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The School-Within-A-School (SWS) programme best supports student-athletes who require high technical skills and repetitive training with consecutive training blocks, typically student-athletes in badminton and table tennis who benefit significantly from the extended duration of training each day. High-performing student-athletes from other sports, who require similar intensive sport and academic support to prepare them for upcoming major competitions, can also be placed in the customised programme so that they can receive optimal all-round support.

The SWS programme allows students-athletes to travel and compete at optimal frequency while not compromising on their school experience in terms of social-mixing and participation in school activities. Dedicated support from staff ensures that high-performing student-athletes in the SWS have academic schedules which are compatible with their training and competition plans.

To ensure that sufficient time is set aside for homework and revision, Supervised Self-Study Time (SST) is incorporated into the daily schedule before the first lesson of the day. This arrangement allows student-athletes to focus on training in the evenings when the rest of their peers are engaged in the regular SST session.