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Is the school term in Singapore Sports School the same as MOE schools?
We follow a modular system, with each module lasting five weeks.

After enrolment into Singapore Sports School, can my child opt out and return to an MOE school?
Yes, the Ministry of Education has given the assurance that a place will be available in the school that your child was posted to after his Primary School Leaving Examinations.

What are the post-secondary choices offered to my child?
Singapore Sports School offers both the through-train and national examination pathways. The national examination pathway will lead student-athletes to the mainstream junior colleges, Millennia Institute or the polytechnics. 

For the through-train pathway, selected student-athletes bypass the national examinations and progress to either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) or the customised Republic Polytechnic-Singapore Sports School Diploma in Sport Management (RP-SSP DSPM).

The various programmes in the through-train pathway allow student-athletes to attain broad-based, rigorous and widely-accepted pre-tertiary qualifications for entry into both local and overseas universities. These various extended runways also offer them different options in academic pacing and assessment, and at the same time, allow for a closer matching of their sport training and development programmes.

Linkage with Local Universities
The local universities grant discretionary admission interviews to deserving student-athletes who graduate from the through-train pathways upon the recommendation of Singapore Sports School.


How does Singapore Sports School select its student-athletes?
Student-athletes are selected based on technical skills, fitness and potential for future development. They will also be interviewed by the Singapore Sports School’s senior management before being considered for admission.

What is the age range of student-athletes that Singapore Sports School will accept?
Singapore Sports School offers both secondary and post-secondary academic programmes. Youth athletes pursuing the corresponding levels of education are welcome to apply.

What are the sports offered at Singapore Sports School?
The core sports offered are Badminton, Bowling, Fencing, Football, Netball, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis and Track and Field.

We also admit outstanding student-athletes in individual sports on a case-by-case basis. In such instances, Singapore Sports School provides a flexible academic programme and the option of boarding on campus for these student-athletes, while their respective National Sports Associations look after their sport training.


Is Boarding compulsory?
Student-athletes are encouraged to board, so that their time can be optimised for training, academic learning and rest. Through the boarding experience and programmes designed, Boarders develop in their character, including learning to be independent and disciplined.

What is a typical day at school like?
Our student-athletes live on campus five days a week. At the end of each academic week, Boarders will leave Boarding and return home.

6 am to 7.30 amTraining/Breakfast
7.30 am to 8.40 amBreakfast/Classroom Lessons
8.50 am to 9 amMorning Assembly
9 am to 11.15 am/11.55 amClassroom Lessons
11.15 am/11.55 am to
11.55 am/12.35 pm
Lunch Break
(Staggered Lunch Break, each lasting 40 minutes)
11.55 am/12.35 pm to 1.55 pm
Classroom Lessons
2 pm to 4 pmActive Rest/Make-up Lessons/
Student Development Programme (Friday)
4 pm to 6 pmTraining/Afternoon Supervised Self-Study Time
6 pm to 7.30 pmDinner
7.45 pm to 9.30 pmEvening Supervised Self-Study Time
9.30 pm to 10 pmSupper
 10 pmReturn to Boarding
10 pm to 10.15 pmLights Out

What is the reporting schedule during the academic term?
Boarders typically will leave Boarding to return home on Fridays or eve of a Public/School holiday by 7 pm. If there are approved training sessions or special school activities on Saturdays, boarders can leave by noon after their morning training or activities. They will return to Boarding on Sundays or the night before the start of a school day.

Are Boarders allowed visitors?
Parents and/or Guardians may visit their child/ward at designated areas during the student-athlete’s free time.

Can Boarders leave the School campus for medical/dental checkups or family events? 
Parents/Guardians must submit their requests for their child’s/ward’s leave to their respective Boarding Mentor at least three working days in advance. Due consideration should be given to minimise disruption to the curriculum and training schedule of the student-athlete.

Will the dormitories and toilets be cleaned?
Dormitories are cleaned during the major school holidays and just before the new school term begins when Boarders check in. General cleaning of our School premises and the toilets is carried out daily. Boarders are required to keep their dormitories and belongings neat and tidy.

Is cleaning equipment provided?
Every room is equipped with a broom, a dustpan, a mop and a pail for boarders to use.

What if my child/ward falls ill?
Boarders who are not feeling well may report to the sick bay. If their condition does not improve, their Boarding Mentor will contact you to pick up the Boarder from School to seek medical attention.

Does my child/ward have to do his/her own laundry?
We have an in-house laundry service that undertakes the washing, drying and folding of clothes. Cleaned and pressed laundry will be placed in the Boarder's assigned locker. Self-service coin-operated washing machines and dryers are also available for use if necessary.

How many pieces of laundry can each Boarder send a day?
Boarders can send a maximum of 20 pieces of clothing per day.

Are meals provided for Boarders?
The dining hall, called The Arena, provides up to six meals a day for Boarders. All meals are carefully planned to ensure that optimum nutritional needs of our student-athletes are met on a daily basis by Sports School's catering vendor.

What can my child/ward do during his/her free time?
Boarders have access to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor recreational amenities to help them unwind after a rigorous day at school and training. Life in Boarding is rich and fulfilling. Throughout the year, various Boarding events and activities are organised to provide Boarders and staff a break from their daily routine and have fun together.

Are there recreation rooms?
Recreation Room
The Recreation Room is available for Boarders to play billiards, unwind with LAN gaming, X-Box games, board games or just tune in to local television programmes. For Boarders who love the outdoors, there is a football field, futsal court and basketball court to expend their energy.

The Chill Connection
The Chill Connection offers board games as well as a few choices of musical instruments for jamming sessions.

Will there be enough time for my child to complete his/her schoolwork?
All Boarders are required to attend Supervised Self-Study Time (SST) in the evenings. SST is a dedicated time for Boarders to complete their assigned homework and projects, revise for tests or read ahead. Boarding and Academic staff and Resource Teachers are present at all SST sessions to provide assistance and guidance to Boarders in their school work.

Will keys be issued?
All Boarders are issued with transponders upon check-in. The transponder provides access to the turnstiles, lifts, level gate and dormitory that the Boarder stays in.

How safe and secure is the Boarding environment?
There is CCTV surveillance all around the campus, including every level of the Boarding blocks. The images are monitored by full-time Security Officers. The Fire Command Centre, located at the entrance of the Boarding blocks, is also manned by Security Officers 24 hours a day to ensure there is no unauthorised movement in and out of Boarding.

Who takes care of the Boarders outside of curriculum and training hours?
Boarding Mentors will ensure that all Boarders’ needs are taken care of. Every effort will be made to ensure that the Boarders’ stay is meaningful and enriching.

What are the rooming arrangements like?
Boarders are organised into clusters by sport and gender. Male and female Boarders are separately housed in three different blocks for privacy as well as security. Within the blocks, they are assigned to 4-bed or 6-bed dormitories.

What time does my child go to bed?
Boarders are expected to be in their dormitories by 10.00 pm. Lights out is at 10.15 pm.


What is the application timeline?
All completed application forms and supporting documents must reach Singapore Sports School by June preceding the year of intended admission. 

What is the duration of the scholarship?
The tenure of the scholarship is for up to four years of secondary school study for scholars in the Express and Normal (Technical) streams, and for up to five years of secondary school study for scholars in the Normal (Academic) stream. Where deemed necessary by Singapore Sports School, an additional one year of sponsorship may be given to scholars to undertake the English Proficiency Course. 

When will I know the outcome of my application?
Shortlisted applicants will be notified of the schedule of selection trials and interview session. The outcome of the trials and interview will be finalised by October. 

Am I required to have a guardian? 
If your parent(s) is/are not working/staying in Singapore, you are required to find a guardian and provide the particulars of your guardian at the point of application. Your guardian should be a Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident above 21 years old.    

Will I lose my scholarship if I do not meet the minimum requirements? 
The sport and academic performance of the scholars are reviewed twice a year. If a scholar does not meet the pre-determined sports and academic criteria, or uphold the conduct befitting a scholar, Singapore Sports School reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship and impose the necessary liquidated damages.