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Diploma in Business (DBIZ)

Are you an athlete with a keen interest to pursue a career in the sport industry? 

The Diploma in Business (formerly known as Diploma in Sport Management),  which allows you to take the sport management specialisation track is offered in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic to give you the flexibility to support your concurrent pursuit of sport and academic excellence. You will learn from experienced polytechnic lecturers within the Sports School itself, to maximise your time and enable you to tap on sport science and medicine expertise available within the school for your sport development. You will benefit from taking less modules at a time, and customised academic structure to be able to juggle sports and studies. 
Through the course, you will get a strong foundation in business skills and knowledge, and gain in-depth knowledge in sport management through modules in diverse disciplines such as sports law, sports business,  sports event management and facilities management, to prepare you for an exciting career in the sport industry. You will also enjoy opportunities to gain skills and experience beyond the classroom that would prepare you for your future such as community service projects, internship opportunities and collaborative projects with industry partners. Upon graduation, you will have good future prospects and be well-equipped to take on roles in sports associations and corporate businesses. You can also further your studies in business and social sciences courses in local and overseas universities to deepen your knowledge. 

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