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Zeros Want To Be Heroes

Open House 2013

Michaela Oehler
Alumnus, Bowling Academy

Posted: 8 April 2013

Singapore Sports School’s Open House on 6 April 2013 attracted 889 primary school pupils who registered for sports selection trials in the 10 core sports and programme sports. Good weather saw the sports selection trials go on as scheduled, with Bowling, the last to complete, after 7 pm.

The day started early, with special tours for the parents of trainees of the Ministry of Education’s Junior Sports Association programmes, beginning at 10.30 am. The public was scheduled to join in at noon, but they started streaming in as early as 11 am.

The Academic Showcase was housed at the Multi-Purpose Hall and featured largely the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which will be taught from 2014, and the different subjects that the secondary school student-athletes study.

Specially selected and trained Student Ambassadors engaged the primary pupils and their parents. The visitors also asked the Student Ambassadors many questions about their personal experience – are they able to balance studies and sports, what are their grades like, whether the food is tasty, do they get enough sleep.

Besides hearing from the Student Ambassadors, visitors also got the rare chance to visit Olympus Lodge, our Boarding School, and see the dormitories. During the briefing, visitors learnt that Boarders go to The Dining Hall around eight times a day, seven for meals including training/competition recovery meals, and SST, which is supervised self-study. Visitors were also told that Boarders don’t have to wash their own clothes unless they wish to, as they may send up to 20 pieces of clothing for laundry daily, and the cleaned and pressed or folded clothes will be packed into personal lockers for the student-athletes to collect.

Singapore Sports School is the only school in Singapore that has a team of sport scientists in dedicated disciplines, and visitors were keen to find out more about how the services of the Performance Enhancement Institute help student-athletes in enhancing their potential. They were impressed with the facilities and services, and even more so after Dr Irwin Seet, Director of Sports, shared in his presentation at the auditorium how zeros become heroes or, how ordinary student-athletes become sporting heroes, after they join Sports School.

Among the many alumni who returned were Olympians hurdler Dipna Lim Prasad and swimmer Mylene Ong.

Principal, Mrs Deborah Tan, shared with visitors the many superlative academic results that student-athletes and alumni achieved, including Youth Olympian triathlete Scott Ang, who was last year presented with the PSC Scholarship and SAF Overseas Scholarship and will be heading to the University of Cambridge to read Law in October this year; two alumni who won The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science – table tennis player Tan Hui Min sailor in 2010 and Sean Lee in 2011; 62 per cent of graduates from the Class of 2006, 2007 and 2008 and 14 university scholars who are enrolled in more than 20 universities and pursuing a diverse range of majors; football player Nicholas Yong who scored 8 A1s and badminton player Marissa Ng who scored 9 distinctions at the 2012 GCE “O” Level examinations.

Everyone welcomed the visitors warmly and showed them around the school with pride and passion.

The Open House and sports selection trials saw a large turn-out because young student-athletes and their parents know that the journey of a champion starts here, at Singapore Sports School. About 550 student-athletes have graduated and there are about 450 currently in school. We look forward to welcoming another 125 student-athletes next year.