary 3

Synchronised Swimming
Four synchronised swimmers are in Montreal, Canada for a training camp in preparation for the 2017 FINA World Championships in July and the Kuala Lumpur 2017 Southeast Asian Games in August. Ariel Sng Kai Lin, Debbie Soh Li Fei, Gwyneth Goh Xiao Hui and Miya Yong Hsing are members of the 9-strong national team that are currently overseas from 4 to 20 June 2017.

Netballers Return To 'B' Division Final
Schools National “B” Division Netball Championship 

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Posted: 15 May 2017

The season may not have ended the way they wanted it to, but our netballers can hold their heads high after leading Sports School back where they belong – in the final of the Schools National “B” Division Netball Championship on 20 April.

Our girls beat Saint Hilda’s Secondary School 22-13 after a hard fought semi-final to advance to the championship round where they fell 18-42 to defending champions CHIJ (Toa Payoh).

Despite the loss at the OCBC Arena Hall 1, Academy co-captains Rishika Ghanamoorthy and Nicole Shin Jia Hui as well as vice-captain Germaine Au Shi Tong felt there were many positives from their season which saw them return to the final after a one-year absence.

“I am very proud of my teammates because we all gave our best. We played very good defence to force multiple turnovers from CHIJ. This was particularly so in the third quarter where we really took the game to our opponents,” Germaine said.

Her thoughts were also echoed by Rishika, who hoped her juniors would be able to “remember the lessons and win the title next year”.

Similarly, Nicole too felt the performances of her teammates have provided the Academy with many reasons to be optimistic.

“Our juniors are very skilled, and if they continue to work hard, they can definitely succeed where we did not. After all, you can see an upward trend after we finished third in 2015 and second this year,” Nicole said.

Despite their strong showings, the trio know much of the credit for their performances must go to the staff at Sports School.

“All this would not have been possible without the support of our coaches, Mr Wilson Ang Wee Tong (Assistant Director, Sports), as well as sports science team who always ensured we were in our optimum condition.

“We must also thank our General Manager, Mdm Lee Min Li. She never gave up on us, and her confidence in my teammates and I spurred us to work harder and validate her belief,” Rishika said.

Shuttlers Cruise Through Zonal Rounds
2017 North Zone Schools Championships

Posted: 15 March 2017

The North Zone Schools Championships have concluded for our Badminton, Netball and Table Tennis Academies and they are now gearing up for the National Schools rounds.

Singapore Sports School’s Badminton Academy defeated long-time opponents – Bowen Secondary School in the “B” and “C” Boys Divisions and Singapore Chinese Girls School in the Girls Divisions – to clinch the North Zone Championship titles in all four categories.

Meanwhile, our Netball and Table Tennis Academies both secured the champion title in the “B” Girls Division. Our netballers encountered CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent in the North Zone Finals and triumphed in the “B” Division but defeated in the “C” category.

Sports School Table Tennis Academy was represented by its “B” Division Girls team and they enjoyed a successful run in the competition, beating CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School in the Final.

The North Zone Championships continue for our Football Academy student-athletes and we wish them all the best.

The Value Of International Exposure
Netball Training Camp

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Posted: 15 March 2017

Singapore Sports School sent a group of 18 student-athletes from the Netball Academy for a 3-day training exchange with Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail in Bandar Penawar, Malaysia.

The training camp from 13 to 15 March 2017 allowed our Secondary 1 and 2 netballers learning from their Malaysian peers who provided quality opposition during friendly matches. Combined training sessions, witnessing the determination and hard work the Malaysians devoted at each session, also served as motivation for our student-athletes as they prepare for the 2017 National Schools Netball Championships. Such training stints with stronger teams are valuable in the development of our netballers as it exposes them to different styles of play.

Netballers Reign In SEA Tournament
2017 South East Asia Netball Tournament

Posted: 15 March 2017

On 6 March 2016, Singapore Sports School’s Netball Academy finished second in the Under 19 category at the 2016 South East Asia Netball Tournament. A year later, Sports School netballers were back with a vengeance. Our Secondary 4 girls won with a convincing 16-9 in the final, claiming the title from organisers Tanglin Trust School.

Netball Academy’s Secondary 3 student-athletes and Cheryl Wee, a Secondary 2 student-athlete, followed also improved on their performance last year to capture the U16 Cup in the 12th edition of the tournament from 11 to 12 March 2017.

The netballers beat 11 and 15 other teams in the U19 and U16 division respectively. The invitational meet attracted local and overseas teams from countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

The Value Of International Exposure
Netball and  Track and Field Academy Training Camp Trip to Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail

Lee Min Li
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy
Head, Cluster 2

Jenny Lim
Senior General Manager, Track and Field Academy
Head, Cluster 3

Posted: 15 December 2016

It is known that sportspeople who want to improve must test themselves against quality opposition to better gauge their own standards.

With this in mind, Singapore Sports School’s Netball and Track and Field Academies travelled to Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail in Johor, Malaysia for a training camp from 12 to 14 November 2016. 

Objectives of the camp included stretching the potential of our student-athletes as well as to gain new insights and motivation in preparation for the 2017 season.

The chance to test themselves against international opponents was especially pertinent for the Netball Academy.

Our netballers benefited from competing against their taller opponents who forced them to jump higher and fight harder for possession of the ball.

The trip also provided our student-athletes the opportunity to adapt to a different living and training environment from what they are used to in Singapore. 

The need to adapt was especially apparent amongst the Secondary 1 Track and Field student-athletes who were participating in their first training camp. 

It was a steep learning curve for most of them as they realised the need to adapt quickly if they wanted to perform optimally during their overseas competitions.

Sports School Hosts IYSC
2016 International Youth Sports Challenge

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Posted: 15 December 2016

The 2016 International Youth Sports Challenge welcomed 10 teams from six countries for its eighth edition of the Under 15 tournament. The weeklong netball competition which was organised by and held at Singapore Sports School saw intense rivalry between the teams from Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

In the Round Robin stage, Affies High School and Mount Albert Grammar School (MAGS) led their respective groups with wins in all four matches. A turn of events in the elimination rounds saw Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) and first-time participant Angels Northeast of the United Kingdom defeating Affies and MAGS in the Semi-Finals to progress into the Final.

The debutant team held their ground against the attacks thrown forth by BJSS, countering with their own and putting up a good defence. Both teams put up a strong fight for the Challenge Trophy but it was the Angels who emerged victorious over their Malaysian opponents at the end of the 45-minute Final, winning 45-38.

Most Valuable Player awards for Centre Court, Defender and Shooter were also presented after the tournament. The award winners for the entire tournament were determined by votes collated from coaches and players of opposing teams at the end of each match in the preliminary rounds. Singapore Sports School Secondary 3 student-athlete Cheyenne Rae Howard received the Most Valuable Defender award. Other awards were presented to Nur Ain Fazira Ahmad Latifi from BJSS (Most Valuable Centre Court) and Talia Loock from Affies High School (Most Valuable Shooter).

This year’s Challenge provided participating teams good exposure to different playing styles demonstrated on court, as well as a decent standard and quality of play and competitiveness. The competitors’ rivalry was instantly replaced by camaraderie and warm friendship among the young netballers once they stepped off the court.

Throughout the tournament from 26 November to 2 December 2016, Singapore Sports School’s past and present Netball Academy student-athletes came together to make the event a success, contributing in more ways than one. In addition to making up the two competing teams that contributed to the quality of competition, graduating student-athletes lent their hands as Liaison Officers and bench officials; current student-athletes assisted in recording scores, administrative and logistics matters and hosting the Opening and Closing ceremonies; alumni returned to umpire during the games; while yet others – including incoming student-athletes from the 2017 Cohort – took on the role of ball girls, elevating the atmosphere in the Singapore Sports School Auditorium. Even parents of our student-athletes did their part to show support for our two competing teams, becoming Singapore Sports School’s cheerleaders for the tournament.

Overall Standings
1 Angels Northeast (United Kingdom)
2 Bukit Jalil Sports School (Malaysia) 
3 Mount Albert Grammar School (New Zealand)
4 Affies High School (AHMP) (South Africa)
5 Shayamoya High School (South Africa)
6 Singapore Sports School A
7 Nhlanhlayethu Secondary School (South Africa)
8 Singapore Sports School B
9 Raffles Girls' School (Singapore)
10 New Taipei Municipal Yingge High School (Chinese Taipei)

Most Valuable Player Awards
Defender – Cheyenne Rae Howard (Singapore Sports School)
Centre Court – Nur Ain Fazira Ahmad Latifi (Bukit Jalil Sports School)
Shooter – Talia Loock (Affies High School)

Howin Bounces Back From Injury
Singapore Sports School ROAR Award

Gail Chia
Executive Strategic Communications

Posted: 15 November 2016

Term 4 ROAR Award Winners.jpg
Roar Champions, from left: Choy Xin Ying, Jean Koh, Germaine Au Shi Tong, Principal Mr Tan Teck Hock, Howin Wong Jia Hao, Phebe Meredith Lau Zhi  Ling

Badminton Academy student-athlete Howin Wong Jia Hao missed out on opportunities to hold his racket for about one-and-a-half years due to a serious injury. A condition affecting his elbow resulted in significantly reduced court time for him since 2015, even requiring two surgeries to help him get back to competitive sport.

Throughout his injury, Howin continued training with his teammates in the School-Within-A-School programme. He diligently worked on the physical aspects of the game while he was restricted on the technical front.

Having joined Singapore Sports School as one of the top players in his age-group, Howin felt great discouragement upon hearing the doctor’s recommendation of a second surgery, after the first had not achieved its desired effects. However, the Secondary 3 shuttler persevered and was determined to come back stronger from his injuries. He exhibited the Champion’s Mindset by training harder through his injury, believing that a true champion will not – and does not – give up when the going gets tough. 

In September 2016, Howin’s hard work and resilient spirit paid off when he won the silver medal in the Chinese Swimming Club-Li Ning Age-Group Badminton 2016 Boys Doubles and reached the quarter-finals in the Singles events.

Howin was presented the ROAR Award by Principal Tan Teck Hock on 9 September 2016 for his display of the Champion’s Mindset in his sport pursuits.

Choy Xin Ying (Bowling, Secondary 3), Jean Koh (Fencing, Secondary 1), Germaine Au Shi Tong (Netball, Secondary 3) and Phebe Meredith Lau Zhi Ling (Rhythmic Gymnastics, Secondary 3) also received the ROAR Award for Term 4 for showing outstanding character and leadership qualities.  There were 15 nominees for the award this term.

9 Named Best Sportsboy, Sportsgirl
46th Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Awards

Posted: 14 October 2016

It was a proud day for Singapore Sports School after nine of our student-athletes were named Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl at the 46th Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Awards on 16 September 2016.

They were among 47 students who competed in the 28 SSSC sports and games and were presented the Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl Awards at CHIJ Saint Theresa’s Convent in front of about 250 family members, teachers and students.

Sports School student-athletes were presented a total of 99 Colours (Distinction) Awards as well as 351 Colours Awards.

The annual event recognises outstanding athletes for their excellent performance in various sports and to officially close the National Schools Games for 2016.

Adele Tan Qian Xiu (Shooting)
Akmal Azman (Football)
Amabel Chua Jia Ying (Bowling)
Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier (Fencing)
Avelyn Leong Kit Yan (Netball)
Chan Jun Kai (Wushu)
Crystal Wong Jia Ying (Badminton)
Michele Petrova Lau Xin Ling (Gymnastics)
Tia Louise Rozario (Track and Field)

Gaining Exposure Across The Causeway
Netball Academy Training Trip

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Posted: 16 August 2016   

Eight Secondary 1 student-athletes from Singapore Sports School’s Netball Academy, accompanied by two staff, crossed the causeway for a training trip which included two friendly matches with teams of a similar age-group. The objective was to expose our young netballers to the different playing styles of overseas teams.

During the training sessions, Sports School netballers were able to draw inspiration from the amount of commitment and hard work our Malaysian hosts at Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) devoted to daily training sessions. Their focus during training was undivided and they exhibited discipline even when performing the most basic of drills with seriousness.

Information sharing was not limited to the coaches, but was witnessed at the player-level as well. The BJSS netballers, who were physically bigger and technically stronger, patiently guided our student-athletes through passing and landing drills, correcting and refining their techniques.

Prior to the training camp at BJSS, Sports School engaged in a friendly match with Sekolah Tun Fatimah, a government school in Johor Bahru. Our team stuck to the game plan well and won by a comfortable margin of 31 points at the end of the 45-minute match. Sports School also played a second friendly with a school team from England. Through the training tour and close guidance from the coaches, our young netballers were able to identify their areas of weakness to improve on.

Singapore U21 Ranks Tall On Confidence
Netball Singapore U21s Training Tour

Tan Zay Hua
Netball Academy, IBDP Year 5

Posted: 16 August 2016

Photo by Netball Singapore (Facebook).jpg
Picture by Netball Singapore (Facebook )

Four Singapore Sports School student-athletes and alumni – myself and alumni Avelyn Leong Kit Yan, Cheryl Lee Wen Qing and Olivia Wu Suhan – travelled with Netball Singapore’s U21 team to Papua New Guinea to participate in the Under 21s Papua New Guinea Tour from 20 to 29 July 2016.

The Singapore team played three matches against PNG’s U21 side in the U21 Invitational Netball Challenge, of which we emerged victorious in one game.

Having played Papua New Guinea twice before the final deciding match, we were more familiar with their playing style and played on our strengths to counter their attacks. Although winning the decider would have been the icing on the cake, the process of the game was definitely more important than the final score.

In our third encounter with the Papua New Guineans, we were down by 11 points at half time. Instead of feeling discouraged about the score difference, we focused on what we could control, such as our game plan and strategy. By the final whistle, we managed to decrease PNG’s lead to just two.

At the start of the invitational, the sheer size and height of our opponents intimidated us. However, that did not stop us from giving our best. Our first game ended better than expected, with us losing by just one point. This gave us confidence as we entered the second playoff, where we capitalised on our strengths to defeat our stronger opponents 48 goals to 36.

This training tour serves as good preparation for upcoming key tournaments for the team in 2017, such as the Asian Youth Netball Championships in South Korea and World Youth Netball Championships in Botswana, Africa.

Singapore v Papua New Guinea
Game 1: Lost 46-47
Game 2: Won 48-36
Game 3: Lost 46-44

Composure Brings Title For Netballers 
2016 North Zone Schools Netball Championships

Posted: 15 March 2016

Singapore Sports School’s Netball Academy finished the North Zone Schools Netball Championships in top positions and will proceed into the National rounds. Sports School’s “B” and “C” Division teams defeated Anderson Secondary School and St Joseph’s Convent, respectively, on 10 March 2016.

The “C Division team maintained a comfortable lead throughout the match, learning quickly from mistakes and refocusing on the game plan, to win the game 33-11. The “B” Division girls also put up a good fight in their final despite a slow start in the match. The senior team was able to compose themselves in the final quarter to pull away from their opponents and win the game 32-21.

Netballers Rise To SEA Challenge
2016 South East Asia Invitational Netball Competition

Lee Min Li
Head, Cluster 2
Senior General Manager, Netball Academy

Posted: 15 March 2016

Singapore Sports School netballers exceeded expectations at the South East Asia Invitational Netball Competition on 5 and 6 March 2016 when they held their own against older and more experienced players.

The meet saw participation from overseas international schools from Australia, Hongkong and Malaysia and Singapore-based ones like the Australian International School and United World College of South East Asia.

Our Secondary 1s were posed the challenge of competing against the U16s, while Secondary 3 and 4 student-athletes stepped up to the U19 category.

Despite having to play with older and physically stronger players, Secondary 1’s Rebecca Lim Ying stood out tall against her competition. Rebecca was presented the U16 Player of the Tournament for her outstanding play and versatility in various positions. A player from each team was chosen to receive the award.

The Secondary 1 team showed improvement in tactical ability over the two-day meet; they finished in 7th place.

In the U19 category, Sports School netballers maintained a high standard of play throughout the competition but missed out narrowly on the gold medal in the final, losing 8-10 to UWCSEA Dover Campus.

Carnival For Juniors By Seniors
2016 Singapore Sports School P6 Netball Carnival

Donna Blazey
Senior Coach, Netball Academy

Posted: 15 March 2016

Singapore Sports School student-athletes from the Netball Academy, led by Secondary 4’s Laura Low Shu Yi, ensured the smooth running of the Academy-run P6 Netball Carnival. Our netballers contributed in the preparatory work such as packing goodie bags and event-day activities like registration, game umpiring and recording scores.

The carnival on 27 February 2016 attracted 17 teams from 14 primary schools and gave them an opportunity to gauge their standard against their peers from rival schools before the upcoming National Primary Schools Netball Championships. The high standard of netball played and sportsmanship witnessed was a pleasure for all to see.

Group W
1 Our Lady Queen of Peace
2 St Hilda’s Primary School
3 Evergreen Primary School

Group X
1 Sport Ready Team 1
2 Compassvale Primary School
3 Northland Primary School Primary 6

Group Y
1 Temasek Primary School
2 Innova Primary School
3 Sport Ready Team 2

Group Z
1 Fuhua Primary School
2 Woodgrove Primary School
3 Northland Primary School Primary 5

Soaring Beyond Their Wings
‘N’, ‘O’ Levels, IBDP Examination Results

Lynn Quek
Head of Year, Secondary 4 and 5, 2015

Posted: 15 January 2016

The student-athletes of 2015 who sat for national and international examinations have done well.

Seven in 10 of Singapore Sports School’s first cohort of student-athletes who sat for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examinations in November 2015 has achieved 40 points and more, out of a maximum score of 45.

Among them, seven student-athletes were specially mentioned by Principal Tan Teck Hock when he released the results on 5 January 2016 afternoon – netball player Deborah Wong Weng Ee, pole vaulter Brian Ho Ren Jie, badminton players Bernard Ong Soon Yang and Clarabelle Koh Pei Lin, shooters Audrey Lim Jia Min and Nicole Tay Wei Ting, and bowler Daphne Oh Xin Yi. They were raised as role-models for having achieved commendable outcomes in both sports and studies.

IBDP 2015 Results L-R Bernard Ong Soon Yang (42), Deborah Wong Weng Ee (43), Daphne Oh Xin Yi (41).jpg
IBDP student-athletes, who were given special mention, from left:  Bernard Ong Soon Yang, Deborah Wong Weng Ee and Daphne Oh Xin Yi.

GCE ‘O’ Level
In the GCE “O” Level Examinations, every one of our 42 candidates qualify for a place in a polytechnic and 97.6 per cent are eligible for progression to a junior college or Millennia Institute. All candidates had passes in 5 subjects or more. Our student-athletes sat for a total of 17 subjects, of which 15 subjects saw pass rates higher than the national average.

The top student-athlete for 2015 is Brian Cheong Sze Kai (Fencing Academy), who scored 5 distinctions and an L1R5 of 9 points. Brian has Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, and he needs daily insulin injections to cope with an immune system that destroys cells in his pancreas. To be able to manage such physical stress and still perform well in sports and studies is admirable.

Another student-athlete worthy of special mention is Sheana Ching Min Li (Bowling Academy). She joined the Sports School with a PSLE T-score of 169 and was admitted into the Normal Academic stream. She scored 2 distinctions and an L1R5 of 18 points. She will be continuing her post-secondary education at St Andrews Junior College via Direct School Admission.

GCE O Level Results 2015 Student-athletes.jpg
GCE 'O' Level Examinations student-athletes who were specially mentioned by Principal,  Mr Tan Teck Hock (left), when he announced the results – Sheana Ching Min Li, Cepheaus R  Chee Jiong Nian, Brian Cheong Sze Kai, Danish Irfan Azman, Qiu Yue and Louis Tee Jun Jie.  Next to Louis are Vice-Principal, Mr Ho Beng Kiat, and Head of Year, Ms Lynn Quek.

Normal Academic
Two Secondary 4 Normal Academic student-athletes, Nicole Kon Su-Ann (Swimming Academy) and Maneshaa Singh Gharu (Netball Academy) qualified for the Polytechnic Foundation programme.

Normal Technical
Secondary 4 Normal Technical student-athlete Gerald Joseph Ting Yen Hong (Football Academy) made it to the through-train programme for ITE (Sports Class).

Deborah Wong Jan13 by Alvin Toh.jpg
"Much of what Singapore Sports School is and stands for contributed largely to the person I am today. I spent the best four years of my teenhood here, and the final two finding out more about the young woman I have grown to be. Sports School impressed upon me the indispensability of excellence and resilience – values I will continue to hold in high regard long after having taken my leave of the Sports School grounds. The formative years of my adolescence in secondary school were spent surrounded by loving and dedicated boarding staff, teachers, mentors, a wonderful coach and an inspiring principal. From them, I learnt the fine art of focusing on the journey rather than its destination. For ultimately, one’s greatest takeaway will not be a trophy or certificate but the character one has developed and honed all the long years of discipline and diligence.

"The opportunity to grow up in a familial environment where student-athletes are encouraged to develop the less tangible attribute of compassion is also a unique quality of the Sports School that I hold dear to my heart. Home to five resident cats over which the student-athletes share a sense of collective ownership and responsibility, it has been my pleasure to witness countless displays of kindness from the student-athletes toward our feline companions. During my secondary school years, the familial warmth that the Sports School so effortlessly hosted was a hotbed for self-discovery and exploration, while simultaneously allowing me to press on towards my aspirations in a safe and nurturing environment. I am immensely grateful for my experience in the Sports School, and there is nothing in the world for which I would trade it."

Deborah Wong Weng Ee (above picture), Netball Academy
2015 Graduating Student-Athlete, IBDP
Daphne Oh jan14 Alvin Toh.jpg
"Singapore Sports School is special to me – because this is my second family, my second home. Everyone knows each other and everyone is always friendly towards one another, even if it's just a wave or a simple greeting. The student-athletes and staff I meet through the day never fail to put a smile on my face. Sports School is where my heart will always belong. I wouldn’t know who I am today if I went to another school. Sports School has contributed a huge amount to my character development and I'm thankful for that. The morals and values that sports taught me are priceless. Such opportunities were only possible because of the Sports School."

Daphne Oh Xin Yi (above picture), Bowling Academy
2015 Graduating Student-Athlete, IBDP
President, Student’s Council

Facebook posts (below) by Minister for Community, Culture and Youth, Ms Grace Fu.
GCE O Level 2015 Results - Min Grace Fu Facebook Post.jpg

IBDP 2015 Results - Min Grace Fu Facebook Post.jpg



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TNP School Sports Star Nominee
Nur Ameliah Omar Abdullah, who plays netball for Singapore Sports School, is one of TNP's School Sports Star nominee. Click   here   to watch her video. (Uploaded on Jul 27, 2011)



P6 Netball Development Programme

The Primary 6 Netball Development Programme organised and conducted in Singapore Sports School aims to identify and nurture sport talents in Singapore Schools. The programme also serves to add value to the existing skills of players and further develop their potential.

P6 Netball Development Carnival

The Carnival aims to provide an additional platform (on top of the National Inter-Primary Schools Championships) for Primary Schools to have a chance to spar with other teams.


Netball Super League


Energizer National League


M1 Challenge

The Netball Academy gives opportunity to the Under 13 team to compete in the M1 Challenge – an inter-school competition. The U13 girls are posed a challenge of going up against the U15 and U16 teams, and have risen to the challenge each time.

Bukit Jalil International Netball Competition

Sports School netballers are invited to the Bukit Jalil International Netball Competition which sees participation of Malaysian state teams. A guest team from South Africa is also invited to raise the level of competition.


International Youth Sports Challenge

The International Youth Sports Challenge organised by the Sports School places strong emphasis on the Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect. The IYSC sees participation of teams from netball powerhouse countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as regional countries. The level of competition brought by the international teams provides Sports School netballers with the opportunity to pit themselves against the best in their age-group and in the process, improve their quality of play.

U17 Talent Development Camp

The Under 17 Talent Development Camps provide a competitive environment for our student-athletes as they train and compete with the elite netballers in New South Wales, Australia. The camps provide opportunities for top student-athletes to stretch their potential through immersion into the Australia Netball scene.

Up to four Sports School netballers are selected yearly to participate in an intensive training camp organised by the Australia State Association. The student-athletes undergo a week-long stint with Australia’s elite U17 players where they train and spar with the stronger and more skilful Australians.

Training Tour

The Netball Academy organises overseas competitions to give greater exposure to the various teams. The teams travel to regional countries (Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, etc) as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Sports School’s netball teams compete in official competitions or friendly matches to expose themselves to different types of play. The Secondary 2 and 3 teams also have opportunities to travel to Australia and New Zealand for training cum competition stints.

Sparring Matches with Visiting Teams

The Sports School occasionally hosts overseas visiting teams. Our netballers have opportunities about five times a year to spar with teams from England, Australia and New Zealand, among others. These sparring matches provide a good platform for our student-athletes to learn from faster and stronger players to improve their game.

Australian club West Coast Fever is one such team that has visited the Sports School. The club is one of the top local teams, with several of its members in the National Australian team. Being able to spar with an elite team like West Coast Fever allows our netballers to improve on their tactical skills and court play.


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Head, Cluster 2 /
Senior General Manager
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Joanne Kyra Loo Puay Khoon
National Youth Head Coach, NYSI
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Assistant Coach