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Kindred Spirits, Generous Hearts

The Singapore Sports School family – student-athletes, alumni, staff and parents came together in support of Project Infinity-cum Annual Parents Challenge 2013, the School’s fund-raising event, and let their wallets do the talking, donating generously to a tune of about $27,000. This amount will go to Club Rainbow (Singapore), a charity which provides comprehensive help to children who are suffering from a range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses, and their families.

On 11 May 2013, student-athletes, staff and parents ran and swam laps and competed in badminton, bowling, captain’s ball, football, shooting and table tennis, and completed a fencing obstacle course. Besides competing, the academies also came up with creative ideas to raise funds.

The Bowling Academy contributed about $10,000 to the total pot. Student-athletes, alumni and staff decorated 13 bowling pins which were put up for auction, fetching a total of $3,128. There was also an anonymous donor who pledged to donate $4,000 if the total pinfalls knocked down during the APC bowling challenge was at least 20,888. The bowlers were up the challenge with the student-athletes knocking down 9,771 pinfalls, parents with a total of 7,007 pinfalls and the staff managing 6,043 pinfalls for a total of 22,821 pinfalls – 1,933 pinfalls over the target. The donor was more than happy to loosen his purse strings and give to a good cause.

Student-athletes had also been given pledge cards, where they committed to run or swim a certain distance and their relatives and friends donated in support. The pledge cards collected a sum of almost $8,000. One group, the girls of Yellow Cheetah House, did something extra. They spent the evening of 10 May 2013 baking more than 800 cookies for sale the following day. They helped raise a total of $787 through their sales.

Through its donation, the Singapore Sports School family hopes to make a difference to the lives of the less privileged.