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Shooters Donate Prize Money To Bring Cheer To Senior Citizens

Values In Action: Shooting Academy

Koh Aik Beng           
Head, Cluster 4
Senior General Manager, Shooting Academy

Project Champions Way may have been less than two months ago, but our Shooting Academy continued to prove such acts of giving are not isolated instances after they accompanied 29 residents from the Moral Home for the Aged sick to visit the Sun Yat Sun Memorial Hall and Zongshan Mall on 1 July.

The residents’ spirits were further lifted after our shooters generously donated their prize money from the Meyton Cup to provide each senior citizen with $20 to spend at the supermarket.

“We had already brought the residents for a hawker treat in 2016, so we decided to do something different and bring them grocery shopping since they hardly get the chance to go out,” Fernel Tan Qian Ni, who planned the excursion, said.

All of our shooters too, would agree that as much as they were able to bring cheer to the residents, they themselves were similarly blessed in their interactions with the senior citizens, something made possible especially after gestures of our Meyton Cup medallists Hew Yun Ting and Ross Lee Yu Bin.

“I am glad that the money has been put to good use, and I was further reminded that there are always others who are less fortunate than us,” Yun Ting said.