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Nitec in Fitness Training

Recognising that student-athletes enter the Sports School with varying academic abilities, a partnership with the Institute of Technical Education College Central was secured in 2015 for student-athletes who are more suited for a vocational track. Sports School student-athletes who have demonstrated outstanding sport potential and achievements now have the option of taking up the Nitec in Fitness Training course based on their academic results in the Internal Qualifying Assessments.

This collaboration with ITE College Central allows student-athletes to follow a schedule different from those in other ITE courses. Lessons start at a later time three times a week, thus facilitating morning training for sports which require such a provision. Student-athletes who perform academically will have the opportunity to pursue a Higher Nitec programme in ITE or seek enrolment in a diploma course at a polytechnic, including the customised Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management.

Gerald Joseph Ting National Schools B Division Football 2015.jpg
“What this means is I can work in a strength and conditioning gym as a fitness instructor or personal trainer, or I could extend my training to become a coach. I want to give more to my clients, not just the basic, so I will need to acquire more knowledge – which I can by furthering my studies in a polytechnic, like the Sports and Leisure Management programme that the Sports School is offering in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic.

Gerald Joseph Ting Yen Hong
2015 Secondary 4G, Football Academy