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Putting Knowledge Into Action

Sports Module

What better way to reinforce your learning than to teach what you've learnt? Our Secondary 1 and 2 student-athletes wrap up a year of the Sports Module with presentations to their peers.

The Sports Module, designed using a curriculum approach, is part of the School's sport-focused education to enable student-athletes to be more effective at training and maximise their potential. Some of the topics include nutrition, identification of relevant muscles groups and doping.

To wrap up the year, student-athletes were split up into groups and chose their respective topics to present on in relation to their sport. This presentation allowed them to apply their classroom knowledge into a real life sport context.  In doing so, it created awareness for the student-athletes on how their body reacts to their training regime and further reinforces what they had learn over the course of the year.

This presentation exposed the student-athletes to public speaking, which is an essential skill in life. Be it in the sport arena doing an interview or at work pitching a proposal in the future, student-athletes would always be required to do presentations. Exposing them at a young age presents them the opportunity to work on their weaknesses and focus on their strengths, allowing them to be a better public speaker by the time they graduate from the Sports School.

After the presentation was concluded, student-athletes reflected on their journey during this Sports Module.

“Sports Module taught us various aspects of sports such as nutrition and the spirit of Olympism. We are now able to apply these values and knowledge into areas of our sport.”
– Chin Khar Ann, Secondary 1D

“I feel that the Sports Module taught me to be a better athlete. We learnt about suitable portions of food to be consumed for recovery after training. Sports Module also taught me on how I should tend to an injury, before coming to Sports School I did not have any knowledge about sports science but now I have some knowledge on it to help me excel further in my sport.”
– Candice Ang Ruo Han, Secondary 2A