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Singapore Sports School’s Football Academy focuses on holistic development of student-athletes and strives to provide a comprehensive football development programme comprising of local and overseas exposures through competitions and training exchanges. 

Our Football Academy has strong partnership with Omiya Ardija, a top-tier J-League club with a strong youth development programme. 

This collaboration allows selected footballers to train with one of the top youth academies in Japan. We recently extended our training base to Europe so as to expose our student-athletes to different playing styles and experiences. Our MOU with a sports school in Berlin, School in the Olympiapark - Poelchau - Schule, provides our student-athletes the opportunity to be attached to Hertha BSC, a Bundesliga football club. The knowledge and experience gained from such attachments with youth players in a world-class youth development setup is second to none. 

Sports School Goalkeepers.jpg
2018 NZ B Division Sports School 2 Orchid Park Secondary 0 07feb18 LO-RES By Sim Siong Chor 4.jpg
Midstream Recruitment For U14 Goalkeeper
The Football Academy has a Goalkeeper vacancy in the U14 squad. If you are a 14 year-old Singaporean who is keen to try out for this position, the academy would like to invite you for a trial to assess your suitability. Please contact Mr Gregory Tan, Senior General Manager (Football Academy), at 91181589 to make an appointment.
Thank you.

Interested applicants may find out more about admission into the Football Academy at our Open House or at:



Our Football Academy has produced 11 national representatives for Football Association of Singapore. 

2018 Year of Induction  Anders Eric Aplin

2017 Year of Induction  Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad

2016 Year of Induction  NIL

2015 Year of Induction  Irfan Fandi Ahmad, Stanley Ng Yong Woo

2014 Year of Induction  Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi

2013 Year of Induction  Adam Swandi, Muhammed Aqhari Abdullah, Muhammad Khairulhin Mohd Khalid, Muhammad Syazwan Buhari  

2012 Year of Induction  NIL

2011 Year of Induction  Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Pravin Gunasagaran,  Safirul Sulaiman   

2010 Year of Induction  Muhammad Syafiq Mohamed Zainal

2009 Year of Induction Madhu M Mohana, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani


2018  – AFF Suzuki Cup: Irfan Fandi , Safuwan Baharudin , Ikhsan Fandi and Adam Swandi

– South East Asian Games (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): Syahrul Sazali, Amirul Adli Azmi , Illyas Lee , Muhaimin Suhaimi , Muhelmy Suhaimi , Joshua Pereira , Adam Swandi , Ikhsan Fandi , Shahrin Saberin, Hami Syahin , Lionel Tan , Irfan Fandi , Zharfan Rohaizad , Hanafi Akbar and Rusyaidi Salime

– AFF Suzuki Cup: Madhu Mohana , Safuwan Baharudin , Shahfiq Ghani and Syazwan Buhari 

2015 – 28th Southeast Asian Games (Singapore):
Adam Swandi, Irfan Fandi, Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani, Muhammad Syazwan Buhari, Pravin Guanasagaran, Safirul Sulaiman, Stanely Ng Yong Woo 

2014 – 17th Asian Games (Incheon, South Korea): Adam Swandi, Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Amirul Adli Azmi, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani

2013 – 27th Southeast Asian Games (Naypyidaw, Myanmar): Madhu M Mohana (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammed Aqhari Abdullah (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Syazwan Buhari (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team)

2013 – AFC Asian Cup 2015 Qualifiers (Singapore): Adam Swandi, Madhu M Mohana, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani

2013 – 2nd Asian Youth Games (Nanjing, China): Aaron Tang Jun Jie, Alif Iskandar Abdul Razak, Danish Irfan Azman, Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad, Muhammad Amirul Haikal Mohamed Hassim, Muhammd Nazhiim Harman, Muhammad Saifullah Mohammad Akbar  

2011 – 26th Southeast Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia): Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin, Safirul Sulaiman

2010 – 16th Asian Games (Guangzhou, China): Muhammad Syafiq Mohamed Zainal

2010 – 1st Youth Olympic Games (Singapore): Brandon Koh Kim Leong (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Illyas Lee Si Qin (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Mohamed Fashah Iskandar S Rosedin (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Mohamed Hanafi Mohd Akbar (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Amirul Iskandar Khairul Anuar (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Hazim Faiz Hassan (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Irfan Asyraf Mohamed Aziz (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Muhammad Muhaimin Suhaimi (Bronze Medal – Football Team), Syazwan Radhi Kasim (Bronze Medal – Football Team)  

2009 – 25th Southeast Asian Games (Vientiane, Laos): Madhu M Mohana (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Safuwan Baharudin (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team), Muhammad Shahfiq Ghani (Bronze Medal – Men's Football Team)

2009 – 1st Asian Youth Games (Singapore): Brandon Koh Kim Leong, Mohamed Fashah Iskandar S Rosedin, Mohamed Hanafi Mohd Akbar, Muhammad Adri Adnan, Muhammad Amirul Iskandar Khairul Anuar, Muhammad Irfan Asyraf Mohamed Aziz, Muhammad Izwan Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Muhaimin Suhaimi, Syazwan Radhi Kasim 



Started in 2010, the Dollah Kassim Award is an annual award handed to the most outstanding youth player aged 18 and below. The Award recognises footballing excellence and character.

2018  – Nur Adam Abdullah

– Joel Chew

   – Rusyaidi Salime

   – Joshua Bernard Pereira

   – Muhd Muhelmy Suhaimi

   – Muhd Hazim Faiz Hassan

   – R. Aaravin

   – Adam Swandi



7 National Championships (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2018)
9 North Zone Championships (2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018)

8 National Championships (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018)
8 North Zone Championships (2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)


Overseas Teams Top ICC Table
2018 FAS U15 International Challenge Cup

Posted: 14 December 2018

The 2018 Football Association of Singapore Under 15 International Challenge Cup was a contest between six teams – three from Singapore and three from overseas. Singapore Sports School Football Academy student-athletes made representation in two local teams: Twenty for Sports School and 10 for the national U15 side. Team Sports School comprised a mix of footballers from Secondary 1, 2 and 3.

Group Stage matches were held at Sports School’s field, with Team Sports School’s best result being draws in two out of five matches during the 3rd ICC from 25 November to 1 December. The Singapore U15 team enjoyed a more positive performance with two wins to conclude the tournament ranked fourth. Team Sports School finished one rung below.

The overseas teams claimed the top three spots on the table, with Malaysia’s Johor Darul Ta’zim in the lead, followed by two-time champions Promotion Fund for Vietnamese Football Talents (PVF) and Japan’s Matsumoto Yamaga FC.

Singapore Under 15
Andrew Aw Yong Rei
Aniq Raushan Mohamad Azra
Brant Tan Jun Rong
Danial Iliya Khairuddin
Glenn Ong Jing Jie
Ian Faris Shahrin
Mohamed Sham s/o Syed Mohamed
Muhammad Aqil Dany Jash Ruzzman
Ong Yu En
Syarf Haqqani Teguh Nizam Helm

Singapore Sports School
Ashvin s/o Vela (Secondary 1)
Joaquin Anthony Vestering (Secondary 1)
Muhammad Fairuz Muhammad Fazli Koh (Secondary 1)
Raoul Suhaim (Secondary 1)

Adam Reefdy Muhammad Hasyim (Secondary 2)
Amir Syafiz Abdul Rashid (Secondary 2)
Gunhaa s/o Manimaran (Secondary 2)
Irfan Iskandar Iskandar (Secondary 2)
Junki Kenn Yoshimura (Secondary 2)
Khairin Nadim Rahim (Secondary 2)
Khoo Tze Tian (Secondary 2)
Mirza Shafaat Rizal Idwin (Secondary 2)
Muhammad Aqil Mohamed Yazid (Secondary 2)
Muhammad Erfan Nabil Amzah (Secondary 2)
Muhammad Hilman Norhisam (Secondary 2)
Muhammad Aizil Mohamed Yazid (Secondary 2)

Muhammad Hafizzuan Riduan (Secondary 3)
Muhammad Imran s/o Mohammad Zakariah (Secondary 3)
Raihan Ramlee (Secondary 2)

Group Stage
Singapore Under 15 v FAS COE Selection Team: Won 5-1
Singapore Under 15 v Johor Darul Ta’zim: Lost 1-2
Singapore Under 15 v Matsumoto Yamaga FC: Lost 0-3
Singapore Under 15 v Promotional Fund for Vietnamese Football Talents: Lost 1-3
Singapore Under 15 v Singapore Sports School: Won 6-0

Singapore Sports School v Johor Darul Ta’zim: Lost 0-3
Singapore Sports School v Matsumoto Yamaga FC: Drew 1-1
Singapore Sports School v Promotional Fund for Vietnamese Football Talents: Lost 0-4
Singapore Sports School v FAS COE Selection Team: Drew 1-1
Singapore Sports School v Singapore Under 15: Lost 0-6

International Experience Brings Development Opportunities
Overseas Training Camps

Posted: 14 December 2018

While most Singaporean children enjoy a holiday abroad during their year-end holidays, Singapore Sports School student-athletes also travel overseas, some to China, Japan, South Korea and Taipei; others to Thailand and even Australia and the United States – but all for a different reason. Student-athletes have opportunities to train and spar with their foreign counterparts to stretch themselves in their sport development.

Sports School’s partnership with football academy Omiya Ardija provides a chance for selected student-athletes to train with age-group players from the Japanese club and experience a different style of football so as to raise the quality of their game. Omiya’s professional senior team plays in the J2.League. Each year, up to four Football Academy student-athletes have an opportunity to train with Omiya for a maximum of one month. From 2 to 12 December 2018, Amir Syafiz Abdul Rashid (Secondary 2), Iman Hakim Ibrahim, Muhammad Ryaan Sanizal (Secondary 4) and Ong Yu En (Secondary 3) made their way to Omiya for their Japan experience.

For 10 days, they trained with the Japanese players, refining their skills and technical ability. Their fitness was put to the test as they were pushed by the faster and fitter footballers from Omiya.

Ice Skating
Ice skaters Pagiel Sng Yie Ken and Trevor Tan Xuxuan departed on 30 October 2018 bound for the United States and South Korea respectively, to up their game on the ice. Pagiel, a Secondary 2 figure skater, honed his skills under the guidance of coach Robi Chambers in Denver, Colorado. His stint concluded on 28 November an intensive four weeks.

Meanwhile, Secondary 4’s Trevor was in Goyang, South Korea, till 1 December in preparation for his debut at the 2018 ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He had the privilege of training with and learning from top South Korean speed skater which included Olympic medallists.

In addition to the training sessions, Trevor also competed at the 34th Korea Skating Union President Short Track Speed Skating Cup on 24 and 25 November 2018. He won 2 gold medals – the Men's 500m and 1,000m, setting a new personal best time of 44.602s in the shorter distance. His winning time bettered the Singapore National Under 18 and 16 records which he held. He subsequently bettered his time in the 500m at the World Cup event.

“I was getting about 6 to 8 hours of training a day throughout my month-long stint in Goyang. Training alongside Olympic medallists like Kwak Yoon-gy – a Vancouver 2010 silver medallist – and Kim A-lang – a gold medallist at Pyeongchang 2018 – and being able to interact with them motivated me to push myself harder so that I can one day be a world-class skater too. Technique-wise, I saw improvements as I refined my movements through watching and talking to them,” said Trevor.

By Muneera Noor Fadhil
Netball Academy, Secondary 3

Sports School Netball Academy’s Secondary 2 and 3 student-athletes had the privilege of attending a training tour in Melbourne, Australia, from 9 to 16 November 2018. The overseas trip exposes us to a higher level of netball, especially in preparation for the upcoming 2018 International Youth Netball Challenge from 24 to 30 November.

Engaging in combined training sessions and friendly matches with the Australians has helped to hone our skills, and learn and adopt different gameplays and set-ups. We were also fortunate to train under world-class coaches Marg Lind and Nicole Richardson who gave us tips on how to be a more strategic player on court. As we stepped outside of our comfort zone and adapted to a new living and training environment, my teammates and I learnt the importance of taking care of ourselves and looking out for each other. We had to ensure that we our time and finances were managed adequately, and that we had proper hydration and nutrition each meal – even cooking meals so that we obtain the optimal nutrients for recovery.

We had several cross-training sessions planned and we got to try my hand at boxing and pilates. I enjoyed the boxing session as the high intensity helps to improve our reaction and mental toughness.

Shooting Academy shooters participated in the 2018 Airgun International Competition from 13 to 17 November 2018 while in Taipei for a training camp. They won 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at the Under 15 competition. Ariana Beh Yoke Ching, the Women’s 10m Air Rifle gold medallist, shares her lessons from the overseas trip.
By 马育真 (Ariana Beh Yoke Ching)
Shooting Academy, Secondary 1





The 2018 Airgun International Competition in Taipei was my first international event representing Singapore Sports School. The competition was intense, exciting and challenging. Through the competition, I learnt to overcome the difficulties of shooting in an unfamiliar range, and also cope with the pressure of competing with top age-group shooters from Taipei.

During the training sessions and competition, my coach, Coach Song Haiping, gave me guidance on how I could adapt to the new shooting range and environment as quickly as possible, how to maintain my focus, and how to interact with other shooters. At the same time, I also learnt how to control my emotions, instead of being affected by mishits. Despite not being up to mark in the qualifying round, I was able to shoot 242.6 points in the final to win the 10m Air Rifle event.

I’ve benefited from this overseas training and competition experience in Taipei and believe that it will contribute to higher scores in the coming year.

I look forward to more of such opportunities next year.

Twenty-two Sports School's swimmers raked in a tremendous haul of 49 medals – 14 gold, 27 silver and 8 bronze – at the 2018 Aichi Age-Group Swim Meet on 1 December 2018 while they were in Aichi, Japan, for a training camp from 28 November to 8 December.
Contributed by  Carol Rachmadi (Secondary 1),  Jerald Lium (Secondary 2),  Candice Ang Ruo Han (Secondary 3),
Julia Lium (Secondary 4),  Regine Goh Xuan Xuan (IBDP Year 5)

The overseas stint in Aichi developed us to be more independent and responsible people and athletes. All of us were given our own rooms to stay in during this trip, so we had to look after ourselves, as well as do our own laundry. Keeping track of time so as not to oversleep and ensuring that we had all the equipment necessary for training was important, instead of relying on reminders from our teammates. However, although this may sound contradictory, staying separately also made us more aware of looking out for our fellow teammates.

Being immersed in the Japanese culture was also an eye-opening experience. They were respectful, considerate and polite towards each other. This could be seen in the simplest of activities such as rinsing themselves before entering the pool to ensure that the pool remains clean for other swimmers. The Japanese swimmers also always greeted us even when we were passing by, which made us more conscious of greeting our coaches and staff whenever we met. Furthermore, the streets were litter-free and even public facilities like the toilets were extremely clean.

The importance of discipline and punctuality at training was evident amongst the Japanese swimmers, to the point that we entered and exited the pool exactly on time – not one minute earlier nor later.

The training programme in Japan was a tougher than what we’re used to in Singapore which helps make us stronger swimmers. Training was more intense as we swam further in shorter durations. The importance of teamwork and unity was more apparent during this trip. Encouragements from our teammates in between sets spurred us on towards completing our programme – no matter how tiring the session was.

Track and Field
Track and Field Academy student-athletes attended a five-day training camp in Bangkok, Thailand, from 15 to 20 November 2018. The 48 student-athletes had the opportunity to train alongside Thai athletes from Thammasat University to help push their boundaries and stretch their potential.



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TNP Dollah Kassim Award Recipients
Since the inception of The New Paper Dollah Kassim Award in 2010, Singapore Sports School Football Academy's past and present student-athletes have been crowned winners eight out of the nine editions of the award.

2018  Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah
2017  Joel Chew Joon Herng
2016   Muhamad Rusyaidi Salime
2015  Joshua Bernard Pereira
2014  Muhammad Muhelmy Suhaimi
2013  Muhammad Hazim Faiz Hassan
2012  R Aaravin
2011  Adam Swandi

StarHub SuperSports Arena Vignette (Adam Swandi)

Adam Swandi playing for FC Metz
Click  here  to watch Adam's development at FC Metz. (Uploaded on May 13, 2013)

Singapore Sports School football Muhaimin Suhaimi
Click  here  to watch Muhaimin Suhaimi in action. (Uploaded on Jul 27, 2011)



Ambassador Cup

Ambassador Cup is dedicated to further enhance Singapore-Japan relations through the global language of football, by bringing together Singaporean students and Japanese students in Singapore. 

The U-11 tournament is jointly organised by The Japanese Association of Singapore and Singapore Sports School, with the support of the Japan Embassy in Singapore and Japanese Cultural Society Singapore.

The 8 a-side day-long tournament attracts top local primary schools and Japanese clubs and academies and provides an opportunity for budding footballers to display their talent in a fun and enjoyable way. Talented local players are identified for further development and enrolment in Singapore Sports School at Secondary 1. 


Gothia Cup (China)

Gothia Cup is the world’s largest international youth football tournament. From 2016, Gothia Cup started a sister tournament in China, the Gothia Cup China. It is a new international tournament based on the same concept as the Gothia Cup, that is to create a meeting place for the world’s youth in the name of football. Singapore Sports School’s U13 team took part in its maiden competition in 2018. We emerged Second Runners-Up in that category. This competition will be featured in our yearly competition plans for our student-athletes.

International Challenge Cup U15

Singapore Sports School is the only school in Singapore which takes part in the International Challenge Cup U15 organised yearly by the Football Association of Singapore. This international competition features top club teams from Asia, namely, Johor Darul Ta'zim (Malaysia), Promotional Fund for Vietnamese Football Talents (Vietnam), Matsumoto Yamaga Football Club (Japan). The National U15 and combined COE U15 team also compete in this tournament.

National COE U15 and COE U18 Leagues

Organised by the Football Association of Singapore, these two leagues provide our top local talents in the respective age groups a platform to compete against each other. Singapore Sports School is the only school in Singapore that competes in both the National COE U15 and COE U18 Leagues.

JSSL 7s/ League

Our teams compete in local tournaments apart from the National School Games. Our U13 team takes part in the JSSL U14 Super League. The JSSL 7s competition features strong overseas teams from the likes of Korea, Indonesia, Japan etc. Our U14 team did the school proud by emerging champions in the 2018 edition.

National School Games

As part of our development pathway, Singapore Sports School participates in the National School Games B and C Division football. The academy has won numerous titles and are the 2018 B and C Division National champions.


Academy Training Tour

Singapore Sports School’s Football Academy organises yearly training tours for its student-athletes. The Academy has been to Thailand, Korea, Australia, Japan, Indonesia etc. for our tours. Student-athletes undergo intensive week-long stint of training and sparring matches during such trips. These overseas Football Clubs/ Sports Schools provide a high level of competition for our student-athletes and expose them to different types of playing styles.

Omiya Ardija - Training Exchange

Omiya Ardija Football Club is a key partner of our football academy. Selected student-athletes will go for individual and/or team excellence attachments at the end of year. The training exchange programme provides our student-athletes with the opportunity to train and compete with the Omiya Ardija Under 14 and U15 teams. Friendly matches with J-League youth teams will also be organised.

Hertha BSC – Individual Attachment

Singapore Sports School’s Football Academy has an understanding with Hertha BSC, more famously known as Hertha, Berliner Sport-Club e.V, for our student-athletes to training with their youth academies. Hertha BSC is an established professional club which plays in the Bundesliga, the top-tier of German football. Selected student-athletes will be attached to the club on a yearly basis to learn and train with their junior teams.

Overseas Attachment

A significant number of student-athletes and alumni represent the Singapore National Age-Group teams. These student-athletes have the opportunity to go for training and competitions with the age-group teams.

Examples of such trips:
  • Training tour to Japan (J-Green Sakai, Osaka; Tokinosumika Sports Centre, Shizuoka)
  • Training tour to Japan (J-Green Sakai, Osaka; Tokinosumika Sports Centre, Shizuoka)
  • Individual Training Attachment (France/Germany/England)
  • Training tour to Thailand (Chonburi, Bangkok)
  • Competition in Hong Kong (Jockey Club International Youth Tournament)
  • AFC Football Festival (Brunei/Sabah/Vietnam)
  • AFF Football Competitions (Cambodia/Laos/Thailand/Myanmar)


Teng Wei Ken-Sports-23Feb16.jpgTeng Wei Ken
Technical Director,
Football Academy
Gregory Tan_temp.jpg
Gregory Tan Yam Kai
Senior General Manager
Sharin Shari-Sports-23Feb16.jpg
Senior Coach