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Remembering Our School’s First Principal

"Much of the achievements of Singapore Sports School today rose from the leadership that Mr Moo Soon Chong provided as our first Principal. We will always fondly remember Mr Moo as a visionary and magnanimous principal. His presence is very much missed this evening with his passing last year.

In recognition of Mr Moo's immense contributions to Singapore Sports School, the "Student Of The Year Award" will be renamed the "Moo Soon Chong Outstanding Student-Athlete Of The Year Award".

I would like to thank Mrs Moo and her family for their generous donation towards a Scholarship for this Award.

Mr Moo was without exception a kind, thoughtful, concerned fatherly figure to all student-athletes. He cared deeply that their needs were met while at and beyond Singapore Sports School, and initiated pathways and partnerships to meet those needs. He greatly appreciated the strength and diversity of the staff, many of whom he personally hand-picked.

As the Founding Principal, he not only shaped an affirmative staff culture but modelled it well.

To many who are in the fraternity of school leadership, Mr Moo was an extraordinary man. He dared where very few would venture at a time when educational structures and systems in Singapore were not flexible enough to cater to athletically-gifted students. He was a risk-taker with a vision - to nurture the future of Singapore sports, the right way. That, he did amidst many nay-sayers.

It takes a man of exceptional courage, belief, grace and wisdom to forge, against many odds, a new pathway for generations of Singaporeans to come.

Mr Moo has left an indelible legacy at Champions Way!

All of us here who share Mr Moo's vision and passion will continue this important work to make his vision a reality."

- Mrs Deborah Tan, Principal, in her tribute to Mr Moo Soon Chong, first Principal of Singapore Sports School who passed away in 2010.