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Excelling In Sport And Academics

Yayasan Mendaki Awards

Fourteen past and present student-athletes from the Singapore Sports School have received awards from Yayasan Mendaki. Twelve have received the Special Achievement Award for Excellence (Non-Academic) and two have received the Anugerah Mendaki award.

The Special Achievement Award for Excellence (Non-Academic) is given to students who have done exceedingly well in a non-academic discipline at a local and/or an internationally recognized competition and/or who successfully broken a national record.

Alumnus Sheik Farhan Sheik Alau’ddin received a special commendation for at just 19 years of age he is a two-time world champion in Pencak Silat. Farhan is also the recipient of Berita Harian’s Anugerah Jauhari Harapan in 2016, he is seen as a role model for young Malay/Muslims to excel in their respective fields.

Secondary 1 student-athlete, Edlyn Nadra Mohammad Sophian, from the Shooting Academy, received the Anugerah Mendaki award for her PSLE results. Alumni Rayhan Fairuz, from the Track and Field Academy was also awarded the Anugerah Mendaki award (IBDP level).

Anugerah MENDAKI recognizes Muslim students who have done exceptionally well in the national examinations and emerged in the top 10 per cent of the national cohort.

Special Achievement Award for Excellence (Non-Academic)
Danial Haqim Mohammed Sophian

Pencak Silat
Abdul Raazaq Abdul Rashid
Abdul Raaziq Abdul Rashid
Aiman Hazim Zainal Abidin
Amirah Sahrin
Nur Hadi Norshamsuddin
Nurul Shafiqah Mohd Saiful
Siti Fathimah Mohamad Shahrem
Siti Khadijah Mohamad Shahrem
Sheik Farhan Sheik Alau’ddin
Sheik Fayz Sheik Alau’ddin

Muhammad Izzat Junaidie

Anugerah MENDAKI
Edlyn Nadra Mohammaed Sophian

Track and Field
Rayhan Fairuz