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Student-Athletes To Learn Skills That Are Sports-Smart

A new talent development programme for Secondary 1s and 2s called "SportSmart Skills", or "S3" for short, was launched on 10 January 2011. It addresses gaps that student-athletes may have in terms of their physical and games literacy based on Long-Term Athlete Development principles develops their understanding of games concepts and skill acquisition focusses on their multilateral development educates them on fundamental sports science concepts and instills in them the School's core values of Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

S3 exposes our student-athletes to a broad base of motor experiences from which they will be able to call upon a wide range of movement patterns, skills and techniques. These experiences can then be transferred and adapted to assist in the development of their specialised sport. Moreover, this broad base of motor experiences can be viewed as a long-term strategy for sports excellence in which S3 plays a significant role in the development of talented children and young people in sport. S3 is a two-year compulsory programme for all lower secondary student-athletes. With S3 in place, our student-athletes will develop both physical and games literacy and experience multilateral development and in so doing, perform better in their specialised sport.