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‘Every Step Leads Us Closer To Our Goal’

Singapore Sports School 14th Anniversary

Everyone had a hand in preparing their own lunch on 2 April 2018 when Singapore Sports School celebrated its 14th Anniversary.

Lunch was sushi maki. Regine Goh Xuan Xuan, Vice-Chairman of the Council of School Captains, led the school through this segment of the lunch. She shared about the importance of getting the process right to roll the “perfect” sushi maki, and reminded her schoolmates that results will follow if they focus on the process.

Regine likened the ingredients in sushi maki to life in Sports School. “The seaweed is the foundation, the dreams which drew all of us – you and I – to Sports School. The rice represents the hard work put in to achieve our goals; and the various ingredients symbolise the support we receive from our parents, coaches and sport staff, teachers and friends,” said Regine.

It was the first time that many student-athletes and staff rolled their own sushi maki. Some turned out looking like a burrito, while some became inedible when they were over generously spread with wasabi. But, all had their laughs and stomachs filled. The celebration ended on a joyous note as the School, with one voice, sang “Happy Birthday” before the cake was cut.